Articles from: October 2012

Cloud Computing

This is a relatively new term on the Internet, computing in the cloud (cloud computing), is not nothing but programs and computing services distributed over the Internet, any user of this service, companies or individuals have access to available applications in the internet cloud. Originally designed for business, and Amazon began in 2006 launched its program EC2, and although payment service access other applications and developments, the fact is that all internet users have benefited from the arrival of this new service on the network. The institutions, agencies and enterprises are able to rent space in virtual servers for internal data stored there and private, and even can host their own applications and programs. So get a lower cost, and how suppliers are huge, should not worry about server maintenance or difficulties outside hosting service produced ineffective. On the issue of companies, agencies and institutions, obtained many advantages with this service so if you have a business I suggest you to learn more about the subject. An excellent service that you can begin to investigate is Google Apps, and see all the possibilities that offers, which are many and excellent. Corporate email, calendars, documents, internal chat, web sites, office suite (Office suite), contact management, private control panel, and data storage basically Google’s servers, along with many other things that the employer know the difference. Every day there are more companies taking advantage of Google’s technology platform and derive an excellent service and messaging computerization.

You have option to pay service or free service obviously less resource capacity. SOME ADVANTAGES AND UTILIZATION: Substantial reduction in costs, requires no hardware or software or Less time system management information There is no loss of reliability and security of permanent and automatic updates Google Optimized System Access team work from anywhere, business, office, home, a cyber cafe, or wherever. I really suggest you explore all the functions, applications and possibilities of this system, for now, keeps costs low and affordable for any company as long as it is an SME, medium or large. You can also access similar services provided by other companies such as Microsoft Azure and Eyeos Many argue that these new technologies greatly help companies to do business. But although it has been called “the natural evolution of the Internet” also has its detractors.

The famous American programmer Richard Stallman, a real authority on the matter, criticized the cloud computing considering that everyone should run their processes in their own hardware and free software, and that anything else was a trap. Finally: Well, you see something for all tastes, beyond opinions for or against, I think, like everything else, one must draw their own conclusions but based on his own experience. But I think that there is a very revealing and demonstrative data confirms that new technologies bring progress and growth, and is, for some reason more than two million businesses are using Google Apps currently only, excluding all other companies that provide the same service . Well, something to investigate, but most of all to incorporate your business.. More info: Pinck & Co.

The Risks

On the other hand, a reactive position of the company must be considered when it looks for to prevent the risks and it is limited to take care of the legal requirements to it, what normally it means investments and the pro-active position where the ambient question is inserted in the strategical vision of company, that is, the company leaves to act only in function of the risks and starts to also perceive the chances. The implantation of the system provides envolvement of the company as a whole and the ambient responsibility is spread to each sector. All start to enxergar the questions under the same optics, creative situations start to appear, explore the chances of exploitation of rejeitos, substitution of insumos, technological elimination of losses in the processes, recycling, reduction to the consumption of energies (combustible), changes, etc. How much cost not to have a SGA? Not to use themselves of this system of management today would be as if to keep mentally ill to the risks of decay and until possible bankruptcy in the sector. Some of the risks aggravations to the environment can be irreversible and when ambient accidents occur automatically the image of the company for the media and the actions at law, the fines and upheavals with ambient liabilities, they cause a series of challenges and cost the company who could have been prevented. Currently the enterprise sector has adopted to the SGA of complete form, not only for the image of the company, but for its legal structure. To implant a system of this transport started to be of utmost importance due to the fact of that the support offers considerable benefits, becoming the offered costs as positive investments the medium and long run. The improvement of the image of the company and its performance, the international satisfaction of the customer, easiness in the attainment in the financings and negotiations, the reduction of risks and costs and the conquest of new markets, are some of the differentials gotten for the SGA, not to implement this continuous system and adaptativo it would be to not only take one high risk before the sustainable development of the company as well as of the environment.

The Misfortune

Much is said of as we must take care of the customer since the moment where this illustrious gentleman – that of illustrious nor of gentleman nothing it has adentra in the commercial establishment, with smile is clearly, with empatia evidently, and consultant at last. While little of speaks or if it writes dictating norms of behavior to the magnificent-customers. And clearly evident that it is necessary attention respect and consideration for our fellow creatures mattering which is not the situation nor of that side is, contanto that has reciprocity. I say reciprocity because any ambiguous relationship would have for intermediary of this reciprocity to lead to gain-earns for waited us. The golden and wise rule that survives has a thousand years more than, said that we must love to the next one as to we ourselves, and has been thus the least for that they had survived to the had chaste extinguishing of this as obsolete one. These almost that extinct they are as the flower of the dandelion that the being blown for the strong wind does not resist and if it loses in the field. They are richnesses of investment in substances and books of training to educate reverse speed-to educate the salesmen in the retail, and the misfortune of not reaching the exploit of alignment in the attendance.

Less fortunate it does not have access and when it has they do not use to advantage because they do not practise the learned one. One knows that all the mornings in some place of Brazil, has a palestrante trying to motivate the ones that do not want motivation to reach objectives that nor are its, from there the failure. I remember that another day a couple came close itself to my table and after me to compliment asked if we were needing a salesman, I affirmed that yes, and I asked of who if it treated they had said what me: For my son I did not hesitate in asking: Vocs already had asked if your son who to work? They had been estupefatos. It is not different when many are come close to ask if we have vacant, and that it even serves of salesman, as if this function was less important or that any one without no preparation could execute it successfully. Century twenty hum asks for capable, efficient professionals, prepared, therefore at least this is the waited one for the customer. What he sees yourself is truth, salesmen who do not vendem, and customers who are tourist in the store for this Brazil, with the false intention to give to one olhadinha Ah! Olhadinha! Olhadinha that prints to many incautos professionals the shortage of days without sales, and to others of bigger scrutiny, more persistent, that make necessary and forceful corporal reading the closing of the sales.