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Geberit Mambo

Wall plate GEBERIT Sigma 20 is made of durable plastic that allows it to retain its appearance throughout life, no matter how long and often it is clicked or used. In this GEBERIT Sigma 20 has two volumes of flushing, saving and water resources, respectively. Jonas Samuelson is often quoted on this topic. GEBERIT Sigma 10 is used for internal mounting cisterns: UP300, UP700 and UP320. Available in various colors. GEBERIT Sigma 50 is executed in different combinations of materials and colors: zinc casting, the liner material – plastic, or shell material – aluminum alloy liner material – glass.

Due to the vast selection of color and material liner is easy to emphasize the unique style of bathroom. In addition to the key 50 in the Sigma standard, You can create your own unique design with a corporate template, using a proprietary material that is ideally matched to the interior of your bathroom, for the manufacture of the liner. Wall plate has Geberit Tango precise geometric design, which differs strict forms and lines. Geberit Tango marks from metal and emphasizes functionality and sleek style of your bathroom. Flushing key Geberit Mambo executed in stainless steel and allows use in public places. Geberit Mambo meets not only the design but the functionality of such devices. Geberit Rumba – for easy washing interrupted – a model made of high quality plastic, has a harmonious, timeless design, combined with the classic tile style and color.

PLUMBING GEBERIT for public buildings, is worth noting that the company manufactures plumbing GEBERIT not only for private apartments and houses, as well as bathroom fixtures for public buildings (hotels, railway stations, airports, educational and medical institutions, business centers, etc.). This is a segment taken separately plumbing, electronic mixers, accessories and plumbing systems that help you create great to equip toilets and bathrooms. The company provides everything needed to build a complete solution: Elements sanitation systems, siphons, flushing flush-mounted panels, electronic devices flush and accessories with infrared sensors and a wide selection of buttons / tools flushing. Using infrared technology and Special Systems provides continuous flush water saving, innovative and sanitary facilities can effectively create modern hygienic toilets. NEW GEBERIT 2009 – In 2009 the company produced many new collection of their products: Plates for systems installation and flushing cisterns GEBERIT Delta, which have a wide range of color and design as well as the choice of various coatings. GEBERIT Delta is represented in a series of single-mode flushing, as well as two volumes of flushing. As for the choice of design is now available not only round, but flush and square buttons, which meets the requirements of a variety of decorations bathrooms. Also in 2009, has released a new GEBERIT a series of electronic systems for flushing the urinal. Geberit Sigma10 Sigma50 and have a memorable minimalist design. Now line options matching lids complemented by design with all the keys flush toilets. Flushing system for Urinal GEBERIT can be applied in different systems, depending on the requirements and budget (with electronic, pneumatic, automatic, pedal or manual control).

Warming House Inside

The process of insulating the walls has its own specifics, which affects the length of service and the effect that produces a heat-insulating material. As a result, it determines the amount of financial costs for heating, for the sake of reduction which in fact, all the better to insulate and delaetsya.Pochemu house from the outside? insulation inside the walls has a lot of disadvantages: In this case violated a rule stating that the water vapor permeability of the layers in a multilayer wall construction must grow from the inside out. Douglas R. Oberhelman: the source for more info. Therefore, the insulating layer of steam needed insulation from the inside to eliminate its operations in the moistened state. In the absence of additional ventilation is of course lead to vapor condensation on the insulation in the external wall sloe.Nesuschaya warming will not be removed from the zone of precipitation, and her temperature drops. In other words, lost the great advantage of insulated walls – it long-term warming of the walls inside sluzhby.Esli – it's the only thing you can do in your home or cottage (like a house or a cottage made of wood with the outside decor), then produce it this way: It is necessary to mount the support frame with step stands 600 mm. This will allow easy mounting plate heater at his disposal. On top of insulation and a frame to put an insulating layer of steam. This can be a membrane, and normal, but thick film (at least 200 microns). The main thing – to create a sealed insulating layer.

What You Need To Know When Renting Scaffolding

Any construction and repair work require simple devices such as stairs, ladders, etc. Safety and performance depends on their quality. Therefore, for the construction work necessary to acquire quality and functional staircase ladders, platforms, towers and scaffolding tours and you can do without the use of special lifting equipment. Scaffolding – structures used for materials and workers, carrying out construction work inside and outside buildings. Scaffolds are made of round and roughly processed wood. For assistance, try visiting Howard Schultz. Originally stroylesa disposable, their acquisition does not require small financial costs. Construction company VIS-PLUS offers a great way to stroyorganizatsy with a small budget and a lack of storage facilities.

Do not forget about the organizations carrying out one-off orders. VIS-PLUS provides direction – rent scaffolding, rental tower, rental formwork … The range of company VIS-PLUS you can find products of foreign and domestic producers, and you will be able to choose for themselves equipment to meet your needs, optimally suited for the price and specifications. Our company will give you the opportunity to enjoy high-quality and durable construction equipment. Purchase stroylesov is less profitable than the rental of scaffolding. Rent not only saves finances, but also helps save on repair and maintenance of forests, eliminating these problems and costs. Company VIS-PLUS is responsible for storage, serviceability, timely repair, dismantling. Companies that provide rental equipment, are responsible for their storage and serviceability, disassembly, and repair of. Attention attention to contract with a firm that leases the forest, because the rental companies to their proper storage of forests affect the lives of workers who will work with the forest. Also, self-respecting, companies provide services such as: – free expert advice on scaffolding – delivery, installation and dismantling of scaffolding – the help of our experts in the selection of scaffolds.

Sewing Machines

For the seamstresses, this is a huge pleasure when the sewing machines not only properly primed, but also work properly. Nothing is more interesting and fascinating than make their own decisions from various fabric! Yet improperly dressed sewing machine will not do anything but complexity as will fail and will certainly require repair. The thread is missing – about any sewing can not be considered. The thread is necessary for of the sewing machine to sew the fabric. For the correct operation of many sewing machines used two threads. There are certain features of filling top and bottom threads. In addition, each model requires a sewing machine certain threading. It is important to follow the advice, as this will save you time and ensure smooth operation of your machine.

It is helpful instructions and tips on threading, and we want to give readers of this article. Fill a sewing machine usually start with the upper thread. Before you start filling the upper thread is necessary and to raise the presser foot and set the needle thread take-up lever and the upper position. Then place a spool of thread on spool pin. The next step is to hold the thread from the spool through the upper thread guide to the upper thread tension regulator. It should be understood that the coils are different in form, but the principle works in all the same. Make sure that the thread is not too tight, otherwise it can end.

Then proceed to the bobbin. To do this, and take shpulederzhatel insert the bobbin with thread. It is necessary to ensure that the spool spins freely and not jammed. The main thing to know that properly dressed with thread – is the key to the success of the sewing machine. It's fun for you and your machine!

Covered Electrodes

Storage conditions (*): Electrodes should be kept in original packaging. The electrodes must be protected from rain and moisture. Storage relative humidity is 40% or less. Storage temperatures should be constant and greater than 15 C. Boxes with the electrodes should be stored on shelves or pallets to avoid direct contact with the floor and walls. During welding, the open air should be taken to prevent falling rain and moisture to open packs of electrodes. You should not take more electrodes than required for 1-day or 2-hdnevnogo consumption. Calcination: Rutile: Ignition is not required.

In the case of absorb moisture it is recommended electrodes calcined at a temperature of 100-150 C for 1-2 hours. At lower temperatures, calcination time, calcination should be increased. Cellulose Finish: electrodes with cellulose coating is not as susceptible to absorption of moisture. Calcination should be done carefully to avoid cracking. In general, however, ignite cellulosic electrodes is not recommended. In the case of appropriate calcination temperature should not exceed 70 C.

Main cover and alloy electrodes: If the electrodes are stored in the recommended conditions (15 C / RH 40%) and in original packaging the need for ignition is missing. When removing the protective film packs with basic electrodes past, ie electrodes should be placed in a heating chamber at 50 C. Calcining is recommended in case of autopsy cases and exposure of the electrodes exposed to air for more than 2 hours. Basic coated electrode alloyed electrodes and calcined for 2-3 hours at 250-400 C. It is not recommended, however, subjected to calcination the same electrodes for more than 3 times. It should be borne in mind that any packaging used, no matter how perfect it was, did not prevent the process of saturation coverage of the electrodes with moisture, but only slows down it. For example, tightly wrapped in polyethylene film electrodes with basic coating during storage in a humid atmosphere gaining an excessive amount of moisture and require baking already after 25-30 days when stored in dry area – after 120-180 days, in packaging and storing in sealed metal boxes – 1 year. Deadline for storing unpackaged electrodes in the workplace, depending on the humidity of air was from 2 to 8 hours. Thus, regardless of quality packaging and electrodes on a mandatory basis – especially when the responsible works – must pass before re-welding operation baking. (*) These terms and conditions of storage relate to the electrodes with basic coating. For electrodes with rutile and cellulosic storage conditions are not as stringent.

GRU Pressure

Gas control points or installation (EMG GRU) – special technological equipment and systems of gas distribution devices in the system of industrial and municipal housing supply. Serve to reduce inlet gas pressure after gas power station and its support for a given constant value, followed by submission to consumers. The main components of fracture: 1) gas pressure regulator, 2) filter for removal of solids, 3) pressure relief valves, 4) instrumentation, 5) meters of gas passing. Depending on the placement of equipment distinguish types of EMG: cabinet gas control points (GRPSH, RPn). The equipment is housed in a compact GRPSH metal cabinet and is intended to reduce the gas pressure with high or medium to the required parameters, and automatic support for the outlet pressure regardless of drops the input gas pressure and flow. In a system for cleaning GRPSH gas supply from various admixtures in accordance with the requirements of GOST, and to automatically adjust the gas supply in case of emergency increase or decrease pressure. GRPSH widely used as a stand-alone gas control points in the gas supply different sizes of settlements, industrial, agricultural, mlm municipal facilities.

With domestic gas supplies are used with a two-stage system GRPSH reduction. Gas control block points (GPB, SGS). The equipment is mounted in one or more containers (Blocks). Gas control plant (GRU, PG). The equipment is mounted on the frame and most often placed in the room, where the gas-powered plant (boiler, industrial furnace, etc.). The market offers a variety of SRC construction: houses, with two lines of reduction, with one line of reduction + bayzapas, with primary and backup lines, with two lines and two others bayzapasami and EMG may be a serial or parallel installation of controls, different configurations of gas metering, different placement of the entrance and exit, with one or two outlets, etc. When choosing a type of fracture are also important operating parameters gas pressure regulator (pressure at the inlet and outlet, the bandwidth), security and reliability in adverse environmental conditions (eg, at low and high temperatures), the protection system of various unusual situations. Today's manufacturers offer additional instrumentation for precision gas flow, as well as designs and manufactures gas control installation, based on the individual customer requirements.

NetHunter Mitsubishi

A distinctive feature of the platform VCA presence is the ability to monitor multiple objects (up to 100 simultaneously) control for camera manipulation, transmitting a signal to the video server, including the displacement direction of observation, shrouded, brushing or breach the objective lens. Building features built-in analytics server by using an optional package VCA surveillance. This version of the software provides for the electronic stabilization of the video camera allows classify objects by size and speed, to set "acceptable" and "unacceptable" the direction of movement of objects, their stop in the wrong place, or delay in the controlled area for longer allowable time fix the appearance / disappearance of objects, etc. Also, the new video server Smartec with VCA surveillance makes it possible to count the number of objects over time. To create a multi-channel video surveillance systems, which operate in new video servers and other IP-series devices NEYRO brand Smartec, it is recommended to use the software NetStation, capable of serving up to 32 video channels on one server account. This software provides a great opportunity for viewing and recording video / audio, you can create interactive graphics planes of the object (eMar) and build massive surveillance systems architecture "client-server". In addition, the video server may be running other software manufacturers, for example, the software company NetHunter Mitsubishi, which supports basic and advanced video analytics VCA. The new single-channel video server Smartec STS-IPTX161 already entered the Russian market, and can be purchased at a retail price of 400 USD, incl.

For more information on these and other video servers mark Smartec please e-mail or call (495) 787-33-42 Sales Department "ARMO-Systems", which is the official distributor Smartec equipment in Russia and the CIS, or the regional offices "Armo". Under the brand name Smartec, a wide range of equipment to create classic and IP-video surveillance systems of any configuration and complexity. The composition of this product line includes analog and network cameras (B / W, color and day-night), domes, 4 -, 8 -, 16 – and 32-channel video recorders, 17-32-inch LCD-monitors, IP-cameras, varifocal lenses, IP-video server, camera housings, Infrared illuminators, brackets, power supplies, etc. The main competitive advantage of equipment Smartec – this functionality, high quality and reliability of the devices when they are affordable and the availability of professional technical support and service in Russia.