PDCA Quality

We notice then that the quality is a constant evolution, a continuous improvement and that it passes for all the processes of a company, an evolution also of the products, each time better and that it has little imperfections, an evolution also of the systems of management of the quality and other systems beyond this, and finally, an evolution of the proper one human being, therefore the continuous improvement passes first for the treunamento, as well as already paraphrased Deming: ' ' To get Quality she is necessary to train, to train and to continue treinando.' ' The human being became it main tool them companies to get quality! To plan is the current word, to get quality in everything is necessary to learn to plan! Now we are emphatical in saying that the quality is a cost when we produce without planning, when we have haste in making and later we have that to remake. quality is also a prescription, when we work with the prevention, with the planning and management inside of a cycle PDCA and for we obtain to reach the objectives of organization, but what this, more than consegumos the full satisfaction of the customer. Now I come back the eyes again mine plaquinha in my table. I more than think that, what a cost or a prescription, still I have much, much to help in this constant way in search of the continuous improvement of my company, partners, customers and employees..

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