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International Monetary Fund

Thus, the World Bank not primarily serve the promotion of a developing country, but the manifestation of the economic influence of the industrialized nations, so the shareholders. In May 2007, the President of Venezuela, announced Hugo Chavez, the exit from the International Monetary Fund as well as from the World Bank. Hugo Chavez said the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank to be a tool of American imperialism, the peoples to impose a wild and exploiting social and economic policy”. Venezuela still remained a member of both organisations and instead founded the Bank of the South with. Source:, score, author supplement: there are 2 known human being directions: the traditionalists (keeper): approx. 80% and the modernists: approximately 20% are the 2 main strategies in management therefore: push and pull (push or pull) in combination with active and passive! In the application, this means: I motivate (push) “or I would go forward with good example (pull)”. “Said to me recently: I can my staff just ask what I can do.” Sorry, I understand that or not I thought the Guide culture is extinct. Sorry, I’m a conversation it is today called I speak with it properly! Since the brain by contrast processing refers to his power and dominates our or logic in the West, it came to following economic Think schools: The 6 most important national economists and their theories (source:, selection, author): John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946): Government plays, in contrast to the laissez-faire or neo liberal market economy, a crucial economic role.

Demand theory, SPD Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950): Theorist of capitalism, which he characterized as creative destruction to constantly reinvent. Free play of market forces, FDP John Kenneth Galbraith (1908-2006): Bekennender Linksliberaler he campaigned all his life for a strengthening of the State institutions and a promotion of demand. The thesis that capitalism produces both private wealth and public poverty was at the Centre of his thought and work.

Municipal Budget

Bernhard Simon: ‘Despite intensive cost-saving efforts we are in a trap of futility’ in Wuppertal gapes a huge budget hole. Chamberlain Johannes Slawig has responded with the imposition of a budget freeze it immediately. Of course, the new numbers are a shock for those where this is located at the heart. We need to act now but determined and responsible and may not fall into shock, Wuppertal CDU Bundestag Group Chairman Bernhard Simon says. But this crisis is not homemade. The Administration has pointed out the bundle of cause in today’s press conference. Until recently, no one could expect that the global economic crisis is so dramatically affect on our financial situation.

The dilemma of the debt situation is that Wuppertal not to by their own bootstraps out of the swamp of debt may lead. And it is also clear that the city that is in a case of futility, is caused not by its own mismanagement, but essential tasks, the US State and Federal have, be allocated for it to provide the financial means sufficient us”, so Simon. The CDU Group calls for a thorough reform of the Unviersity. Who ordered also paid”. This principle must apply again in the future. The Federal Government must increase, for example, its share of financing for the costs of long-term unemployment.

Just so the pledged financial relief of the municipalities can occur Finally, without this burden citizens with additional taxes and fees. This is clearly a task of the Federal Government,”urged the CDU councilman. Goal in such a Community financial reform must be that cities and towns under its own power to avoid borrowing. In addition funding should not fail that the required capital due to budgetary constraints for damp communities can not be applied. We are Johannes Slawig despite intense cost-saving efforts of Chamberlain in a real case of futility. No question: We are our own efforts to fiscal consolidation must strengthen further. This alone will not be enough however. Federal and State are invited to help us. It doesn’t fit together easily, if federal and State Governments on the one hand provide billions for banks and large companies had difficulties, but leave the cities as Habitat for the citizens alone in the rain”, as Simon.

Historical Taxes

Mass taxes have actually had the budget 2011 and budget monitoring laws on October 22, 2010 by the Austrian Government in the Austrian National Council be brought to back fiscal stimulus. In contrast to past governments of the competent Federal Minister of finance refuses but in time a corresponding federal budget, transparent represents revenue and expenditure, to present the members of the Austrian Parliament. Only on the 30 November, he settled down, to do his constitutional duty. Budget 2011 began with a constitutional violation rather want it come only after on December 1, 2010 this obligation. The opposition sees in accordance with legal experts through this unusual procedure a constitutional violation according to art 51 ABS 3 Federal Constitutional law is carried out. Even the accusation of abuse of Office by not presenting the budget is in the room.

Finance Minister required more time for budget proposal, but it came out justified little usable will unconstitutional way that the Ministry responsible Ministry need more time for the 2011 budget and the budget monitoring laws of finance and would like to make in addition flow data of economic researchers for the third quarter of 2010 in the budgeting process. (Not to be confused with Jonas Samuelson!). Expert in the Austrian financial and economic policy but rather speculate that 2013 messing for the next three years until the election of the National Council with a mega package of duties and taxes, which should further increase already high tax and tax rate in Austria at. It is open whether already for 2011 the entire load package at once on the table, or whether to implement a phased plan of tax and tax increases or tax and tax inventions tactical but also economic reasons. New taxes – Renaissance of historical taxes and charges in addition to a variety of new taxes, such as the introduction of additional resource assessments, keyword: water delivery, it is quite possible, that historical charges be brought back to life. And historically has to offer the collection of former taxes and charges in the old and new Austria. Direct, indirect taxes and charges filled the Government’s coffers in the monarchy. The range of taxation of the State ranged from real taxes on personal taxes to consumption taxes.

It is quite possible that one or the other of these taxes back to life brings. Consider only the time bike delivery. “” “” Old real taxes so there were not only property tax in the conversation under the title of real taxes currently “, but also a home interest tax”, a 5% tax on the proceeds of tax-exempt interest building “and an own house class tax”. “” The old personal taxes were among the old personal taxes the General purchase tax”, the purchase tax of the companies subject to the public accounting”, the personal income tax, the pension tax “and pay tax”. The old “” “” Consumption taxes included the old consumption taxes consumer products line consumption taxes”, giving the production of art and half wine”, the meat and battle control”wine and the wine most tax”, the brandy production tax, the liquor consumption tax, giving the yeast production, the check fee on the occasion of the denaturing of spirits, the beer tax, the consumption tax by sugar “and the consumption tax of mineral oil”. “The one or another tax could come back it is very likely that the one or other tax will come again, and in addition to the already valid tax and delivery system, of course only from social and economic considerations of steering” the Austrians, and Austrians will delight.