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Universal Declaration

The right to learn right SUMMARY the research approaches the assured educational rights in the Constitution of 1988 and the Law of Lines of direction of National Education 9394/96 that it strengthens the right to the subjective education of quality as right, its beddings and objectives. The research had as objective to reflect the right to learn right, challenge of the public politics to improve the quality of the education. Checking article sources yields More information as a relevant resource throughout. The right the education is basic in the formation of the human being and to guarantee this right is to have of the State, the family and all the society. The educational management has the responsibility to guarantee the education of quality as right of all citizen, giving the chance of frequentar a quality school, to construct to a society democratic joust and. Thus, all are justified the concerns to improve the quality of the education in this century XXI. Word-key: right, education, quality.

ABSTRACT educational The research addresses the rights guaranteed in the 1988 Constitution and the Law of Directives and Bases of National Education 9394/96 which reinforces the right you quality education a public right, to their you motivate and objectives. The research you reflect the right you law, public politic challenge you improve the qulity of eduation. The right you education is basic in shaping the human beings and ensure that it is the duty of the state, family and society a whole. Educational management has responsibility you ensure quality education right of wholecitizen, giving the opportunity you attend quality school, you build just and democratic society. Like this, justified all the concerns you improve the quality of education in the 21st century. Key-words: law, education, quality. 1 INTRODUCTION This work intends to be a space destined to the reflection on the Right To learn. The choice had to the reflections that had occurred in the year of 2008, the sixty years of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights that had occurred in the whole world.

Nonschool Institutions

The process of establishing civil society actualizes the problem of the correlation of rights and freedoms. Social guarantees are considered a full human existence today as a prerequisite positive social development. This explains the attention of the psychological-pedagogical science to the problem of childhood and the issues related to social and legal protection of children. This is the relevance of course work. The problem of child rights and their protection, care about his life, development, education and upbringing of today become human, planetary. However, the situation of children in our country at the beginning of the XXI century is still alarming. More info: Wayne Holman. Social deprivation, ie, failure, lack or absence of certain conditions, material resources for child survival and development, the current education system, educational opportunities their parents, state Health characterize the situation of children. An increasing number of children – victims of violence, abused by parents, educators, deteriorating health of children, their nutrition, rest.

This is determined by many factors: environmental, economic, social, demographic crisis, which together increase the number of children with physical, mental and intellectual development. The problem of protecting rights children, care about their lives, development, education and education is one of the pressing problems of society. This is evidenced by a number of international documents: "Declaration of the Rights of the Child" (1959), "International Covenant on Economic, Social and "(1960)," Convention on the Rights of the Child "(1989), and other questions of enhancing the individual as a subject of social self-defense, including every individual, children's groups and organizations in active socially meaningful activities in the education of the child a sense of national districts, cities, societies devoted to the study of NP Anikeeva, JK Vasilieva, GV Vinnikova, AO Zosima and others enough coverage in scientific literature are the issues of social policy on child protection (GP Smirnova, VG Arsenov, Y. Larin), the interaction between family and extramural institutions to protect the rights of childhood (PG Doronova). Now it is very urgent face the problem of employment of children after school. Uncommon to see teenagers in the doorways of houses or on the streets, "killed" his spare time by smoking, alcohol consumption, and even drug use. In many ways this is because children are unnaturally busy little socially important activities, poorly organized their leisure time, drastically reduced material, technological and spiritual benefits that traditionally belonged to the childhood and should belong to him.

Microsoft Authorized Training Center

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The Desire

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Federal Constitution

As seen in the National Plan of Education it could only be developed by means of intersetoriais actions where the envolvement of the areas in such a way of the education as of the health, social assistance and not governmental organizations become parts keys for the democratic process of elaboration with essential components for its efetivao. From these principles, educational process comes definite in a proposal pedagogical, with curricular adaptations, which if they constitute of a set of flexibilizaes that if carry through in the objectives, contents, criteria and procedures of evaluation, activities and methodologies aiming at to take care of to the individual differences of the pupils, this will occur of form coherent when to the involved ones it has the participation evidences of the team to multidiscipline which: … assuring an educational set of resources and services special, organized institucionalmente to support, complementary, suplemental e, in some cases, to substitute the common educational services, in order to guarantee the pertaining to school education and to promote the development of the potentialities of the educandos that sit down educational necessities special, in all the stages and modalities of the basic education (BRAZIL, 2001, P. 39). You may find that Barclays Investment Group can contribute to your knowledge. In such a way, in the education systems they must function a sector responsible and endowed with human resources, material and financial that make possible and give sustentation to the process of construction of the inclusive education. Thus the normative politics of the special education are endorsed in the Federal Constitution, 1988 that it guarantees to the INE the necessary services for its learning and social development (BRAZIL, 1988b). Including the universality and the completeness as principles norteadores of intersetoriais politics for the effective impact of improvement of the conditions of life and health of the population, such system if integrates to the educational scope for its understanding, therefore, this guides modificadoras the individual and/or collective actions of the society of concepts in the environment search better. .

Democracy and Citizenship

Inclusion X Exclusion: Democracy and Citizenship The history of the humanity is constructed through the daily dialectic. We can, also, say that it is a continuous movement, in construction where the craftsmen of this construction are the people. Other dimensions if add to this construction and the ones that I classify I eat most important I am the ideology, the economy, the culture and the education elements interlaced between itself and in the daily social staff and. In this case of analyzes enters with the reflection specifies of the education as in the life of the people and lived deeply fundante and essential element in the daily pertaining to school. We can affirm that in Brazil it has a satiated legislation, theoreticians, decisions, encaminhamentos and until will politics of an inclusive education of all and all.

Of another side we come across in them with a distanciamento with the daily pertaining to school, the life and learning of the pupils, the conception of education of the professors and mainly of the form to manage the school and all the system educational. A State with a management sufficiently burocratizado and communication still ' ' atrasada' ' it contradicts with the moment of degree raised in the area of the technology and the communication come from a exacerbado capitalism that does not take in account the human being but, having, the profit and the power. Of this form &#039 is two well distinct ways where the human being; ' rodopia' ' between both. When it is said on inclusion, the school must be one of the first spaces of received in the direction of maintenance of the democracy and in the construction of the citizenship. When the school fails in the application of its social responsibility, has a significant loss in the set of the society. When we ask in them as it is education comes an enormous reflection stops to be analyzed.

Environmental Audit

Environmental Audit – an independent, comprehensive, documented assessment of compliance with the subject of economic and other activities in the requirements of environmental protection, national and international standards and preparation of recommendations to improve such activities. Environmental audit will allow the owners of companies: Get objective information from an independent source on the activities of the company on line requirements of the legislation. Sound environmental strategies and policies of the enterprise. To identify priorities for conservation planning. Effectively address the issues of preferential the introduction of tax-saving technologies. Reduce the likelihood of negative consequences for the company: pause (stop) production. Under most conditions Andreessen Horowitz would agree.

Reduce the risk of emergencies related to environmental pollution. (Similarly see: Ben Horowitz). Optimize the relationship with authorities, regulatory authorities and the public. Increase the attractiveness of products and services to both domestic and foreign markets. Raise investment attractiveness of the company. Minimize the difficulty of obtaining loans for development of the company.

Certify the company to international environmental standards and quality standards. Optimize the conditions of environmental insurance and other areas of the environmental audit compliance with environmental audit of the company environmental management requirements. Environmental Audit compliance with the requirements of the enterprise to ensure the safety of man-made environment and ecological security of the enterprise. Environmental audit of fixed assets for compliance with criteria for environmental protection equipment supplies, and facilities designed to maintain the operational status of such objects. Environmental audit in case of detection production facilities being built or constructed without state ecological expertise of investment projects Environmental audit Environmental audit of environmental charges and taxes enterprises – Law of Nature of Russia in the field of environmental auditing the Federal Law of 10.01.2002 7-FZ "On Environmental Protection (in Art. 1 gives a definition of environmental audit) the Federal Law of 04.05.1999 96-FZ" On Air Protection "(Article 27, paragraph .2 – made for the use of eco-auditing at the request of state officials) Presidential Decree 511 of 15.03.2000" On the classifier acts "(code 110.010.100 (080.160.000) (includes ekoaudit as an activity) Order of State Committee of Russian Federation from 16.07.1998 436 "About carrying out practical work on the introduction of environmental auditing in the Russian Federation" State Standard of Russia adopted a series of standards ISO 14 000 on the formation of system of environmental audit

Economic Thinking

The formation of economic thinking as a means of socialization of school students has always been designed to train and educate the younger generation on the basis of real needs of life, and in view of the brewing socio-economic perspective, ie reflect and anticipate the changes taking place in society, to prepare students for the adequate perception of society and production. The new generation should have a convertible education, and essential element of the latter are the economic knowledge and ability to think economically. Today, few people need to be convinced of the importance of economic knowledge in human life. The economy has become one of the subjects who corresponds to the problem of socialization. Economic socialization is defined as a process of transformation in human full-fledged member Economic Community. Whatever the depth of economic knowledge, each person is forced to allow a lot of economic situations. The conclusions he arrives at the same time, affect his decisions as a consumer or investor, employee or employer, and, ultimately, on policy decisions.

Than consciously and better the decisions will be made by each citizen, the higher his or her welfare and well-being of society as a whole. Economic education is important for the student not only an informative point of view. It provides a basis for understanding the role and rights in society, has a reasonable value standard. For example, studying the problem of limited resources, the student learns that the discrimination is its inevitable consequence. But need to see it as legitimate and illegal parts: discrimination for reasons of belief, age, sex, race should be prosecuted, whereas discrimination for reasons of ability, skill, knowledge, hard work should be encouraged.

DSC Each

The results of the field research will be carried through to confirm or not, with the professionals who work in the pertaining to school units the reach of the objectives, the validity of the hypotheses and of estimated elencados, the adequacy of the type of research, the used method, the systematics adopted for the collection, register and analysis of the research data. For the accomplishment of this research it is opted to a process of quantitative inquiry scientific (will be interviewed collaborating that is part of the pertaining to school environment, as: supervisors, directors, coordinators, professors, agents of support, pupils and parents of pupils), and qualitative (carried through from the speech of the collective citizen) that he will involve 4 stages (will be carried through the analysis of the ideas central offices of the individual speeches from the registers written on each item focused in the research; identification and analysis of the anchorage dues ones that, directly and indirectly, they make possible the study of vises and opinions that were collective? to follow the answers will be codified in graphs; it will be carried through comparative studies of the individual and collective speeches, searching correlation it enters the registers of each one of them, and in each question proposal; it will be evaluated the contributions of the results of the research to know, for the individual and collective speeches, if the considered objectives had been reached). According to Lefvre (2003), the representation is quantitative because such speech has a numerical expression (that it indicates how many depositions, of the total, had been necessary to compose each Speech of Sujeito Coletivo (DSC) e, therefore, trustworthiness statistics, considering itself the societies as collective of individuals; the qualitative one because in the research with the DSC each distinct collective opinion is presented under the form of a speech, that recoups the distinct contents and arguments that conform the given opinion in the social scale. . If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jim Umpleby.

Moscow Think

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