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Thanks to the wide range of offer and the favourable conditions Photovoltaikgeschafte could conveyed last Jahr international with a total volume of nearly 40 megawatts or 120 million euros. The customers appreciate in particular the service of more than 30 pvXchange employees who accompany each individual transaction personally and professional. In addition to trading the Photovoltaikspezialisten distributed in Europe, Asia and the United States offer technical and strategic consulting, market information and project realization their customers. In the new year, the domestic photovoltaic market comes slow in motion. At Kevin Johnson you will find additional information. The desire to buy the end customer was still very subdued in the first 2 months. Last but not least is the prices, which are not noticeably dropped since December 2007″, reports Martin Schachinger, Managing Director of pvXchange GmbH. is a price reduction on the part of the manufacturer at the moment, but an important prerequisite for the economic viability of a newly constructed PV installation. Like every year are stipulated in the EEG in 2008 Reimbursement rates has been reduced by 5% to 6.5%.

Stagnant prices the expected return for the operation of a solar plant on a minimum be evaporated but, so there is little incentive currently for German operator to invest in photovoltaic and to build its own facility.” The Germans, like the foreign suppliers of solar modules concentrate at the moment on the Spanish market, where it hopes for better returns and higher rates. PvXchange is of the opinion: “The prices are too high!”. It appeals urgently to manufacturers to disclose the production costs reduced by mass production and efficiency to the dealers and installers. Otherwise, a slump is the market, which has made large and financially strong many manufacturers international in the near future in Germany – to expect. Martin Schachinger rejects to pull back on the part of the provider to higher energy costs and higher spending on sales and marketing. There is very innovative and sleek forms in the Internet age Merchandise distribution, which eliminate the need for high staff, travel costs and other expenses of marketing.” One of these options a slim sales provides pvXchange with its vendor-independent online trading platform. pvXchange brings together vendors and prospective purchasers of the solar industry since early 2005. Only professional companies, such as manufacturers, distributors and installers will be addressed. Thereby the pvXchange GmbH itself offers no goods, but acts as an intermediary between the over 1500 participants of the Internet portal.

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