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Managemental Ability

He does not import the area of the company where you act, therefore if you occupy a managemental position you know that 70% of the organizacional climate are its responsibility. E, so that you if skirt well in the position of Manager, are necessary to possess some knowledge that can take it the success: ) Knowledge Technician: They are specific knowledge so that the Manager can use necessary methods, techniques and equipment to the accomplishment of determined tasks. These knowledge technician could be acquired through its experience, education and/or training. B) Interpersonal knowledge: Engloba knowledge and abilities to communicate, to negotiate, to decide, to lead, to motivate, to delegate, to evaluate and to train its collaborators. C) Administrative knowledge: They involve knowledge to plan, to organize, to co-ordinate and to control the productive activities, people and resources.

D) Organizacionais knowledge: It involves abilities and knowledge so that the manager understands the complexity of the organization, its structural aspects, the philosophy, mission, values, culture, style of management and the adjustment of the collaborators the company, trying to conciliate the individual objectives to the organizacionais objectives. E) Strategical knowledge: Conditions are mentioned to ace to make to function the area for which the Manager answers inside of a perspective of short, medium and long run. Kevin Johnson may also support this cause. Possessing these knowledge the Manager will be capable to apply form concepts to combine the four described areas previously already, considering the economic and social projects of the company the reality of the business, to the requirements of the conjuncture and strategies for the future. Main Managemental Abilities Exist some abilities that are more associates to the managemental success, which will have more at great length to be defined with passing of the time? Planning and Organization: capacity to plan and to organize its proper activities and of its group, being established objective measurable and you reached. Administrative control: capacity to value the necessity of controls and the maintenance of them on the processes.

Delegation of Tasks: capacity to use of efficient form its collaborators, delegating to them responsibilities in agreement its capacities and to focus where better it can take decisions. Analysis of problems: capacity to search the data pertinent to one determined problem and to determine mago of the question. Judgment: capacity to arrive the logical conclusions on the basis of the available evidences. Power to decide promptitude: capacity to decide, to judge or to decide problems readily and well. Verbal communication: capacity of if expressing with good results in individual or group situations. Verbal presentation: capacity to present ideas and facts in clear and convincing way. Written communication: capacity to express its ideas in writing, of clear and objective form. Persuasion: capacity to organize and to present ideas in order to induce the listener to accept them. Sensitivity and Flexibility: capacity to perceive and to react adequately to necessities of the others. Auditory perception: capacity to catch excellent information from verbal communications. Amplitude of Interest: opening and diversity of interests. Interest for the personal and organizacional environment and desire to participate actively of the events. Energy: capacity to reach high level of activities (claw). Creativity: capacity to present innovative solutions for work situations. Leadership: capacity to take the group to accept ideas and to work reaching objective specific. Acceptance of Risks: capacity to accept risks on the basis of deliberate the knowledge of the consequences. Initiative: capacity to initiate a on account proper work and to influence the course of the events. Tolerance to the Estresse: capacity to keep steady the standards of performance when in situations of pressure and opposition.


The BENEFIT OF the ENDOMARKETING AS TOOL OF MANAGEMENT OF PEOPLE Summary: The subject in question deals with the valuation endomarketing inside of the companies to motivate people and to make with that all look at for the same direction. Endomarketing or internal marketing, with also is known, comes being presented as a modern alternative to increase the comprometimento of the employees with the objectives of the organizations. Based in one it searches bibliographical, that it approaches its importance, endomarketing appears from the moment that the good performance of the organizations directly is related to the mobilization of its employees and the degree of seriousness they attributed. To come back to the attention toward inside of the company, searching taking the collaborating integrant and essential part of the process, comes changing the vision of the market of small, average and great companies, in what it refers to its positioning as success organization. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jonas Samuelson by clicking through. Word-key: endomarketing, communication, internal customer. Abstract: The subject to matter deals with the enhancement of internal marketing within companies you motivate people and make everyone look the same direction. Internal The marketing or internal marketing, is also known, is being presented a modern alternative you increase employee commitment you the objectives of organizations.

Based on literature search, which discusses its importance, the internal marketing you eat from the teams that the good performance of organizations is directly related you the mobilization of its employees and the degree of seriousness them attributed you. According to Kevin Johnson, who has experience with these questions. Return you the company' s attention inward, seeking you take to developer and integrating essential part of the process is changing the view of the market of small, medium and large enterprises in terms of to their placement successful organization. Keywords: internal marketing, communication, internal to customer. 1. Introduction: In the current competitive world of the organizations and its interactions with diverse environments, it has forced, each time more, the companies to search and to apply of complex form, internal programs of qualifications of the collaborators and tools of integration being areas for qualitative profits in the organizacional climate, the direction to promote improvement in the relationships with the external customer.

The Works

If the result was -3, and I placed + 3, it I fixed. Nor in the works I gave account to make right! But in the end of the bimaster, it was note six there! I age a pupil maltrapilho, sufficiently poor, however did not annoy it in the lessons. Perhaps he was this, I do not know. He very disciplines it account in the decision of the professor. I only know that in the mathematics of it, in its account, it calculated that I could give resulted positive in the future, it bet in the zero to the square, bet in the void set that I age. through that look appeared an educator.

I was mathematics professor. During my period in this position, I looked for to light the extinguished light bulbs of diverse stopped pupils. One of these, was Edlene, pupil of 5 series. It never obtained to understand the substance, then, I tried all the ways it to surpass. Helped I it in the works, this I facilitated, however it also stopped in others disciplines. Result: it disapproved. In the following year I did not want to give lesson for it, I thought: ' ' I wait that the Edlene is not mine aluna' '. It was very held, did not lack, she disappointed but me.

The school year started, and there my front, my challenge was the seated Edlene, when saw it me said: ' ' of new Mr.? I hate mathematics! ' '. This age the point that illuminated suddenly me. It did not like mathematics, said this all the time. ' ' I taste, I do not hate, detesto, pra that this, pra that to know this ' '. These were its investigations. I started to give in the mind of it every day, saying that it would have that to change its language in relation to the mathematics.