Articles from: September 2011

HR Professionals

" Well, if you decide to stay with nothing – do so ;-). This is – a gift for the competition. As was said, and I hope they say in the Coca-Cola: 'Relax your bread will not allow anybody! " You know why … – 'A Cho motivate them, let them rejoice that the work at all! " I wonder … A history of the Soviet Union you learned nothing? Yeah))) 'What is the USSR? " – Here's to you and answer 🙂 incentive schemes a lot, but I advise you to develop your own. At least to understand what, where and how is it.

And do not expect that she will always adequate. But the motivation to change every week – PEOPLE you will not understand and are likely to overthrow a more stable owner. – 'I got FINISHED HR professionals, and there is no need to learn them and pass training. " That's where you come to a point. And, and, indeed, let my best mossy special and then pull the old-fashioned business. I f the most intelligent and economical. But! Everything flows, everything changes.

Can (and it will be so in fact, believe me) once again come to the above-named sanitary articles (Typical trough / used, outdated, Cracked). Although all the forces and means to direct the training – they will say thank you … Yeah)) your competitors, who else. They enjoy them, trained, outbid. Always purified find people who have money to The event is greater than you.

Uniform State Register Shares

"Satellite accountant", June 2009 Category Register Short List of changes: 1. Memorandum of Association is replaced by the Treaty establishing. 2. Treaty establishing the Company is not a founding document, but it determines the size and the nominal value of shares Each of the founders of the Company. 3. The statute can not specify the participants and information about their shares. 4. Title documents, defining the size and the nominal value of shares of each of the founders of the Society is Certificate of Incorporation, agreement on the establishment and notarized contract of assignment share.

5. When you create an information on the size of the Company and the nominal value of shares of each of the founders of the Company entered into on the basis of Incorporation Data of the Treaty establishing the society. Further changes in the data on the size and the nominal value of shares of each of the members of the Company entered into the Uniform State Register on the basis of application with the notary certified agreement for the disposal of shares or parts thereof. Notarization transfer of shares or part thereof is not required for the succession, the acquisition of shares by the Company and in other cases. 6.

Authorized capital is 10,000 rubles. 7. With establishment of the Company occurs instead of the concept of 'contribution to charter capital' – 'for shares. " 8. In the case of fully paid shares in the company's charter capital within the period specified in the Treaty on Establishment of the Company, the unpaid portion of the shares transferred to the Company and must be implemented by the society in the manner and within the deadline set by the new law. 9. Making additional contributions of participants and contributions from third parties left only with an increase in share capital. When you register changes associated with an increase in the authorized capital is no longer necessary to submit to the registering authority a document confirming the deposit of full. This ensures that the applicant – Director (CEO). 10. Participant of the right to withdraw from society by alienating the public interest or part thereof, regardless of the consent of the other participants or the public, maintains a list of the company with details of each member of society, the amount of his share or part thereof and the amount of shares or parts thereof, belonging to the company. The Company shall provide maintenance and storage list members of society in accordance with the requirements of federal law after the state registration. 12. Introduce the notion of a pre-determined price of shares of the company's charter. The purchase price for shares or parts thereof may Articles of Association set a fixed sum or under one of the criteria for determining share value (the value of net assets, the carrying amount of assets of the company for the last reporting date, net profit, etc.). Predetermined share of the charter of the purchase price or part thereof should be the same for all members of society regardless of ownership of such shares or parts thereof. 13. Society may be transformed into an economic society of another kind, a business partnership or a production cooperative. 14. Detail the procedure detailed assignment share. In particular: The transaction, which is the basis for transfer of shares or parts thereof from one society to another party or multiple parties to the company or to third parties be notarized. Non-compliance with the notarial form of the transaction involves

Business Registration General Information

General Information If you decide to start their own business, then it begins with the passage of the official registration of the firm. As a rule, the words "registration of the company," "registration of the company," "registration of the LLC, IP, AO," in people who have no experience in this area, causing negative impressions: queue arraignment to the documents, failures, and turn again … help you to avoid such troubles. The Bureau provides services for registration of firms, and by reasonable price. Coming to us, you can be assured of success: advise you on all your questions and will help to register a company. But before you implement your idea to the registration of the company, you must have representation of the following basic concepts: 1. WHAT WE REGISTER? Think about this question.

It often clients, turning to our company, do not even have any idea about what they want and ask us to advise something. In understanding the customer it means to register a company, but from the standpoint of lawyers, it means specifically to register LLC, Inc., PI. What lies behind these acronyms? Limited responsibility – a form of commercial organization, which is a body of persons and their capitals. Is by far the most common and popular form, as it is convenient for the operation of small and medium-sized businesses. Joint Stock Company is classified as commercial organizations, where the foundation – the union of capital, so the identity of the registered shareholders in the company will have a decisive value.