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Monetary Union

The Government of the Principality has its tourism law of 2001 and numerous decrees on individual aspects of regulation and alignment of tourism taken over an active policymaking role. The basis for this is the concept of sustainable tourism development in the Asturian strategy for sustainable development. Asturias is an example of sustainable tourism development. The tourist conditions have significantly contributed to. Simplified visa requirements within the European Union and the Monetary Union have contributed to the improvement of the socio political and economic conditions for tourism in Asturias. Supported by the European Union expanded transport infrastructure and improve the tourist infrastructure (information centres, tourist transportation, hiking and bike paths, museums and theme parks).

Also the qualification of professionals of the tourism industry was intensified and the Promotion is been significantly expanded to the founding of tourist enterprises in recent years. Asturias is also a hospitable and safe destination. An important change in the tourist environment in Asturias goes hand in hand with improving the arriving by air. Cheap flights are now available from all German regions of Asturias and to the nearby airports of neighbouring provinces. The tourist actors in Asturias carrier of design of destination in Asturias are public and private actors of tourist service culture. The Ministry of culture and tourism of the Principality is the political authority for the development of the destination of Asturias. The Sociedad regional de Turismo (SRT) acts as the implementing organization of Asturian tourism policy.

It is as a company organized in the public and private tourism stakeholders work together. Close coordination is carried out with the national of tourism policy. For the Foreign marketing tourist destinations is responsible in Spain mainly national Spanish Tourism Institute (Turespana). It has a network of tourist offices, which are connected to the Spanish embassies and consulates. The private tourist operators in Asturias are organized in a variety of clubs and associations.

Hyde Park London

Visitors to London Eye can watch a short film about London, was shot in 4D format and try to imagine this new technology is based on three-dimensional image Amended effects, which realistically reproduces various natural phenomenon – the breath of wind, water spray and smoke. London Eye is located in Waterloo, across the river from the Houses of Parliament, Vestministerskogo Abbey and the Tower of London. LadyGaga at the O2 Arena in a worldwide concert tour Monster Ball Tour Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga) will perform December 16 and 17 at the O2 Arena. The performance will be accompanied by a futuristic stage design using high technology, crazy outfits, and songs from the album TheFame and TheFameMonsterv performed most pop stars. After start the tour there were some changes and now it includes acoustic versions of songs, more sophisticated decor and professional dance performances. O2 Arena is located in the London borough of Greenwich.

She located near the subway station North Greenwich, which can also be reached by bus, train lekgorelsovom (light rail) or by boat from central London. Electrolux has firm opinions on the matter. Christmas hymns in Trafalgar Square from 7 to December 22, guests can London hear Christmas songs in a certain place in London. From five to nine in the evening every day, various choirs of singers perform in Trafalgar Square purpose is to raise funds for various charitable organizations. Another feature of the area this year – a 20-foot Christmas tree. She is a Norwegian spruce age of 60, a gift to London from the Norwegian people. At the end of the festivities spruce will be sawn and processed into chips. Trafalgar Square is located near the metro station opposite the Charing Cross of the National Gallery in the Victoria and Vestminister. ‘MerryKissmas’ (Happy Christmas Kisses) in Covent Garden Popular Covent Garden has always been a place of entertainment with many restaurants, live performances and shows year round.

In this holiday season for the first time in Britain in the limelight will be interactive tree kisses Kissmas. The tree, decorated with 50,000 LED lights that switch on the Touch, is lit when the two men poderzhat branch of mistletoe and kiss. For every kiss visitors make 1 pound in a charity Prince’s Trust Charity. Fruit pies in the shape of hearts, chocolates and fresh oysters maintain an atmosphere of love. At Christmas in Covent Garden is also possible to feed the deer. The park is located in Bloomsbury and Soho. London’s Christmas sales throughout December in the streets and squares are enlivened by street vendors in London. The tourists have a great chance to purchase goods in numerous markets, such as Winter Wonderland (Winter Wonderland) in Hyde Park, which also represented rides, ice skating rinks and circus performances. After the Boxing Day (Boxing Day) December 26 large commercial enterprises, such as the Herods (Harrods), Fortney End Mason (Fortnum and Mason) and Selfridges (Selfridges) reduce the price of the remaining Christmas items, which leads to great sales. Best Christmas sales are located near Oxford Circus (Piccadilly Circus) in the Mayfair and Marylebone. Hence it is also within easy reach Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace.

US Business Visas

Business Visa Business visas to the United States in the United States can come to participate in business meetings or conferences with the purpose of trafficking, as a representative of the company to oversee the implementation of a contract or participate in other types of business can get aktivnosti.Vy this visa if you want to come to charity, for example, to work in a religious organization, as well as to participate in the training program, which is organized operating in the U.S. by a foreign company. U.S. Embassy in Moscow, as a rule, produces twin B-1/B-2 visa is designed for business and for the visitor, and tourist trips. To obtain a business visa to the United States must prove the absence of immigration intentions. Your work must be paid outside the state. Within the country, you can not receive any remuneration, except for reimbursement of business rashodov.Esli you entered U.S.

on this visa and want to extend your stay, you must provide a letter from your foreign employer stating that you get paid outside the country. Procedure for applying for Visa Business Visa in the United States can only be obtained at your nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Russian citizens may apply for a visa at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate territorial.

You need to fill in English language application form for a nonimmigrant visa for the DS-160 along with a document justifying the necessity of obtaining the visa, and pay the appropriate fee. In the mid-80's, the International Union Builders made by the INS for a visa ban on the B-1 foreign construction workers, even in cases where their salary is paid from sources outside the United States. Foreign companies engaged in construction in the U.S. required to use American workers. If someone offers you employment at construction sites in the United States, then we are talking about illegal work!

Peretz City

Shlomo then decided not to participate in these games, but returned in Bat Yam, with the intention to become mayor and turn the city into a flourishing garden. Its Lahiani revolution began with education. Many of the principals of the city then got pink slips as a teacher, did not correspond to the revolutionary plans. Visiting a school of Bat-Yam, Lahiani met with students, immigrants from the CIS countries. One day he met a boy who did not want to go to school – the teacher has banned talk out there in Russian.

The mayor immediately responded and said the Director to be open to all cultures and any language. So the guys from different communities to get to know Russian culture and people from Russia have become more deeply explore the local traditions. The integration process went well and quickly. From the Ministry of Education, from other cities came to learn from experience, wondered how quickly to raise achievement levels, make learning interesting for students. Computers in every classroom, hot lunches, extra classes for those in need – all the ingredients for success.

Lahiani believes that there are no bad students, but there are children who are ill. 'The problem of the city – to make sure that our children were good', – says Lahiani. Some parents have no money to clubs, and the City has established special program for them. Musically gifted children are invited to participate in a music school, and once home to one boy's car came from the municipality, has brought the piano – he could not believe my eyes … As a result, the city Ministry of Education, received the award for outstanding performance in the exams for bagrut (66 percent). 'Bulldozer' Shlomo Lahiani also believes in the power of collective effort. Most of his teammates – young, aspiring change the face of the city. Sigal Peretz, a beautiful and soulful 30-year-old woman who manages the municipality of the department of education. Every morning, she spends for the mayor 'tour' in the schools, fix the problem to be solved. Through this summer, all city schools have air conditioning. In the city rushed to young families, as well as tourists. Bat-Yam soon took his place on the tourist map of Israel. The plans – the construction of three hotels in 2-3 years on Main Street will be opened luxury hotel 'Hilton'. Russian tourists are discovering Israel after the abolition of visas, did not escape the attention of Bat Yam. Shlomo Lahiani dream – five years later to take first place on the academic performance of schoolchildren and satisfaction of citizens, to develop hotel infrastructure, catering business, the prosperity of industrial zone. But back to Barcelona. Municipality of Bat Yam Biennale decided to make this Catalan city, and on According to Shlomo Lahiani, it's just tremendous changes start waiting Bat Yam.