KPI Management

The success of a company depends on its proper management. It plays a significant role in the successful use of BSC and their work with KPIs. Balanced scorecard assesses the KPIs, and therefore assessed the achievement of strategic goals of a society. This allows time to contribute the adjustments to the operational and strategic management, to avoid major problems. As it is known, the BSC was the first system that evaluates the KPIs of the society not only after the financial indicators. There is but one question: what is not so with the Financials? In General, everything is in order. The financial indicators but not assess what already has happened with the company, but what will happen. In our time, it is not enough simply to produce the high-quality production.

One must take into account the tendencies of markets, the behavior of the customers, the impact of competitors. The solution of these problems is just a strategy of the company. The non-financial indicators that represent, what will happen or where Society can be done. It is necessary to notice, that the assessment of non-financial indicators is the not so simple task. And really, how to measure the organizational climate or the loyalty of the new professionals of the company? How can you evaluate the relationship of customers and the level of satisfaction of the new buyer? The task is complicated, but not impossible. Just the BSC can solve this task, also visualized the strategy of the company in the form of the strategic cards, that are even the simple employee who has a poor insight into the strategic management, clear. The secure software for metric is necessary for the successful use of the BSC. It is of course, to do the calculations on paper or in the simple office facilities, a straight way to the introduction of BSC full bankruptcy.

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