Articles from: July 2012

Russian Federation

For it is necessary to conclude the so-called agency agreement. However, as practice shows, in contracts for the provision of hotel services combined conditions, typical for the contract of compensated rendering of services, and for an agency agreement. For example, the subject of the contract is the provision of hotel services for preliminary applications of the customer (legal entity). At the same time, the contract stipulated that when placing customers on-demand customer pays the hotel the customer a commission of 10% of the cost to customers of the customer numbers. Provision of any services the customer is not a hotel contract provided. Or substantially similar to the situation where the contract stipulated that the hotel provides the company with a hosting service for corporate rates and at the same time liable to pay commission remuneration of the company at a rate of 10%.

As a result, it is not clear: The hotel provides a service company (the customer) by placing or company (customer) – the hotel to find customers. According to Article 779 of the Russian Federation on the contract of compensated The Contractor shall provide services under orders of the customer to provide services (to perform certain acts or to carry out certain activities), and the customer agrees to pay for these services. According to Article 990 of the Civil Code of commission agreement, one party (the commission) shall, on behalf of another party (the principal) for a fee to make one or more transactions on their behalf, but at the expense of the principal.

Impeccable Offset Printing

It is well known that many countries in the world does not revolves around the sun, and around a soccer ball. In printing the "Navy-Print everything revolves around quality and cost effectiveness. A good example of this philosophy is new equipment is installed in companies such as Heidelberg Speedmaster sm 102. This machine sets new industry standards, using advanced technology and a large number of new high-performance development. Eight-Speedmaster sm 102, acquired in 2008 reduced the time of manufacturing of production nearly doubled and raised the quality of manufactured products by us to unprecedented heights. Exceptionally high level of product quality begins with the stage prepress.

Production of unique attractive products continues to be the main direction of the company's strategy. Keenly aware that the market is a great need for uv technology us was acquired by the uv coating machine, thanks to which we were able to create exceptionally beautiful product and leave the competition far behind. In addition, the reduced time of manufacturing production, which is transmitted from print shop directly on the finishing. The strategy of "Navy-Print" – the use of advanced technology. It is imperative that printing worked on a truly modern level, while maintaining a reputation One of the most advanced enterprises in Moscow. All of our staff – highly motivated and highly skilled workers. We – a team! Employees printing the right to make proposals, especially when it comes to maintaining a high quality product. We can not allow the sting customers for our products. As a result we have created a system of control at each stage of production, which corresponds to the iso 9001:2000 'Design and production of packaging, labels and promotional products (including pharmaceutical, food and non food.) Printing performs impressions of the highest quality for the largest Russian pharmaceutical companies. We produce carton Offset Printing for companies such as: "Gedeon Richter-Rus', 'Pharmstandard', 'Moscow endocrine factory', 'ZIO-Health', 'Farmasoft', 'Farmtsentr Vilar', 'Bioton-East'. Our production capacity and extensive experience allow you to develop and produce not only the cardboard box, which will be a bright advertising your product and help increase sales in any market segment, but also promotional products, and related printing materials for: – Perfume – food – alcoholic beverages – frozen products – household – children's goods – textile industry as well as building and decorative materials, sanitary ware, furniture and other goods.

International Monetary Fund

Passos Coelho includes four independent ones in its Executive. It will have to approach serious reforms stops in exchange for the 78,000 million Euros that will receive from the EU and the International Monetary Fund. Prime minister designated of Portugal, the conservative Pedro Passos Coelho, announced east Friday the composition of his Government, trained by only eleven ministers, five less than in the previous socialist Executive, and in whom there are two women and four independent ones. Passos Coelho, that gained the elections of day 5 the past, leaves in addition three ministries (Outer, Social Security and Agriculture) into the hands of Christian Democrat to the Democratic Center and Social (CDS-PP) with which this Thursday signed a pact of legislature to guarantee the absolute majority in the Parliament. Members of the Democratic Social Party (PSD, center-right) of new prime minister, will assume the portfolios of Justice, Interior, Subjects Parlamentarios and Dnsa, whereas Finances, Economy, Education and Health are assumed by independent.

Passos Coelho had announced in the campaign electoral an Executive of only ten members who, according to political sources, extended itself in one during the negotiations of the pact of Government with the CDS-PP. In the preservative Cabinet other three disappear two ministries of the socialist stage (Culture and Presidency) and are integrated in different portfolios (Public Works, Transports and Communications Integra in Economy, Atmosphere in Agriculture and Education Superior in Education). The agreement of Government between the PSD and the CDS-PP gives priority to the financial commitments of Portugal, that must fulfill a severe program of austerity and reforms in exchange for receiving the 78,000 million Euros granted by the EU and the International Monetary Fund in April. Source of the news: The new Portuguese Government presents/displays his composition with five ministries less