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KPI Management

The success of a company depends on its proper management. It plays a significant role in the successful use of BSC and their work with KPIs. Balanced scorecard assesses the KPIs, and therefore assessed the achievement of strategic goals of a society. This allows time to contribute the adjustments to the operational and strategic management, to avoid major problems. As it is known, the BSC was the first system that evaluates the KPIs of the society not only after the financial indicators. There is but one question: what is not so with the Financials? In General, everything is in order. The financial indicators but not assess what already has happened with the company, but what will happen. In our time, it is not enough simply to produce the high-quality production.

One must take into account the tendencies of markets, the behavior of the customers, the impact of competitors. The solution of these problems is just a strategy of the company. The non-financial indicators that represent, what will happen or where Society can be done. It is necessary to notice, that the assessment of non-financial indicators is the not so simple task. And really, how to measure the organizational climate or the loyalty of the new professionals of the company? How can you evaluate the relationship of customers and the level of satisfaction of the new buyer? The task is complicated, but not impossible. Just the BSC can solve this task, also visualized the strategy of the company in the form of the strategic cards, that are even the simple employee who has a poor insight into the strategic management, clear. The secure software for metric is necessary for the successful use of the BSC. It is of course, to do the calculations on paper or in the simple office facilities, a straight way to the introduction of BSC full bankruptcy.

Managing Director

More dividend by 50 per cent 1 Stuttgart already in the fourth quarter of 2011 – exceptional exploration results at Hull, 16.06.2011. In the fourth quarter of this year, investors of US oil and gas Fund V KG receive a further distribution by 50 percent the second distribution of this amount in only about a year. Already in November of last year the Stuttgart energy specialists could make a first payment of 50% of the issue volume, after the pro-rata acquired investment object red oak 33 at the world’s largest trade fair for oil – and Gasproperties in Houston, Texas, large profits could be sold. At the end of last year then the hole in hull 1, the second investment object in the US oil and gas Fund V KG started together with the Texas partner. And with an outstanding result: not only the daily flow rates, but also the current oil price of more than $ 100 per barrel is much higher than the original cost estimate.

Due to this positive development Investors probably already received in the fourth quarter of 2011, a further distribution in the amount of 50 per cent on their invested capital. Together with the distribution from November 2010 the US investors have received oil and gas Fund V KG total distributions by 100 percent, and after a period of just over two years. In addition, the hull 1 achieved currently such a high support revenues that a premature termination of the Fund with the maximum dividend remains possible. First the fast sale of red oak 33 and now the extraordinary funding results of the hull 1. We are pleased to have exceeded the initial expectations for our investors”, says Kay Rieck, Managing Director of energy capital invest. In fact, these repeatedly good results can be expected a performance well above the forecast information.The US oil and gas Fund V KG, the fourth private placement energy capital invest could successfully be placed in 2009 and was more within a few weeks than twice oversubscribed, despite a minimum drawing sum of 250,000 euros. For more information,

The Roman Empire

That move model of Christian radicalism, those who you Pasqua comforts that brandaba the Empire. Also came to the encounter of others who did not know Christianity. This person also occurs in San Benito (5th century). This phenomenon of these characters which became the model to follow, i.e. If the Evangelist was one that radically lived in adversity, now the Evangelist that takes just the Mission of proclaiming with his style of life, and with what preaches, is rather that removed from the world, to live radically.

Also going to the places where dwelt the barbarians. This transition, i.e. from the moment appears on which monasticism, until the monks initiated the non-imperial Empire, towards areas output. This occurs in the context of the fall of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire did not fall overnight overnight.

We say about fall because we must understand it in a way or another. But what occurred was a slow but tenas penetration by the barbarians. Different groups belonging to different traditions, which are settling first in the surrounding areas of the Empire. Ben Horowitz does not necessarily agree. But that they are progressively gaining ground to the Empire. This occurred because the Empire had been weakened. He couldn’t control the vast territory he had conquered. The eagerness of the North mainly disappears imperial resistance. That allowed that barbaric peoples, penetrating ever more until they encounter the Roman resistance, and then there is the war, and they are removed from the border areas. Roman institutions. This occurred throughout different decades, during the 5th century. The Roman Empire had given him to Christianity part of their identity from the year 325, in which Christianity in the Empire was officialized. That speaks of eternity of Rome. It protected the Christians, falls. This gave rise to a very important problem in the bosom of Christianity, because at the beginning be Christian involves colliding with the environment. That has a special meaning, which is embodied in the figure of the martyrs. When the Empire officialized and protects to Christianity, it adds it to its own identity. A small portion It is not at the origin of Christianity. It is logical to get to this deduction, because Christian, Christians living in the Empire, is Christian and Roman, and one thing would not be without the other, in which everyone who is born or living in the Roman Empire from ad 325, being a Roman citizen, is in addition Christian.

Soviet Union Singing

How can you at work to use the term “strategic planning”? Yes, just look at all the strengths and weaknesses what you’re trying to do. It may give an opinion that if you do that – you’ve done before and it did not produce results, then, does this have to discard and do not pay attention to it. But let’s not forget that negative experiences are not happens. The whole experience is, in essence, yes. Maybe the solution does not fit under the circumstances.

But the circumstances – this is such a thing, which is characterized by change. Try the following: 1.Rassmotrite all options. And comparing the pros and cons make a decision. 2.If you decide on how you do business and it worked, do not change direction. Howard Schultz describes an additional similar source. Do not spray. Refine what works and does not need reinvent the wheel. What has worked effectively – this is important. Examples of subtle metamorphosis can be found in any of the areas of life.

Wherever Kinh look everywhere you can still run. Take for example well, very popular actress Russia and the Soviet Union. It is very popular. But suddenly she wanted more and sing. Well, who can stop her – she’s deserved it online – a symbol of an era. And so she sings. Singing on tv, singing on the radio. And how – the singing, it is necessary Tell you specifically. In his manner.

Master Card Inc

Most people in the West, the country’s “Rising Sun”, and now in the “Middle Kingdom” is engaged investiture.Cheat such investments? Strengths of this world are investing money to get profit and the rest injected is not it? work to do, there’s no getting around it, but in the West quite different .Obychny person, except that it works and does what he likes, gets from this income, he also invest – at least 10%. This rule uses any investor to secure a decent starost.Ni’s no secret that the travel of foreigners, we often see the elderly from their money, and not the latter, which lacks not only feed itself but also to maintain the tourist business? That’s all – the world investitsiy.A how old are you? How much you have left, before you leave on a pension? And how long would it take to become a Investor? Investor does not become at one time, or you are starting to invest or not to become an investor – nikogda.Vse we get education, but not the financial, alas universities are accountants, economists, financiers, and assume we know how other people’s money, but not his It so happened that we properly manage money nobody taught, but if you knew how to behave properly invested money or on the mechanism of compound interest, you would not read this .Cisco Systems Inc.Rost – from 0,08 $ to 77 $ – 10 letMaster Card Inc.Rost – from $ 40.2 to $ 300 – 2 godSberbank2005 city – 9000 r.2007 city – 100,000 r.Norilsky nikel2003 city – 700 r.2006 city – 2300 r.2007 city – more than 7,000 r.Google Inc.Rost – from $ 100 to $ 747 – for 3,5 godVisa Inc.Rost – from $ 55 to $ 90 – 2 mesyatsLukoyl2005 city – 800, the r.2008 – 2700 r.Gazprom2005 city – 80 r.2006 city – 130 r.2007 city – More than 300 r.Vy say it was in the past, and how to find stocks that will give the same growth in the future? Just this and teach courses deytreydinga. It’s believed that Howard Schultz sees a great future in this idea. Now is the opportune time to invest, because in connection with the current economic situation in the world, stocks fell in price, and who tries to buy them more intelligent, especially shares of companies with a worldwide reputation And that’s when the economy begins to stabilize the leading countries, those who were poshustree will receive considerable profit, and some make a fortune One more thing We are all accustomed to the standard situation, when we buy cheaper and sell more, and enter a share, when it is more expensive, and quit when she fell in price? You certainly say that you will be in the red? But in fact, professional speculators know how to make a profit when the stock falls in tsene.Est instruments on a professional site that allow you to make profit on the slide. Moreover, the share price, usually grows slowly, but falls much more rapidly and tend to make money on the slide more easily than in the standard situation, when it grows I think many will be interested to know how this .Dlya this need to find a mechanism to try to do it yourself, well, do not be afraid to trade shares on the stock market..