Articles from: June 2011

Personal Stories

What is this personal history? This is the story of our lives. Or, more precisely, what we think and feel about our our lives. The fact that we used to take his personal story – is a complex combination of all images itself at different points in our lives. These images are collected by us from various sources – from our ideas about itself and its role in the world, from the socially accepted standards of conduct "normal person" from ideas about other people we made aloud. Day after day we have paraphrased myself and other various episodes of his life, taking into account all these factors. And gradually we begin to perceive them as reality, not as our own interpretation.

This is becoming our personal istoriey.A now prepare for the shocking truth We each have two Personal Stories! One of these "external" – one that we tell others – for example, about their life plans and goals. The second – "internal" – that which we unconsciously tell ourselves and under which we live at the dele.U one "external history", ie aims is the same "internal history", ie with motivation and confidence in its success. Such a man of action, and nothing prevents him to embody the desired reality. And another "external history" (in our example – "I want to open a business) does not coincide with the" internal history "(inventing excuses instead of action). The result – an internal conflict, stupor, razocharovanie.Vse know that in order to achieve at least a little bit of success need to act.

Russian Site

Internet is filled with ads like: earn millions per month, or create a profitable business on the Internet, vosnovnom such ads – and obman divorce, but there are real projects where you can earn. There are many ways to make money online, but today we will examine two of them. One can earn without having their own site, as needed for the second blog or website. The first version of the earnings – it's earnings for the paid surveys. This earnings is simple, though odnimaet lot of time. In order to earn a paid online surveys, you only need to register on the website of the company conducting such polls and fill out questionnaires, which to you will be come. This allows us to immediately kill two birds with one stone, first to earn good money (an average of 30 rubles per survey), secondly to learn a lot about new products and services, the most popular Russian site paid survey – It pv.

It pays well for the completed application form and sends a survey of leading Russian and international companies second way of earning on the Internet – it's earnings with Blogun. Service Blogun – this redundant system, which allows you to earn on its website, posting it links, reviews and reviews of other online resources. This is the most lucrative way of earning on the Internet using the site. But for a start that would work with Blogun you need to develop your site. Now it's not hard to do – presses into a search engine, something like how to create a site for most Jumla and follow the instructions. Then fill the site unique content. in Blogun and begin to make their labor money