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Climate Technology

Before grille for axial and radial fans ebm-papst presents an efficient measure for the refrigeration, air and climate technology with the front guide grid FlowGrid and thus a sign to the considerable noise reduction. Noise and additional sounds occur when the inflow to the fan is disturbed: due to different installation conditions such as such as an asymmetric intake situation arise strong air turbulence. Howard Schultz is actively involved in the matter. The closest places connect the air turbulence to the so-called Vortex braids. They make directly on the rotating impeller blades, resulting in noise: noise wideband and narrowband in addition, tonal noise components, which are also known as propeller noise or rotary sound. Mulfinger engineers have developed the special reserves the Guide grid FlowGrid, acting virtually as a rectifier on the air.

The Vortex braids are split at the meeting on the grid and considerably weakened in the flow.The first directional grille on the suction side reduced so the SPL over the entire frequency range decreases noise-generating errors drastically as a result, but in particular the annoying sound of Rotary in the low frequency range. The use of the before guide grid suitable for axial like centrifugal fans alike. And best of all: the power and the air output remain virtually unchanged. A reduction of to 3.9 dB(A) and Rotary tone controls to 16 dB noise level is possible through the use of the before guide grid such as when a condenser with axial fan. The insulation and soundproofing effort drops so significantly and noise regulations are easier to comply with. Another way to acoustic improvement can be achieved, in which the described before grille with the ebm? Pope combined diffuser AxiTop on the air outlet side. So to increase the energy efficiency and noise emission again reduced, especially in the Middle frequency range. The first directional grille is made of durable composite material and available to fire class UL94-5VA.

In addition to The FlowGrid also for all air-technical devices such as flat air-conditioners, air handling units, air cleaner and heat pumps, condensers is suitable. Users will soon benefit from the advantages of reducing noise in the low frequency range: the first versions will be available in the spring of 2014. Problem: Emergence of air swirling through asymmetric intake range. Solution: The front guide grid FlowGrid dramatically reduces the errors in the inflow-generating noise. About ebm-papst, the ebm-papst group is the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors. Since inception, the technology company has continuous global market standards. Ranging from the market of electronically controlled EC fans, the fan wings, aerodynamic improvements to resource-conserving material selection including with organic materials. In the past financial year 12/13 achieved revenues of nearly 1.4 billion ebm-papst employs 18 production sites (among others in Germany, China, United States) and 57 sales locations worldwide approximately 11,000 employees and staff. Fans and motors of the world leader can be found, inter alia in the ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, household appliances, heating technology, IT and telecommunications, for applications in the passenger car and commercial vehicle engineering in many industries.

Direct Route

Interest rate policy allows construction financing on favourable terms of Hamburg in April 2010: safe pensions, more design freedom a new Allensbach study shows the arguments of the Germans for your own four walls. More and more German households want to fulfill that dream. Low mortgage interest rates strengthen this trend according to the year 2010. Real estate expert Epeku AG informs about the direct path to homeownership and gives practical advice on the subject of financing. The own property is located for the majority of German households increasingly important this the current numbers of the Allensbach Institute. 1.5 million tenants, according to the new study, plan or consider the move in your own four walls within two to three years. The motives for acquiring real estate are varied. Is appreciated by 76 percent of those polled above all the freedom that allows the living in the home; 75 percent understand investing primarily as a safe instrument of old-age provision.

The independence the landlord, however, 74 percent as the decisive argument for her name. In recent months, mozes victor konig has been very successful. But the current economic conditions affect help according to the Epeku AG the demand for home ownership. Caused by the persistent low interest rate policy of the central banks, for example, the interest rate average thinks he’s currently at a level of only about 4.2 percent ten-year real estate loans. By comparison, the average was 4.99 percent the last 10 years, which even 6.25 percent the last 20 years. The Epeku AG advises real estate interested households urgently to do so in time to secure a mortgage at the current attractive conditions for themselves before the first interest rate increase. To benefit maximum from the current interest rate environment, future builders should agree a long term according to the Epeku AG, in addition, about 15 to 30 years.

For this the banks charge an interest premium while, but overall a long-term loan to the today’s condition will pay off is expected and last but not least a plus of planning security for the borrower offer, so the Epeku AG. Applies the experience above all for small-cap builders, that could get caught in a financial imbalance by unexpectedly rising interest rates. As a viable alternative for borrowers the splitting of the loan amount may prove opinion also of Epeku AG. In many cases, the outline of a fixed-interest period and a subsequent variable interest rate loan model represents an attractive compromise between safety and interest savings. This option in particular for builders according to, who can expect before the end of the fixed-interest repayment phase, for example, with a heritage in the appropriate amount. About the Allfinanzdienstleister Epeku AG from Bremen Epeku AG has been working since 1998 on the market and focuses on the placement of various financial products such as insurance, mutual funds or real estate.

Andreas Buchelt

The in-house outsourcing team works as an additional Department, which provides a benchmark for its own employees. Last but not least aspiring, long-term project partnerships for quality reasons”, says Andreas Buchelt. While we adapt our services the modified or new needs of the clients.” In the future business leaders will be confronted at the earliest opportunity with the above question. The optimal answer depends in addition to the specific conditions of the choice of the right partner. Contact: Adecco call center solutions GmbH wife Simone Nowak sales assistant Alexandre str.

7, 10178 Berlin Tel: 030 24 08 76 46 fax: 030 24 08 76 48 E-Mail: Web: ccs Adecco: Tanja Siegmund spokeswoman Adecco Personaldienstleistungen GmbH phone: 0211 30 140 233 email: Web: Adecco call center solutions in-house outsourcing, customer service,. Telemarketing as well as the recruitment and qualification of call center staff provides Adecco call center solutions-100%-owned subsidiary of the world’s largest personnel service provider. Since 1997 the company of solid partner for the implementation of customized customer service and sales solutions. Training and development opportunities for the 350 permanent employees ensure the consistently high quality and customer satisfaction. Adecco call center solutions is a member of the ABCC and CCF and TuV certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Filed under: Ben Horowitz.

About Adecco Adecco S.A. is world market leader for human resource services headquartered in the Switzerland. The Fortune 500 company has a worldwide network of over 37,000 employees and more than 7,000 branches in more than 60 countries. Every day Adecco mediates contact between 700,000 workers and several hundred thousand corporate clients. Around 20,000 employees and over 10,000 corporate customers are in Germany in more than 260 offices and job centres in the areas of recruitment, staffing and Outsourcing managed. Experts from specialized divisions and subsidiaries advise companies and worker around the topics of personnel and personal career planning.

In Scandinavia

“We see in the market and through” our international trend Scouts, that entertainment-shopping is not just a German phenomenon,”know Severin Tatarczyk, has evaluated the international development opportunities for market expansion. “In Scandinavia there is the concept more than ours.” Because we are very well positioned, it seemed to expand there with CrazyHammer. The success in the test runs has far exceeded our forecasts.” After the portal is active since June in Germany, the Cologne businessman now internationally expand their activities. Now, users from Austria, Spain, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom and the Switzerland national CrazyHammer portals can bid and save. The respective country sites were adapted to the regional practices and set up their own support teams. “We offer our customers in all countries the best possible service.” emphasizes Boris Ciszewski, product manager. The makers have already set the strategy. After the next test phase, which is Extension of the offer to other European countries aimed at: “In the medium term we want to be active in all major European countries.” Also first considerations for a launch in Asia are already employed, “but there the Internet is often still too slow, so CrazyHammer is really fun,” so can the first feasibility studies.

The regional branch can be reached, the Spanish branch under, the English page at under the respective country domain name. Nothing changed this for German customers. By Pan-European offering, more products can be set however and because in the new participating countries at the beginning, yet not so many participants are registered, have particularly good prospects of success for the user of the first hour are at the moment. Kube & au GmbH 28-30 Hansaring 50670 Cologne Tel: 01805-670023 (0,14 / min. German landline, mobile phone may differ) fax: 0221-96803-51 contact: Mr Severin Tatarczyk platform specified by the Cologne kube & au GmbH operated. Originally, the company was founded in August 2001 in Bremen produced sound products such as telephone waiting loops, music loops, site-sound design, as well as settings of mobile games. in 2002, the MERLIN GROUP kube & au GmbH started distributing ringtones abroad. In search of the headquarters of the company was moved to new synergies in April 2004 to Cologne. The company focuses increasingly on the Internet area and operates since June 2009.

Director Market

Thanks to the wide range of offer and the favourable conditions Photovoltaikgeschafte could conveyed last Jahr international with a total volume of nearly 40 megawatts or 120 million euros. The customers appreciate in particular the service of more than 30 pvXchange employees who accompany each individual transaction personally and professional. In addition to trading the Photovoltaikspezialisten distributed in Europe, Asia and the United States offer technical and strategic consulting, market information and project realization their customers. In the new year, the domestic photovoltaic market comes slow in motion. At Kevin Johnson you will find additional information. The desire to buy the end customer was still very subdued in the first 2 months. Last but not least is the prices, which are not noticeably dropped since December 2007″, reports Martin Schachinger, Managing Director of pvXchange GmbH. is a price reduction on the part of the manufacturer at the moment, but an important prerequisite for the economic viability of a newly constructed PV installation. Like every year are stipulated in the EEG in 2008 Reimbursement rates has been reduced by 5% to 6.5%.

Stagnant prices the expected return for the operation of a solar plant on a minimum be evaporated but, so there is little incentive currently for German operator to invest in photovoltaic and to build its own facility.” The Germans, like the foreign suppliers of solar modules concentrate at the moment on the Spanish market, where it hopes for better returns and higher rates. PvXchange is of the opinion: “The prices are too high!”. It appeals urgently to manufacturers to disclose the production costs reduced by mass production and efficiency to the dealers and installers. Otherwise, a slump is the market, which has made large and financially strong many manufacturers international in the near future in Germany – to expect. Martin Schachinger rejects to pull back on the part of the provider to higher energy costs and higher spending on sales and marketing. There is very innovative and sleek forms in the Internet age Merchandise distribution, which eliminate the need for high staff, travel costs and other expenses of marketing.” One of these options a slim sales provides pvXchange with its vendor-independent online trading platform. pvXchange brings together vendors and prospective purchasers of the solar industry since early 2005. Only professional companies, such as manufacturers, distributors and installers will be addressed. Thereby the pvXchange GmbH itself offers no goods, but acts as an intermediary between the over 1500 participants of the Internet portal.

Information Potential Employee Survey

Market research tool for the internal customers “Staff” employee surveys come not only for large companies to consider, but suitable for all organizations with more than fifty employees. The investment in a survey action should be as carefully planned as in the fixed assets and assets assessment and prepared. A project group should be set up for the entire action of an employee survey. The scope of an employee questionnaire should not exceed approx. 60-80 questions, which should be set to around 90 per cent of employees and executives and to 10 percent only to senior executives.

Participation in the survey must be on a voluntary basis. Anonymity must be guaranteed. Ben Horowitz recognizes the significance of this. All those involved have a right to be informed about the results. “Feedback and action plans must be from bottom to top” and from top to bottom “run. A series with a detailed approach to questions specifically elaborated deals BusinessIntelligence-publications by Jorg Becker, so u.a: employee survey as intellectual seismograph – motivation and satisfaction, 2009; ISBN 978 3 8370 5085 1.

With the polls, the Executive Board receives an efficient early warning system, which signals you to potential problem areas. Carrying out an employee survey that meets rejection at the Works Council, is not recommended, because she would affect participation and acceptance. The employee survey is therefore a market research tool for the customer employees”to track down to subjective moods in the workforce and counteract them. The questions should be placed so that they can be answered by anyone without difficulty. Despite all positive momentum of change are employee surveys but not a panacea and can mend the mistakes may be committed for years. Prior to the actual interview is still a relevant internal information and educational work afford. For the company, important issues include cooperation: your team of tensions and mistrust will be hampered or strengthened by mutual helpfulness? Leadership: Meet your employees as a partner or as a despot? Open spaces: a dense network of labour policies continuing to squeeze any individual initiative or delegated powers? Remuneration and incentive systems: Is the pay structure such that one feels as fair pay? The salary ranges differ disproportionately wide? Career: There is a sensible personnel development or leaving to chance the rise? Organization: Practice group work or are job rotation, Job Enrichment or go stale employees in the same workplace? Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (

Chinese Mentality

Even otherwise considered often attributed the failure of the business or dismantling of a Western company in China to a culture of incompetence. Many are of the opinion that the traditional Chinese culture, which emerged in a long history of several thousand years and handed down, yet deeply influenced the behaviors and value Outlook of today’s Chinese and their significant difference to Western culture especially the Western businessmen the acceptance of or adaptation to the manner and business ethics in China more difficult. A blind emulation of certain behaviors of the opposing party in a negotiation or transaction makes little sense, since without a deep understanding of the cultural background behind it hidden you never anticipate can, how the other party will act and how you can come to a win-win situation. The following describes the most important features of Chinese culture in the business reference among contemporary and dialectical analysis: 1. Relationship networks (Guanxi): From the perspective of many people is the first step to business success in China the relationship structure between the two negotiating parties instead of deployment of resources or analysis framework.

Also in job application, a personal relationship with a Chairman in the company more than the qualifying helps the candidates. But with increasing acquisition of Western mindset Guanxi loses more and more importance over the course of time, nowadays plays a crucial role in the selection of staff expertise and social skills instead of appropriate seniority throughout experience (as in Japan). 2. saving face: a Chinese face (Mianzi) within the meaning of human dignity or reputation might may be even more valuable than life. In China, a direct criticism of a conversation partner in a public or community is a strict taboo, because everyone with a relatively small or large people circle connected considers himself almost in China, not only of the criticized the an open criticism exercise “even affected, but also his work colleagues and even his friends and family members are with also offended”. Additional information at Electrolux supports this article. This can completely ruin the Arbeitsatomssphare or interpersonal relationships. A private, polite and tactful statement about acceptance and rejection (usually in writing) at the right time and in the right place is a great art in the interpersonal dealings in China.

3. community awareness (Zheng ti guan Nian): many Europeans or Americans are of the opinion that performance appraisal or anti in the Chinese companies a group orientation there is, while the contribution of an individual is hardly taking into account. This could be considered harmonization of the whole work team through the containment of intra-group competition. But over the course of time an always clearer propensity of individual orientation to the motivation of the powerful and at the same time the incentive of underperforming results and the so-called group orientation should finally again as a kind of be understood by Indiviualorientierung. China evaluates the performance of a group always compared with the other groups and thus each group represents a ‘vergrosstes individual”virtually and is always in competition with the groups in other departments, other companies or other industries.

Chief Economist

Dispute: A new sow driven through the village? In the dispute of the Publisher this wonder whether at PMOs is a permanent body in everyday project by companies, or only to a further sow driven straight through the village. Norbert Walter, former Chief Economist of the Deutsche Bank, already in the foreword of the book gives a description of the village”: he constitutes to a development to more project economy, where companies maintain their competitiveness through successful project work. Would companies thus deserve more money, if it would professionalize their project management through the use of PMO? This can be quite as a theme of the PMO’s manual”to be understood. The book delivers on it of course neither a panacea nor a universal Guide. It is understood as a source of inspiration for an openness to change to the structural change and the personal change. It wants to show the reader new perspectives and motivate him to the own location.

PMO prove to be institutions that provide new methods and help to implement it permanently in this context. Manual project management office. Learn more on the subject from Doug Oberhelman. Ed. with PMO to the strategic management of the project landscape, by BOP Sandrino-Arndt, Rudiger L. Thomas and Lutz Becker, Dusseldorf 2010 (Symposion publishing, ISIN 978-3-939707-65-3). Information to the PMO manual on the Publisher’s website publishing book Vernissage Symposium within the framework of the PMO Symposium: project management software vendor talking about co-editor BOP Sandrino-Arndt more book reviews on the site can do,: Roland Ottmann, the naked ProjektManager Lutz Becker, John Ehrhardt and Walter Gora, project leadership and project management press contact: can do GmbH Christian Schneider head of press and public relations Salem 26 81371 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 / 512 65-101 Internet: E-Mail:

Opel Can The Knowledge Balance 2.0

With the new system of knowledge accounting open new ways for Opel next trip takes the current economic crisis and despite the daily new incantations of the policy come new companies into a tailspin. Hot debated and yet often the development at the carmaker Opel is on the actual issue over discussed. The German subsidiary of GM is in danger of a total loss. Thus are not only about 25,000 jobs at stake the reputation of the German automotive industry is scratched up. The problem field of the Adam Opel AG revolves around dependencies of the American parent company GM and its disastrous economic situation, safeguarding financial bottlenecks, and especially in the structure of the company.

Since there will not be enough, with new State cash injections to keep the situation calm. Now talk more and more recognized economic experts that it is neither reasonable nor economically wise to support ailing companies with State funds. Demand for new financial injection will to a Money burning enormity lead and end in the end but in the fiasco. Fire cannot be deleted just with paper, neither with money. The problems lie deeper at Opel.

The way to a new future of the company, or in the worst case of the then still meaningful task of business could be gone with a comprehensive coverage of the assets in the battered company. The accounting treatment of intangible assets includes, as it makes possible the knowledge balance 2.0. Particularly with regard to the structure of capital and relationship capital, large reserves open up at Opel. A task that benefits of the restructuring of the company would be to apply the lever here and to organize a new company, supplier and distribution structures worldwide. Thus, Opel could really score financers and customers. If Government funding can drag the ailing carmaker from the swamp, then only if exactly this means broken up the old structures and redesigned and relations with the external environment in new and especially high quality be rebuilt.

Visiting The Top Companies That Hardly Anyone Knows

Nationwide active software development company i.syde should be better known regional bellows. In the Ministry of defence, the Federal Network Agency or the Federal Chancellor’s Office the company is i.syde as a known size, as well as with several large companies or federal agencies. “The software company, however, is fairly unknown in the local district of Nienburg: make something with computers” most know more not. “Uta Kupsch, Managing Director of the district Nienburg economic development Corporation (WIN), wants to change that: you have visited the unknown quantity” in their seat in flour mountains, to improve the networking on local, regional and national level. Also Christian Alvermann, business sponsors of the Association of left Weser Bank, took the opportunity to visit one of the most important according to his words the Samtgemeinde. Proxy Thorben dier King the company briefly presented: the cliche of the innovative software company accordingly in the basement of one of the two managing directors founded, i.syde employs 13 staff.

including three trainees. The staff all come specialists all from the region. Official site: Jonas Samuelson. We consult us our own professionals”, says Greg King Thorben. Although the school deemed requirement, however, so Greg King, if someone with real school applies, then he has in mind what is. And then he gets the chance to show what he can do under certain circumstances.” Behind the general assessment that doing something with computers”hides the development of user-oriented software of the customer gets exactly the program he needed. The waiver on unnecessary reducing briefing times, make user-friendly programs and decrease errors and failures.

Also could pass-exact software will just even better used and spare users nerves, time and money. Software from flour mountains at the federal level and in larger companies with success in use, i.syde of the companies in the district is rather little known according to WIN Chairwoman Kupsch”. Several companies of himself as presenting flexible and innovative energy site Middle Weser “would work with companies from South Germany under certain circumstances, although they could get appropriate solutions virtually over the Mehlbergener before the door. Whether individual software for the middle class in the region is interesting? That is quite so assured the i.syde Manager if the existing structures had developed even more towards large companies and Government agencies. It is flexible and forward about unusual tasks as, for example, that the trainees Anna Scholz documents developed tool for the simulation of color vision defects. In improving regional contacts, the WIN sees concrete options for action according to its Managing Director: you wants to strengthen the networking between the developers and the local economy; “” the company also the Lower Saxony marketing company N-global “and the project innovative Lower Saxony” present. Innovations must come not only from Hanover and Braunschweig. Sometimes they come straight out of the rural areas”, as John the economic expert but was interested in it with a certain pride where, why the company precisely has settled on the flat land. For us,”so Thorben Greg King, the site is a SideShow. We opted for flour mountains, because we got a cheap real estate.”

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