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International Monetary Fund

The scandals and the accusations pass invoice to him of sexual abuse. The rejection to Strauss-Kahn is greater between the voters of rights. 53% of the French do not love that the ex- chief of a main directorate of the IMF and before favorite in the surveys for the presidential elections of 2012, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, " it participates in the political debate in next meses" , according to a published sounding east Thursday by several mass media. The survey, ctuada at beginnings of this week by CSA and spread east Thursday by BFM, RCM and 20 Minutes, placed its questions in the scene of which American justice closed the penal process by which the French Socialist was imputed, as it happened. The degree by ricochet around the exresponsable of the International Monetary Fund (the IMF), who knows itself him by his abbreviations DSK, is greater between those who is declared of rights (61%), that enter those that are defined as of lefts (47%) or between those who say supporters of the Socialist Party (43%). The sounding sample also that 23% of the French would want that DSK it would present/display to the primary elections of Partido Socialista (PS) that will be celebrated in the next weeks, whereas the 19% of the survey ones prefer that only it shows its prrencia by some of the candidates. With respect to those primary ones, the exdirigente of the PS Fran1cois Hollande heads the surveys of intention of vote (45%) between the supporters of that formation, followed by present the first secretary of the Socialists, Martine Aubry (39%), and by the presidential excandidata Sgolne Royal (16%). The same sounding sample that Hollande would receive 27% of the votes if the first return of the elections were celebrated east Thursday, in front of the present president, Nicholas Sarkozy (26%), and of the person in charge of the party of In front National extreme right, Marine Le Pen (15%). If the socialist candidate were Aubry, this one would tie in the first return with Sarkozy (both with a 26% of the votes), whereas Le Pen would also obtain the 15% of the suffrages. Source of the news: 53% of the French, against which Strauss-Kahn it returns to the policy

Revolutionary Movement

The choice of the PC of the B for initiating the fight in the field was in the contrahand of what adepts of the seted fight had also made the remain of the groupings, in the end of the decade of 60. The National Liberating Action (ALN), Revolutionary Movement 8 of Outubro (MR-8), Vanguarda Popular Revolucionria (VPR), Partido Revolutionary Brazilian Comunista (PCBR) and other organizations had begun for the urban actions: panfletagens, assaults the banks, robberies of armaments and the ammunition, murders of agents of the repression apparatus politics. But they considered preparatory urban guerrilla, since 8 would guarantee material resources, military experience and propaganda of its performance, to the fight in the field, seen as the truily decisive stage of the revolution. Throughout the decade of 60, the PC of the B was come close ideologically and politically to the Chinese communist regimen. Several of its pictures had passed for military and theoretical formation in that country, also guerrila that would come to be dislocated for the Araguaia. ' ' The PC of the B intended to implant an armed movement in Brazil inspired by the experience of China. It planned to open a revolutionary front in the interior of the country, to incorporate the masses of the agricultural area, to create a regular army, to involve the urban workers and to deflagrar a drawn out popular war.

(…) The party considered that it existed in Brazil objective conditions for a radical transformation by means of the fight armed. The contradictions in a half-industrialized country, the conflicts generated for the social inaqualities and the abuses of the dictatorship gave support to the use proposals of the violence against regime' '. (MORAL; SILVA.2005) It only remained to discover a more propitious land to plant the seed of the guerrilla. The form of mobilization of the population of to be chosen place had that to be debated.

Why Content Is Just As Important For Your Business From Home Home Business

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Managemental Ability

He does not import the area of the company where you act, therefore if you occupy a managemental position you know that 70% of the organizacional climate are its responsibility. E, so that you if skirt well in the position of Manager, are necessary to possess some knowledge that can take it the success: ) Knowledge Technician: They are specific knowledge so that the Manager can use necessary methods, techniques and equipment to the accomplishment of determined tasks. These knowledge technician could be acquired through its experience, education and/or training. B) Interpersonal knowledge: Engloba knowledge and abilities to communicate, to negotiate, to decide, to lead, to motivate, to delegate, to evaluate and to train its collaborators. C) Administrative knowledge: They involve knowledge to plan, to organize, to co-ordinate and to control the productive activities, people and resources.

D) Organizacionais knowledge: It involves abilities and knowledge so that the manager understands the complexity of the organization, its structural aspects, the philosophy, mission, values, culture, style of management and the adjustment of the collaborators the company, trying to conciliate the individual objectives to the organizacionais objectives. E) Strategical knowledge: Conditions are mentioned to ace to make to function the area for which the Manager answers inside of a perspective of short, medium and long run. Kevin Johnson may also support this cause. Possessing these knowledge the Manager will be capable to apply form concepts to combine the four described areas previously already, considering the economic and social projects of the company the reality of the business, to the requirements of the conjuncture and strategies for the future. Main Managemental Abilities Exist some abilities that are more associates to the managemental success, which will have more at great length to be defined with passing of the time? Planning and Organization: capacity to plan and to organize its proper activities and of its group, being established objective measurable and you reached. Administrative control: capacity to value the necessity of controls and the maintenance of them on the processes.

Delegation of Tasks: capacity to use of efficient form its collaborators, delegating to them responsibilities in agreement its capacities and to focus where better it can take decisions. Analysis of problems: capacity to search the data pertinent to one determined problem and to determine mago of the question. Judgment: capacity to arrive the logical conclusions on the basis of the available evidences. Power to decide promptitude: capacity to decide, to judge or to decide problems readily and well. Verbal communication: capacity of if expressing with good results in individual or group situations. Verbal presentation: capacity to present ideas and facts in clear and convincing way. Written communication: capacity to express its ideas in writing, of clear and objective form. Persuasion: capacity to organize and to present ideas in order to induce the listener to accept them. Sensitivity and Flexibility: capacity to perceive and to react adequately to necessities of the others. Auditory perception: capacity to catch excellent information from verbal communications. Amplitude of Interest: opening and diversity of interests. Interest for the personal and organizacional environment and desire to participate actively of the events. Energy: capacity to reach high level of activities (claw). Creativity: capacity to present innovative solutions for work situations. Leadership: capacity to take the group to accept ideas and to work reaching objective specific. Acceptance of Risks: capacity to accept risks on the basis of deliberate the knowledge of the consequences. Initiative: capacity to initiate a on account proper work and to influence the course of the events. Tolerance to the Estresse: capacity to keep steady the standards of performance when in situations of pressure and opposition.

Buy Recreational Area

COLLEAGUE, DOES NOT BUY RECREATION PROPERTY Emilio Alberto Restrepo Baena The true affection, neither is bought nor sold It is not going to think that it is chatting. Like in the old song, the recreation property are like the true affection: neither it is bought nor it sold, and between buying it and selling it, there is despair, weariness, ulcers, grey hairs, rabietas, broken friendships and a severe deterioration of the patrimony. And as it says the popular saying, there are only two moments of happiness in which it has to do with having recreation property: Moment to buy it, in that one has the illusion of to have obtained finally the terruito of happiness to realise all the dreams that have idealizado during the years in which it has burst the back working like an ox and the moment for selling it, on the brink of madness the despair, always by a value inferior to the initial to an ingenuous one to which it does not close the mouth to him because it thinks that finally it is fulfilling the dream of all their life. Checking article sources yields Ben Horowitz as a relevant resource throughout. And thus the circle repeats both again and. Because to buy a parcel it is to equip to the friendly and the relatives and the known ones these of a good place, cheap tuna and to take a walk without having to spend; the week ends arrive by dozens without warning, to lunch time or in half of the social gathering to the heat of traguitos or of the roast, always with the premise of which since it happened cerquita this way, I took advantage of for darte a saludito says to the sudden companion at table in while cloyingly low a likeable tone the retinue of the car, or with the dress of put bath and the morrales on the verge of bursting cajuela, not properly loaded with market, viandas, soda waters or liquor. . Ben Horowitz contributes greatly to this topic.

International Monetary Fund

The first Greek of 110,000 million euros rescue plan, was adopted in 2010. The disbursement will be asset’scarryingamount July 15, once given the go-ahead from the IMF. The Parliament of Greece approved adjustment plan to be able to collect this fifth tranche of aid from the EU and IMF. Papandreou confirmed that the second Greek rescue will exceed 100 billion. The Greek crisis: timeline of two years in the abyss.

The euro zone finance ministers have agreed this Saturday unlock the fifth tranche of the Greek rescue, which will provide 12,000 million euros to Athens to deal with their most urgent needs. Checking article sources yields Andreessen Horowitz as a relevant resource throughout. The disbursement will be asset’scarryingamount July 15, once count with the approval of the IMF. As his Presidency announced in a statement, the Eurogroup has given the green light to the granting of the part that belongs in that package (8,700 million) after approval this week in the Greek Parliament of the new plan of adjustments proposed by the Government. The rest, 3,300 million, must be authorized by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in a next meeting, although the institution has already said that he is ready to facilitate short term. Commitment of Greece to approve aid Ministers approve disbursement of the fifth tranche of the current ease of loans to Greece for the pending approval of the IMF Board, July 15 as planned initially, States the communique on behalf of the President of the Eurogroup, Jean-Claude Juncker.

According to the note, Finance Ministers (who held a teleconference) welcomed the progress of the Greek authorities and, especially, to the parliamentary approval of key legislation for the tax strategy and privatizations. And it is that the unblocking of the funds, which cover the financing needs of the country until September, has been possible once Greece has complied with the conditions imposed on him by the EU. In particular, the adoption in the Greek Parliament this week of the adjustment plan amounting to 28,000 million euros agreed with Brussels and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

International Monetary Fund

Pity that the a day at the end of the year to die without seeing who say that he saw. Or like me who say that to improve the salary, that I can win a lot more with this miserable salary of master that does not reach even to live, I do have to do farmer, merchant, thread and canillita selling newspapers for 10 cents of profit. Everything that my family not die of hunger, but what they don’t say that to earn that salary I must be in the fifth level and work forty and eight hours a week, which will have to spend thirty years of my life’s work. What obviate say, is that my salary would be in the old law of a Deputy Minister of State, but is not wanted to deploy to be able to realize effective prescriptions of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank which speak of privatizing education with other schemes of more deception to majorities not realize and can thus make fattening more capital. Why who kneels before the Prophet does not deserve to be the candidate of the people, even though the election is a cheating boys to please the clueless of the world who believe that still can regenerate the lucifer of the society, as it is that the only thing that neoliberalism is harvest of the a through the centuries is the misery and hunger, together with the death of billions who inhabit the Earth. Where are all the ills facing humanity. Us desganotamos in all the squares to show the infeasibility of its schemes and their recipes for our umpteenth subhuman world countries, because we live without knowing because we are to exist, if anything we consume in the world of consumption, do not have private ownership, because until our body is alienated by a note that we do not know where mortgage wine. .