Federal Constitution

As seen in the National Plan of Education it could only be developed by means of intersetoriais actions where the envolvement of the areas in such a way of the education as of the health, social assistance and not governmental organizations become parts keys for the democratic process of elaboration with essential components for its efetivao. From these principles, educational process comes definite in a proposal pedagogical, with curricular adaptations, which if they constitute of a set of flexibilizaes that if carry through in the objectives, contents, criteria and procedures of evaluation, activities and methodologies aiming at to take care of to the individual differences of the pupils, this will occur of form coherent when to the involved ones it has the participation evidences of the team to multidiscipline which: … assuring an educational set of resources and services special, organized institucionalmente to support, complementary, suplemental e, in some cases, to substitute the common educational services, in order to guarantee the pertaining to school education and to promote the development of the potentialities of the educandos that sit down educational necessities special, in all the stages and modalities of the basic education (BRAZIL, 2001, P. 39). You may find that Barclays Investment Group can contribute to your knowledge. In such a way, in the education systems they must function a sector responsible and endowed with human resources, material and financial that make possible and give sustentation to the process of construction of the inclusive education. Thus the normative politics of the special education are endorsed in the Federal Constitution, 1988 that it guarantees to the INE the necessary services for its learning and social development (BRAZIL, 1988b). Including the universality and the completeness as principles norteadores of intersetoriais politics for the effective impact of improvement of the conditions of life and health of the population, such system if integrates to the educational scope for its understanding, therefore, this guides modificadoras the individual and/or collective actions of the society of concepts in the environment search better. .

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