Articles from: June 2013

How To Forcast Interest Rates Fluctuations

Intuitively, many people know that low rates of interest are not times to save, and if the rates of interest are not time invest (at least borrowing). Therefore, people are always outstanding read the newspaper, listen to the news on the television and listen to the renowned economists to know their opinions about the future of interest rates. I’m going to give a tip that they gave me in the masters of finance, this tip is not a theory that behaves 100% faithful in practice but does in large quantity of times. You turn on the television or buy the newspaper and sees the ads of banks. If you see excessive bank ads promoting loans with fixed rates of interest, then surely the interest rates go down or are going to keep low. On the other hand, if you see excessive ads of banks promoting savings in the fixed term, then surely the interest rates are going to rise or are going to stay high. What is the reason of? This?, fijate: suppose the passive interest rates (savings) are at 8%, and banks estimate that they will go up to 10%, then they promoted savings to fixed-term with an approximate rate of 9%. With this, to raise rates to 10%, there are a large number of customers with their savings tied to 9%.

I.e., are becoming inexpensive customers to keep their savings. That differential of 10% 9% = 1%, earn the banks with such a strategy. On the other hand, if si las tasas them rates active interest (credits) are 20% and the banks estimate that they will go down to 18%, then they promoted credit term and fixed rates approximate to 19%. Then, when rates fall to 18% there is a large number of customers with their credits tied to 19%, i.e., customers are going to pay more expensive your credit value. That differential, of course, banks earn them.

Payment Of Checks

In the financial market can make use of a large number of figures and media that greatly facilitate the solution of various problems and the fulfilment of many obligations based on capital, since they offer the possibility of having simple means for the different debt cancellation, based on the relationship that a person has an account of a bank where you have an information about the capital which has a personi.e. a relationship management of capital as well as disposal, as is the case with checks, with which can supply you different duties thanks to the payment with checks, which means a means of very useful solution, in which the payee of the cheque must make use of some form of payment of check and as well get money tax or capital; so the payment of check point takes great relevance within the activity with checks since it suggests different modes of action. As payment of check can be understood also deserves attention within the activity with this resource, since they are certain specific terms relating to the payment of cheques, which have great relevance in making effective the amount of capital that represents the check; so is that there are a few basic requirements because of this action, which from a basic vision are for the payment of cheques: single payment of checks is carried out against credit institutions, since these are that underlie the various operations of capital for loans or due to savings accounts, already that the capital will take funds or account that a personi.e. the drawer asked his bank to pay the amount represented by the cheque and for that reason for payment of checks of credit institutions will be responsible for such money. This does not mean that for the payment of cheques go always to the banks, both so in certain commercial establishments such as supermarkets, the payment of cheques, can be in many cases paying the account with a cheque, but ultimately such capital shall be sustained by a credit institution.

To have the option for the payment of cheques, the person who acts as a drawer must have a contract of deposit in a checking account with the left bank checks, otherwise it fails the payment of cheques. The single payment of cheques will be as soon as the drawer is the sufficient funds in your account to perform such action by payment or is also possible which is payment of checks in a partial manner, i.e. that the amount demanded by cheque, the single drawer has a part in your account, by which only liberating Bank will make a partial payment of cheques. Another point to take into account within the pay cheques, is that depending on the type of check will have specific conditions for the realization of pay cheques.