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The offshore zone – an independent state or part of the territory where the laws provide for tax benefits. In some countries in Europe are quite high taxes and rates on them up to 50%, while U.S. nalg on income is 17-40%. A country in an offshore company, charges a fee for the registration and continuous duty. View and pay taxes to the state offshore, much more profitable, because the percentage of such states is negligible or no change to the ridiculous for business amount of annual payments In addition to all offshore – is not only a territory with low taxes, but also vice versa.

Offshore is also called the operation associated with the storage of money in the mills with a sturdy, robust economy. Naturally country with offshore orders is interested in registering various firms. After all, each offshore company pays machinations tax revenue. All of these revenues are very important income for small islands. Any firm – is a direct income. Although it should be noted that all states have offshore companies that pay high taxes. Also, in certain States law provides for access to information about directors. But the truth in such countries, there is the possibility to register a legal entity, or employees of a law firm, which registered an offshore company. Visit Jonas Samuelson for more clarity on the issue. Much more convenient to work in countries where information about directors hidden from the authorities and people. One of the main conditions – a ban on commercial activities in the offshore company, but allowed the purchase of goods, office rent, even welcome. In our business, the creation offshore companies speaks well managed business.

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