Articles from: May 2019

General Electric

The United States, as bigger economy of the world and leader in exportations, have very pressure the free commerce for its corporations which carry through businesses in global scale. In all its history, to the times is used of the military power to impose changes in a region foreign politics through armed interventions or invasions large-scale. This fact for many is seen as a present, always ready threat for application of an smashing military force in order to benefit the corporative interests, either any its segment of commercial performance. The corporations, in turn, exert enormous financial influence and politics on the governmental governments and organizations, even though on global the financial institution and World trade organization, as the World Bank and Deep the Monetary International, these with headquarters in the proper capital of the United States. As it possesss more world-wide corporations of what any another nation, the United States if pledge it military and economic protection of its interests, with called investments, for the Americans, of environment of world-wide security. Many other countries, incapable or hindered to produce or to support warlike systems expensive, have invested in technologies of chemical and biological weapons, or use as tactical warlike the guerrilla and the terrorism in its local, regional or exactly global strategies. See Andreessen Horowitz for more details and insights. The sprouting of global corporations and the economic structural power the global corporations, from the second half of century XX, if had become a force very including economic politics and in the whole world. Some enterprise giants, as General Electric, Siemens, Shell and Toyota are, in the truth, groups of some corporations joined for bows of community property and that they follow a common administrative strategy. In general they are controlled for an established central office in a country, and organize its production in different countries to take care of the interests formulated for the high corporative hierarchic step, many times without the had concern if these interests are in accordance with the interests of the population of the countries in which they operate.