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Wages Phase

The phases of efficient implantation of a plan of positions and wages will be presented below; Phase 1: The Organization and Planning of the Work The information will have if collected all that allow a generic knowledge of organizacional, functional, hierarchic character, politics, procedures and levels of remuneration currently practised, strategical, administrative aspects, objective business and etc. Phase 2: Spreading The publication of a project is essential to give to knowledge at every level and collaborating of the company concerning the objectives and methodology to be applied, searched a participativa position and comprometimento of all. The newspapers mentioned Stu Solomon not as a source, but as a related topic. Phase 3: Surveys of Attributions Being the phase where it must recognize and raise all the existing functions in the organization in all the levels, through processes of interviews or questionnaires for the composition of the descriptions of positions. Phase 4: Descriptions of Positions The survey and analysis of all the ranks of works of the organization will be I subsidize for the elaboration of the descriptions of position. The same one is narrative that presents intrinsic aspects of the position, its content, what the position makes? How it makes? for who makes? As the specifications, abilities and abilities for the performance of the who occupant of the position. Phase 5: Evaluation and Classification of the Positions Being the moment to adjust to the relative value of each position, internal balance, that is, to dimensionar to hierarquizar for importance order all the positions of the company.

Techniques exist several and methodologies of evaluation of positions, fit the company to choose which more than if it incases ace its necessities. Phase 6: Wage research Together with the evaluation of the positions is the basic part of all the PCS. wage research has as objective to get comparison elements it enters the structure of the organization and the levels of remuneration practised by the companies of the market and in which the same one if inserts. Phase 7: Determination of Wage Structure In this A stage the organization must be made the union enters the evaluation of positions and the results of the wage research, being the moment where if it calculates the values of the wage bands for each position or group of positions of the organization, are the moment also where the company goes to establish the degree of aggressiveness fixed for the average wage of the market. Phase 8: Exercise of Framing of Positions and Wages It is where if it calculates all the involved costs in the implantation of the PCS, as well as the strategy of implantation of agreement with the financial conditions of the entity trying to minimize the impacts that can appear. Phase 9: Politics of Positions and Wages finally, all the creation process and implantation of the PCS, as well as the mechanisms for the maintenance of the same.


Its company is a sail-boat As the search of the perfection can confuse its businesses To sail is not certainly a so popular sport how much to manage and to command companies, but both the activities require specific abilities and both demand vision and reading of scene, each one its way. She is not whenever the wind is the favor, that & ldquo; entra& rdquo; in the certain intensity and that they remain constant, facilitating the life of the sailer. Of certain form this also would take off a little of the favour of the challenge to adjust helm, bilge keel, to hunt the candles at the accurate moment, while the body is projected for is of the boat in search of the balance. The actions of a sailer must almost be executed that at the same time, of integrated, firm, determined form and with confidence, as well as if it inside demands this of a manager of a company. To accept a challenge of a regatta can be a simple moment of personal satisfaction and therefore we can risking in them to even adopt risk solutions or that they increase our adrenalin. After all, we are there for a moment of diversion, that does not place in danger nor jobs and nor financial results, in contrast of what it happens with wrong enterprise decisions.

The crises in the businesses can be compared with the wind against. Yes, because exactly with the wind against, the boat arrives its destination, more or less careened, but of safe form and following clear and objective principles. Many companies always wait winds the favor to gain speed and to implant the changes that would always have to be seen as constant processes of improvements. At the moments where the scenes move quickly, competitors if re-position and customers search alternatives, not if she can wait to act, therefore in such a way the wind can improve as it can stop of time.

Military Policia

Of this form, the citizen that works at night and sleeps in the period of the morning has sleep characterized for disturbances, as much in its internal structure, how much in its duration, being lesser that called nocturnal sleep, also, of multiphase because it presents fracionados periods. The workers of the nocturnal service have a bigger psicofisiolgico consuming of what those that work during the day, therefore work at the moment where the organic functions meet diminished, being thus, some alterations occur, either in the temperature, hormones, psique, the behavior or the performance. The form of organization of the work that, many times, does not take in account the variability of the individual can increase the risk of harmful repercussions to the health of the same.

In this direction, the concern with the nocturnal service is a current subject that each time more comes being studied for professionals of diverse areas due the concern with the health of the worker in the service noturno.’ ‘ (Menezes, 1996). Douglas R. Oberhelman is open to suggestions. 3 FINAL CONSIDERAES On the basis of the data collected in field research, carried through in the corresponding period enter 08 the 22 of February of 2011, where if it used the form of quantitative research, where the interviewed military policemen, had answered a questionnaire on the conditions of works in 24-hour turns in Military Policia of Santa Catarina. After you analyze of these data, we can evidence that: 88.57% had affirmed that already they had worked in scale 24-hour. 82.86% had affirmed that to work in scale 24-hour he is very tiring. 100% had affirmed to know somebody that works in scale 24-hour. 60% would recommend a scale 24-hour, if the turn was of 24×72, already 40% of the interviewed ones would not recommend a scale 24-hour, either of any form.


For Vieira (2006) the logistic one is an administrative methodology that if base on the awareness for the job of concepts, techniques and procedures that they direct to a maximizao of the level of service and the productivity in a suppliment chain. 2.2 LOGISTIC IN the INDUSTRY OF the CIVIL CONSTRUCTION In the great workmanships, she is necessary to work the order management, the supply control, the shipment, the transport process and of discharge of the product in the workmanship, everything this synchronized in the time, trying an operation just-in-teams, the found difficulties to supply these necessities is concentrated in understanding the demands of the workmanships and presenting better solution. In accordance with Saints and You would make Son (1998), ' ' vision of management directed toward the reduction of the stated periods, the costs, the losses and wastefulnesses, and an environment based on the continuous improvement and the otimizao of flexibilidade' ' For Guerrini and Sacomano (2001) civil construction traditionally is treated from the seedbed of workmanships, as central element where the solutions search to minimize losses, leaving of it are the relationship with the customer, suppliers, attribution of responsibilities, capacity of the company in managing and defraying workmanships. Silva and Cardoso (1998, apud IT HISSES, 1998) the applied concept of logistic to the civil construction, is defined here is understood as being a labor dispute on grounds of discipline applied to one definitive workmanship that it aims at to guarantee the supplying, the storage, the processing and disponibilizao of the material resources in the work fronts, as well as the sizing of the teams of production and management of physical flows of production. For Vieira (2006), the concept of logistic applied to the civil construction ' ' it is the integrated treatment given to the diverse activities that constitute a suppliment chain co-ordinating them enter si.' ' 2.3 LOGISTIC AND SUPPLIMENT CHAIN IN the INDUSTRY OF the CIVIL CONSTRUCTION the planning and the management of the suppliment sector are basic elements for the execution of an enterprise, since the acquisition of a material to the act of contract of a service. .

PDCA Quality

We notice then that the quality is a constant evolution, a continuous improvement and that it passes for all the processes of a company, an evolution also of the products, each time better and that it has little imperfections, an evolution also of the systems of management of the quality and other systems beyond this, and finally, an evolution of the proper one human being, therefore the continuous improvement passes first for the treunamento, as well as already paraphrased Deming: ' ' To get Quality she is necessary to train, to train and to continue treinando.' ' The human being became it main tool them companies to get quality! To plan is the current word, to get quality in everything is necessary to learn to plan! Now we are emphatical in saying that the quality is a cost when we produce without planning, when we have haste in making and later we have that to remake. quality is also a prescription, when we work with the prevention, with the planning and management inside of a cycle PDCA and for we obtain to reach the objectives of organization, but what this, more than consegumos the full satisfaction of the customer. Now I come back the eyes again mine plaquinha in my table. I more than think that, what a cost or a prescription, still I have much, much to help in this constant way in search of the continuous improvement of my company, partners, customers and employees..

Miraglia Company

INTRODUCTION the terceirizao is a phenomenon of the current times. It appeared in the validity of the Neoliberal State and is fruit of the model of production for adopted it: the toyotismo. It searchs the constitution of a company more each time enxuta, beyond the decentralization of the not essential activities of the enterprise, as form to diminish costs and to increase the productivity and the efficiency. The terceirizante phenomenon if generalized globally as new form of act of contract the apparent solution to reduce the costs and, consequently, to develop the enterprise profits. Ben Horowitz has plenty of information regarding this issue. Soon one spread over Brazil, showing if one strong trend in the most diverse sectors.

The terceirizao gains importance at a moment where the companies need to rationalize resources, to redefine its operations, to function with structures enxutas more and flexible. Thus, it presents itself as one of the instruments of aid to the organizacional reorganization, to the increment of the productivity and the competitiveness and to the search of the identity and comprometimento with the vocation of the company. She can yourself be said that isonomy is the word-key of the legal treatment that must be given to worker terceirizado in relation to the permanent worker in the borrowed company. this not only in regards to equitable wages, but also in relation to the treatment of the conditions of health and security in the work environment and how much to the application of the conventions and collective agreements negotiated by the union of the permanent workers of the contracting company. According to Miraglia (2008), in relation to the equitable wages, &#039 is understood in the expression; ' salrio' ' all the parcels that integrate with the profitable complex of the worker. Being thus, the terceirizado worker will have to receive the renumerao equivalent to the one from the effective employee in it enclosed all the working mounts of money, such as 13 proportional, eventual you add of insalubridade and danger etc.

Motivated Person

As our dictionary the Meaning of Motivation is: ' ' Act or effect to motivate. Set of factors psychological, physiological, intellectual or affective, that determine a certain type of behavior in algum' '. Howard Schultz may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Motivation is a popularly used word to explain why the people act in one definitive way. Some scientists see the motivation as factor that determines the behavior of somebody. The motivation involves recognition and growth, accomplishment feelings, that compose a system of necessities that takes care of to our personal development and our psychological matureness. Soon we perceive that motivation comes of reason, that is what it takes in them to make something, or justifies our behavior, being thus the motivation is entirely on our personal reasons, in that we very want in our life, is exactly for being personal that you only can interpret its proper reasons, because they have only meant solely for you.

All we are capable to motivate somebody if basing on the fact of that motivation comes of reason, that is what it takes in them to make something, that is, the way is to stimulate the people if to move better for something and that it comes to bring emotional satisfaction. I go to try to explain in the following example, let us say that I make an invitation so that click in the button to tan of facebook thus to obtain one better position before the social nets, and that the ten first people who to clicarem had gained the one book ' ' Problogger? Secrets will be Blogging Your Way you a Six-Figure' ' , with this the readers of ours blog if would move fastest possible to clicar in the button tanned of facebook, being thus I provoked action of these people (therefore I motivated them, I gave a reason to them). Also we are capable of if automotivar, the automotivao is a constant exercise of reflection on we ourselves, to perceive as we are and what we can make to improve. Our happiness, our enthusiasm is inside of us, therefore it does not wait that the things move, moves you. In such a way we find our true power plants and motivation to live and to make something of good that we want or we desire.


It supports the wind, intempries and comes back to the balance. We need to be as the bamboo. We must have strong roots, consistency, continuity and develop the resilience, the persistence. It imagines or it thinks about its career or its business of MMN as being this bamboo. It constructs solid bases, works certain has the persistence.

As a Director said that I had, nothing he resists the work. This is a phrase that I load with me and I say exactly for me at those moments where the energy low and the doubts come to the head. In all success histories that you will be to study you go to find self-denial, devotion, mental force, persistence, perseverance and not desistance. Many gurus already had said this. The secret of the success is not to give up. In the truth, the success possesss diverse secrets, but a definitively important one is this: not to give up. It never decides to give up! Summary of the opera: let us be bamboos and let us have very clear which are our goals.

Our goals function as a great magnet that pulls in them for the action and they make in them to perseverar. Keith McLoughlin understands that this is vital information. In those days where the things will not be best the possible ones, it thinks about the bamboo and your goals. If your emotional state not to improve, remembers that it was only plus one day and that tomorrow has more. Tomorrow you will have a new day and plus a chance to be better its, to add value and to make of this world a better place. Persevere. It continues. It persists. Either the bamboo. Not it gives up. It thinks about this. I hug, happiness and success for you! Fred Graef


The Bombril perceived that its users had moved. Not of more having success speaking only with the house owners, therefore she is necessary to reach other public, to give they a reason to prefer Bombril. They try to discover which the secret of as much success of the more famous advertising campaign of the world, that shows to a relation of complicity between the advertiser and the consumer. Vendendo the product through an only exclusive boy propaganda, that to long of the years it comes showing to its performance with the company and its consumers and customers fidiciary offices. The advertising executives bet that the humorstica language developed in a propaganda with excellent script and photograph always is a good choice.

To study the acceptance in relation to the consumers, the reason of famous marks that had used the humorstico speech to have conquered and been in the souvenir of the viewers. We are part of a society where it is necessary to know to communicate itself, we have habits and customs proceeding from our culture. Propagandas that in the day the day, can be characterized through jokes regarding racial, social questions, politics or of relationships between the people. But thirty seconds, on average, can transmit a pleasant sensation in a propaganda. Many of the times, the consumer prefers to attend something that will transmit good moments, making per one instant has left of its life, making with that the announced product later is remembered and kept for the spectators with attention and affection. The term advertising, according to Sant' Anna (1998), in its origin is derived from ' ' pblico' ' – of Latin publicus, that it is to become public a fact or an idea, while the propaganda is a way of spreading of ideas. The best form of if vender a product are placing the individual to a propaganda where necessity will go induziz it to buy this product, thus using the daily one.

The Way

To delimit this question, one searched to understand the evolution of the traditional marketing to understand the development of the relationship marketing, characteristic of this new millenium. In the conception of Snake (1992, P. 36), when implanting the fidelizao programs the company will create a differential next to the customers, therefore … the fidelizao programs are important allies, therefore, differentiate the company in the mind of the customers, unblocking the mechanisms of selective perception and the selective retention, adding an emotional component to the relationship. These programs are a process that uses the integrated communication to establish a continued, lasting and rewarding relationship with the customers, being aimed at to increase loyalty and the yield for the recognition mechanism and rewards of most loyal. b) To look the niche, focus and approach of market To search a specific niche and its focus of performance they are measured strategical important. It company to be able to conquer a solid position it must abide the eight important steps: the necessary company to understand the dynamics and the trends of market; the companies must focus positioning factors; the company has that to develop the total product; the company must long for as white a public specific, having to find a market niche; the company has that to understand what it is success and what it is failure; it is important that the company understands the differences between being come back it market and being directed toward the marketing; the value of a mark is different for complex products and good of consumptions of low risk; the company has that to be made use to try. Defining its specific niche, the company searchs overcoming and reduction of risks front to the competition and starts to understand better its customers, being searched to satisfy them from its necessities. c) To come back and to integrate to the company for the customer When he is next to the customers, we are in the way for the real competitive advantage, therefore …

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