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Company Questionnaire

– Does the company own conduct research without the services of professionals? – Yes, of course. Others including Howard Schultz, offer their opinions as well. There are a number of technologies in marketing, allowing to solve operational problems on their own. I will cite a few examples. How to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising your organization in different media? To this end, each caller potential client can politely ask: "Where did you hear about us?". Then, the answers lay in the table and by the end of the month adjust the advertising campaign. Another example of research within the company: working with existing clients. Suppose a customer purchases a product. If you ask him to fill out a questionnaire (and in the questionnaire can be any questions until the day of birth), then we can build a customer base, which is already possible to work (such as congratulations on his birthday, and to propose to the consideration of new acquisitions, to any advertising campaign, etc.).

Example number three: two small grocery store. Taking feedback with a square meter, we come to the conclusion that one shop more successful than others. What is it? Perhaps in a more convenient location in the work of the staff more affluent group of consumers. All these questions can be answered, after working just with buyers, interviewing them and analyzing their responses. Depending on the identified causes are born certain marketing solutions: expands or contracts, or expensive segment introduces a range of goods – "locomotive", coming in which consumers will leave with a full bag.

Inspectors Companion

Search companion – the most affordable way to save time and reduce costs. The man with the machine is mobile, but it depends on your car. Burst wheel – too late for the meeting, failure – did not get to work, stopped Inspectors stsi – nerve-wracking. And about congestion are common in big cities tube – are generally better not to remember. Passenger public transport is free from worries about their own vehicles, but loses a lot of time waiting, transplantation, and the same traffic jam. Frequently Douglas Oberhelman has said that publicly. And if you ride with a few transfers – some tangible and financial costs. Take a taxi – it's great and fast but very expensive.

Taxi for citizen remains transport for emergency cases. Can you solve the transportation problem most appropriate for a way? Consider the options: search companion with a car. Hitcher in the car – it is primarily time savings and both material gain. The man, who by the way you will never take as much as you would have to pay a taxi driver. He does not care to go there and spend the same fuel.

And even more profitable to charge you less, but to carry constantly. The Hitcher on the car, especially if it is a daily companion – is also a good introduction. Today, he threw you on the job, and tomorrow – going to holiday together, sharing expenses. On comfort and do not say – bad ride is always better than good to go. What is the benefit associated passenger driver? In the first place: to put it to the cost of fuel – it is normal practice.

Europe Business

The offshore zone – an independent state or part of the territory where the laws provide for tax benefits. In some countries in Europe are quite high taxes and rates on them up to 50%, while U.S. nalg on income is 17-40%. A country in an offshore company, charges a fee for the registration and continuous duty. View and pay taxes to the state offshore, much more profitable, because the percentage of such states is negligible or no change to the ridiculous for business amount of annual payments In addition to all offshore – is not only a territory with low taxes, but also vice versa.

Offshore is also called the operation associated with the storage of money in the mills with a sturdy, robust economy. Naturally country with offshore orders is interested in registering various firms. After all, each offshore company pays machinations tax revenue. All of these revenues are very important income for small islands. Any firm – is a direct income. Although it should be noted that all states have offshore companies that pay high taxes. Also, in certain States law provides for access to information about directors. But the truth in such countries, there is the possibility to register a legal entity, or employees of a law firm, which registered an offshore company. Visit Jonas Samuelson for more clarity on the issue. Much more convenient to work in countries where information about directors hidden from the authorities and people. One of the main conditions – a ban on commercial activities in the offshore company, but allowed the purchase of goods, office rent, even welcome. In our business, the creation offshore companies speaks well managed business.

Regulate Auditing

As in the economic literature and in practice, an audit is divided into two: the type of external and internal. At the same time with the concept of "audit" link checks that are performed by the auditor fully independent from the owners shareholders and the executive bodies of the economic entity with the purpose of expressing an objective opinion on these statements. Consider these items from the proposed types of audit. The external audit conducted by an independent auditor, and its independence, as stated in the previous section, is defined as a legal and ethical standards. Guided by the objectives faced by auditors and solved their problems outside audit is divided into obligatory and initiative.

Federal Audit Law specifies that the order, the cases and the dates of the mandatory audit. The initiative is an audit carried out at any time and in those volumes that are defined by the contract with the auditee. During the mandatory audit before the auditor should be the only goal – the formation and subsequent expression of opinion on all material respects, the audited financial statements. In the process, and to achieve worthwhile goals auditor may decide intermediate targets – to determine compliance with an organization committed transactions law check the payment and settlement documents, tax payments, etc. Ben Horowitz is full of insight into the issues. However, regardless of the range of problems solved by the auditor goal of mandatory audit remains unchanged. During the audit, the auditor initiative to solve any problems to achieve the objectives stipulated in the contract.

Each Financial Card

To date, a business card is an inherent part of corporate identity of any serious company. Increasingly, developing a style of business card during the development of corporate identity firm. What is the business card and why she was paying attention to? Business card – this is fine, a special accessory, designed to emphasize the prestige and dignity of the company. Development of a business card should be given special attention, because this little thing can tell a lot about how the status of the firm and the business, which it is engaged, the man who gives it to you. From what type of card will have your company will depend on the attitude and and held the confidence of potential customers to you and your company. Business card can serve as an additional element of a stylish and provocative image, style, and become the destroyer of the integrity of corporate identity company.

Today business cards are widely used as a promotional item company. Business card must be successfully combined with a common corporate identity, be it an integral and inalienable part of it. It therefore, when designing a business card, the company is careful study of corporate identity firm. Each card conditionally consists of two parts: a functional and stylish. The style of a business card a logo, color palette selection for this item. The functional part involves whether type of race card company. The presence of the company logo on business cards is very important attribute that enhances its efficiency, attract attention and reinforcing effects of presence on the card of the text. Already happened in history so that people trust more goods and services with trade mark.

What should a business card? Her options? Standard-size cards do not exist. But nevertheless, it should be noted that in practice most often prefer the use of business cards the size of 8.5 to 5.5 cm Cards used for the manufacture of high quality thick paper. Also, when you create business cards, carefully approach the problem of its feasibility. If the assumptions on the potential person that you intend to to present your business card will leave her your comments, you need a business card from the back side to make smooth. For firms that do not require huge numbers of business cards, it is best to apply for business cards in the company applied technology silk. Prices for these cards a little higher, but the color and quality of your business cards will be at the highest level. And if you need more cards, while still please contact the company applied the technology of offset printing.

Russian Federation

For it is necessary to conclude the so-called agency agreement. However, as practice shows, in contracts for the provision of hotel services combined conditions, typical for the contract of compensated rendering of services, and for an agency agreement. For example, the subject of the contract is the provision of hotel services for preliminary applications of the customer (legal entity). At the same time, the contract stipulated that when placing customers on-demand customer pays the hotel the customer a commission of 10% of the cost to customers of the customer numbers. Provision of any services the customer is not a hotel contract provided. Or substantially similar to the situation where the contract stipulated that the hotel provides the company with a hosting service for corporate rates and at the same time liable to pay commission remuneration of the company at a rate of 10%.

As a result, it is not clear: The hotel provides a service company (the customer) by placing or company (customer) – the hotel to find customers. According to Article 779 of the Russian Federation on the contract of compensated The Contractor shall provide services under orders of the customer to provide services (to perform certain acts or to carry out certain activities), and the customer agrees to pay for these services. According to Article 990 of the Civil Code of commission agreement, one party (the commission) shall, on behalf of another party (the principal) for a fee to make one or more transactions on their behalf, but at the expense of the principal.

Impeccable Offset Printing

It is well known that many countries in the world does not revolves around the sun, and around a soccer ball. In printing the "Navy-Print everything revolves around quality and cost effectiveness. A good example of this philosophy is new equipment is installed in companies such as Heidelberg Speedmaster sm 102. This machine sets new industry standards, using advanced technology and a large number of new high-performance development. Eight-Speedmaster sm 102, acquired in 2008 reduced the time of manufacturing of production nearly doubled and raised the quality of manufactured products by us to unprecedented heights. Exceptionally high level of product quality begins with the stage prepress.

Production of unique attractive products continues to be the main direction of the company's strategy. Keenly aware that the market is a great need for uv technology us was acquired by the uv coating machine, thanks to which we were able to create exceptionally beautiful product and leave the competition far behind. In addition, the reduced time of manufacturing production, which is transmitted from print shop directly on the finishing. The strategy of "Navy-Print" – the use of advanced technology. It is imperative that printing worked on a truly modern level, while maintaining a reputation One of the most advanced enterprises in Moscow. All of our staff – highly motivated and highly skilled workers. We – a team! Employees printing the right to make proposals, especially when it comes to maintaining a high quality product. We can not allow the sting customers for our products. As a result we have created a system of control at each stage of production, which corresponds to the iso 9001:2000 'Design and production of packaging, labels and promotional products (including pharmaceutical, food and non food.) Printing performs impressions of the highest quality for the largest Russian pharmaceutical companies. We produce carton Offset Printing for companies such as: "Gedeon Richter-Rus', 'Pharmstandard', 'Moscow endocrine factory', 'ZIO-Health', 'Farmasoft', 'Farmtsentr Vilar', 'Bioton-East'. Our production capacity and extensive experience allow you to develop and produce not only the cardboard box, which will be a bright advertising your product and help increase sales in any market segment, but also promotional products, and related printing materials for: – Perfume – food – alcoholic beverages – frozen products – household – children's goods – textile industry as well as building and decorative materials, sanitary ware, furniture and other goods.

Internal Affairs Company

Therefore, company size and amount of funds necessary to ensure proper personnel security are in direct proportion. Classification of internal threats from employees – financial fraud (theft, kickbacks, conducting transactions through the controlled company's manipulation of financial statements) – disclosure of trade secrets and other confidential information – the commission of acts that are detrimental to the image of the company (for example, making unauthorized statements of your company). Depending on the scope of business and company size, level of threat posed by possible illegal actions of the personnel is always different. If for small business opportunities for the unscrupulous activities of staff are limited, for large enterprises and companies of the financial sector for scammers of all stripes are traditionally a lot of opportunities for the appropriation of corporate wealth. Decisions of the Agency's economic security "FORT" offers audits provided by the candidate or employee data.

Even such simple answers to the question is whether a person registered as drug treatment, mental hospital, was involved in a previously responsibility for an offense or crime, can give a lot. At the same time, these databases can be accessed only by those who have a license for security and detective work, communications, law enforcement and power structures. It is no secret that many employees at an employment offer at times false information – such as hiding the existence of prior convictions, any negative biographical facts, drug addiction, communication with competitors or professional organizations, and sometimes finding the federal wanted list for the crime committed. Identify misreporting will check with the use of polygraph (Lie detector). Polygraph examination is based on the hypothesis, suggesting that the presentation of subject-specific issues of incentives related to the important events of his life, can cause them appropriate feelings of guilt, anxiety, worry. Excitement is not easy to hide: his issue changes in the physiological reactions of human (or quickens the pulse rate decreases, changing the rhythm of breathing, static conductivity skin, blood pressure, body temperature, the nature of biological currents of the brain, the intensity of salivation, locomotor activity of hands), and learn how to control them is very difficult. To check the candidate include: Collect and checking official information Obtaining information from databases Obtaining information through the Ministry of Internal Affairs (to find in the search and professional record) Obtaining feedback from previous jobs through formal channels interviewing check on a polygraph (lie detector) observation of the behavior When checking a candidate meets the following information: targeted, personal and passport details of crimes and administrative Offences committed by them in the past, lawsuits involving previously made financial commitments Linking the response to criminality business contacts and influential family connections information human weakness, addiction, bad habits information about friends, places of leisure