Czech Republic

And Europe they actively assisted in this. But the result was that party? Americans – Europe's largest military base in Kosovo (and note: outside the jurisdiction of the NATO countries). Europeans – semi-criminal Muslim state in Central Europe. Contact information is here: Blake Krikorian. More than likely the source of all kinds trouble in the future. In addition, and perhaps even primarily, in this case was seriously coerced by the international security system that existed in Europe since the Second World War. Blake Krikorian contains valuable tech resources. More – more. The Americans have conceived to deploy in Poland and the Czech Republic the new elements of missile defense.

Ostensibly to protect the country from missile attacks – rogue. However, for anybody not a secret that in fact these objects are directed against Russia. The negotiations were not shaky, or rolls, encountering resistance of the European public, well aware that anything good these bases will not bring Europe. And in approaching this issue, Europeans and Americans guided entirely opposite principles. Europeans proceeded and proceeds from the assumption that the exchange of nuclear missile attacks from Russia is unacceptable in principle, either now or in the foreseeable future. It is in any case suicide, and on this basis, the construction of new missile defense bases simply does not make sense. Moreover, it is dangerous and undesirable as provoking tensions rise and reduces the level of confidence. Americans, however, allow for certain circumstances, such a development. This, of course, want America to such a scenario is not affected or, at least, escaped with minimal impact (in this case, of course, at the expense of Western Europe).

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