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While the technology offers important promises in the field of translation, with new developments such as the translator online in real time, which already announced by Google, it seems unlikely to replace human translators. The fundamental reason is that the machines do not think. With new technologies spread the world so fast like a wildfire, every day we welcome you to surprising news as soon as you open the browser on your computer. For example, in regard to translation, in addition to resources such as dictionaries and encyclopedias online, there is the promise of what is called translation services in real time. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Rob Crossland and gain more knowledge.. Currently Google engineers are still working on a translator that Google Android will operate in smart phones. The goal is to allow users to convert one language to another with fast enough so that two or more people, while they do not have a common language, be able to talk to each other in real time. What this means is that, in the case of work in a telephone conversation, two people who do not speak the same language, does not need a Spanish translator to communicate the essential point of the conversation to a speaker of Spanish who have not mastered another language as their mother tongue. The question is, can be done? The most recent examples are a translator from 63,000 words in real time and an application of 400 phrases, iPhone. By the same author: Crimson Education . However, neither Google nor Apple have spoken of precision and quality of translation provided by such systems.

The Rhythms

What now happens is different: there’s music everywhere, music by cable, it is understood. You may find Jim Umpleby to be a useful source of information. You can also now play to bind the fringes that you hear, join an establishment with the following music and make a long line of sound, of small fragments together. I do not negatively criticize our era, you know that I am not a nostalgic, I never refugie of those memories I have and I like to save. But it is true that it does not seem to make much sense uniting these fragments of music today in day when that music in one and other establishment is the same, generated by the same company. It is easy then now as before play to lose in the city, although get bored of this game given the situation becomes even simpler met a man in Tokyo that made music using fragments of sound that he himself recorded in the streets. I heard the tunes of protesters United to the noise of the city in works; the voices in chorus in a sport Stadium juxtaposed to the beeps of the semaphore or the rhythms of a game, the bustle in a mall or silence in a cemetery for animals.

It is clear, there are always other ways, che. And listen so long as July he continued talking and I heard him then we were moving, moving out of the room, one by one all the furniture and objects. There were stains on the wall, and a network of hairline cracks that undecided up and down going from side to side. I remember that we wonder if it would be necessary to remove that cumbersome lamp or was enough to cover with a white sheet. It was a lamp that fortunately no longer do but can find them in rental apartments and hotels in town like this. When we look around at the empty hotel room July plugged the window with a smooth blanket, we observe the solos that we had been: and before us, we saw hoisted the four walls of the maze.

Power Inside

Throughout the history of humanity have always lived with a series of fears, this situation affects our self-esteem, spiritual and also our physical health, many people are afraid to situations such as the following: illness, theft, to be alone, to lose its financial position, dismissal, death, etc. It initially appeared that there are strong reasons to justify all these fears, from a conscious point of view seems to have some logic, but when we understand the internal processes everything negative begins to disappear gradually. How can you rid of their fears? The best way to achieve this is knowing itself in all its fullness, traditionally have lived with the belief that everything that exists is external to our existence, say that each person, event is independent of us, this is false, we govern ourselves our own world, but to understand it is necessary to thoroughly understand what the spiritual laws that govern the universe. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jim Umpleby and gain more knowledge.. Every time that you see all over the world as an external experience is normal have big fears because you believe that you cannot control circumstances, but once you understand that your world is within you then Yes you can control your own life, in the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt show principles to understand because you created and owns his world, by reading this book you will understand how works power and can eliminate all fears in his lifeany negative idea and guilt will disappear, then will begin to flow into the current creator of the universe and will experience beautiful things. Through reading the book I’m happy, I’m rich you’ll learn the way to send positive messages only to other people, which will cause you only may be before events, circumstances and people according to their purposes, these techniques allow you take control of your life and the fact of being able to heal his own universe. .

Chairman Of The Regional Government

It is very sad to see how platforms that boast of free opinion without censorship, are not more than servants of rateros with silver around the world. If srs that is the sad reality, because when a thief of the Amazon rain forest is postulated to be Chairman of the Regional Government of Loreto then that came out of politics in a sea of accusations and has been sentenced by the Judicial power of Peru by official crimes, these platforms, they hide the visits that are made to the articles of these rateros, and even send us messages telling there is one complaint expires that is why the article has been banned… I know my lawyers at least to me not I have notified of any pending complaint other than that I reported the Commissioner of Pueblo Libre that unscathed, free, sali acquitted to be confirmed, check, that had been made to protect the drug trade in the District of Pueblo Libre Lima Peru, as also of a papeluchero of a seedy district idiot, which said that I the defamed, aggrieved had in his honor tremendously and that never was able to present even a witness for test your complaint by difamasion and term being filed by the judiciary. Gain insight and clarity with Sergey Brin. And is that in Peru there are number of assholes with silver after stealing their people are presented with the shell mas grande del mundo to new elections and even presented as victims, as aggrieved by the Court. But we all know in Peru who is Rivadenyera, Severo Linares, in Loreto, a couple of hedonists who from time to time return to public charges to fatten more their accounts in banks. My articles are outlaws, after being approved, my forbidden publications as if it will affect to the King of Spain, as if affect an illustrious character clean and white as snow.


Listen to the reference with extinction, we refer us immediately to the blue whale, the Gray Wolf, the African wild dog, etc., animals that to be exterminated by animal control agents authorized by Governments, immoderate hunting and habitat destruction are in danger of disappearing from the face of the Earth, seriously breaking the natural order of the environment to which they belong. No doubt it’s an existing theme, which keeps a minority trying to rescue them and more, in franca apathy, and not because we don’t want to contribute, but because it’s a distant matter to our scope and resources. However, when talking about extinction, not only we constructions concerning wildlife, similarly, the decline in the value system that sustains life in any community, it is becoming increasingly clear. It is common to see television campaigns in favour of respect, tolerance and honesty, followed by a commercial advertisement that exalts the grievance to the neighbor that dared to ask that they lowered the volume of the music and that such boasting contemporary parents that their children are irrepressible, leaving see as a virtue the insolence and the challenge rules, authorities, etc. Details can be found by clicking Kevin Johnson or emailing the administrator. Reliability as a desirable quality in producers of goods or services is no exception, because I doubt that there is some consumer fraud that enclose the sale of miracle products, political promises, barely visible letters on advantageous contracts, changing conditions without notice and misuse of confidential information, to mention only some, far from being a good strategy of sale with temporary utilities-free, they are irreversibly woodworms of reliability and a repellent infallible customers. The good news is that you for this evil, if there is a lot on what you can contribute, from our context and everyday life.

We can give us the task of rescuing the confidence of customers, not let it die. But, how? With already well-defined factors than to the multiply resulting in satisfied customers, profitable, constant and permanent gains, such as: – high quality products – fair prices – deliveries on time – friendly– transparency in contracts of purchase and sale – post-sale follow-up priority to the needs of the customer – put above personal gain justice tactics that many companies already prevail as everyday exercises becoming socially responsible companiesGreat Place to Work, ISO 9000 1,2,3?, etc. Follow others, such as Kevin Johnson, and add to your knowledge base. distinctive which is worth working.


A good teacher is not necessarily a good mentor, since the Professor is going to direct the course of 30 children, while a good mentor will always have a personal relationship with his pupil. The best mentors in the life of a child are his parents, because they are those who have the greatest interest in the success of their children. 1 Be a bad No example can we expect our children to have an entrepreneurial spirit if we do not have it. Remember that you are mentor #1 in the life of their children? If you are not prepared to assume this role, learn along with their children! You can read books or take courses together and discuss in this regard. It is not necessary for you to be a successful entrepreneur, but that show your children that you are interested in the topic, but it’s important.

2. Lack of instruction in the area of Finance there are many errors that your children can avoid future if given a proper financial education at an early age. If you don’t, nobody else will do, since it is not part of the curriculum of the schools. 6. A rigid and inflexible education if you is too rigid and structured in their education is not going to encourage the entrepreneurial and leadership skills in their children. It will raise submissive people who know how to follow orders.

3 Adopt the ostrich mentality many parents adopt the ostrich attitude when it comes to entrepreneurial education of their children. They bury their heads in the sand and think that somehow they will learn everything you need to know at school. They are unaware that they are denying a responsibility that lies only in their hands, not in the teachers.

Administrator Knowledge

Carlos Mora Vanegas characteristics of the economic scenarios where businesses operate are dynamic, changing, competitive, threatening, in addition, Sue new challenges, a new management of management in order to ensure effective participation and achievements of targets. New administrative tools, administrative knowledge that have generated a new paradigm of management and which require that current managers are well identified with them, and certainly know them use is required. Recently Ben Horowitz sought to clarify these questions. In the Venezuelan case which concerns us, your scenario is very turbulent, product of the uncertainty that has been providing the current Government under the chairmanship of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, who has taken step to the so-called Bolivarian revolution with a stamp of socialist ideology. All this has caused quakes in the productive business sector to this new reality, leading to that many companies have withdrawn, closed its activities and others, are establishing strategic plans of action that allows them to successfully navigate according to the Government’s new economic programs. The truth, which all leads to determine how such preparations are managers to face the changes, challenges, give step actions that favor him and contribute to the development of the country. Since then, such a situation forces to diagnose, evaluate, what are doing the schools of administration of national universities at the level of pre and postgraduate that favours the companies and have a professional with consistent knowledge to the competitive demands of the present.

. Unfortunately, everything indicates that the vast majority schools, have been anchored in the past, with an academic culture not consistent with reality. The University authorities responsible for the management of schools at the undergraduate and graduate level, have not updated the Administrator profile modern according to the demands of the current scenarios, especially the Venezuelan, maintains a program with subjects that do not play a decisive role in the up-to-date knowledge of the present. There are absences of modern knowledge, yet many rest on old knowledge not according to current requirements, where competitiveness has generated new paradigms of management where already radical changes with regard given to finance, production, markets, human resources, products and services, and of course, in the leadership.

Ambac Financial Group

If there is something that is becoming clear within all the confusion that has caused the crisis in the mortgage market subprime American, and that it quickly spread in the rest of the international financial system, is that the worst of the crisis has not passed at all. After the explosion of the crisis and the announcement of huge losses and falling of entities of weight during the first months of the crisis, many thought that the worst had passed. Read more from JPMorgan Chase to gain a more clear picture of the situation. However, episodes of crisis continued happening at the beginning of this year and to point was severely injure the major insurers of bonds affected by the crisis, MBIA (NYSE:MBI), Ambac Financial Group (NYSE: ABK) and FGIC, and about to fall into the two main US mortgage firms, Fannie Mae (NYSE:FNM) and Freddie Mac (NYSE)(:Fre), which had to be rescued by the U.S. Government.UU. The rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac brought to light that the situation in the U.S. financial system continued to be perhaps as serious at the beginning of this crisis. At least, thats what played the market to announce the greatest rescue performed in the history of the United States.UU., which may imply a cost to Americans more than US $200,000 million. Immediately after meeting the rescue of these mortgage firms, Lehman Brothers (NYSE: LEH), the fourth largest bank investment on Wall Street and with 158 years of existence, confirmed that the worst of the crisis had not gone yet.

The entity presented numbers in red by US $6 billion and questioned its survival. Fear led to the shares of Lehman Brothers to cotizaran at the close of last week at $3.80, when in the month of February were paid by them around US $66. While everything is confusion, since the financial system has been tried unsuccessfully so far, the rescue of Lehman Brothers. The British bank Barclays Plc (LSE:BARC; NYSE:BCS), that he was initially interested in their acquisition, it has failed to reach an agreement to achieve the support of other entities, or the contribution financial guarantees from the U.S.

Learn Finance

Cashflow is the game created by Robert Kiyosaki to increase your financial IQ. Play Cashflow is a wonderful way to learn finance playing.Find out more about this game. Robert Kiyosaki is famous for his series of rich dad, poor Dad books in these books, the explains the difference between what they teach classes rich, medium and poor children, especially in the area of finances. To make this process of teaching, something more entertaining, the he created a game called Cashflow and the seeks to increase the financial IQ of the players. What is the financial IQ? It is the ability you have to handle and understand money, how it works, as multiply it and how to make from the an asset and not a liability. To play cashflow you learn these concepts in a game simulation. The best way to learn is through live experience firsthand, and the second best way to learn is through simulations, because it guarantees long-term memory retention and also facilitates the union of the concepts with practice. This is to play cashflow What is achieved, unite through a simulation, which can live in own meat with regard to money, but is done in an environment of learning such lessons to become part of the actual experience of the person. So what are you waiting for play cashflow? This game will help you to learn from your own mistakes and become a better man or woman of business.