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The Way

To delimit this question, one searched to understand the evolution of the traditional marketing to understand the development of the relationship marketing, characteristic of this new millenium. In the conception of Snake (1992, P. 36), when implanting the fidelizao programs the company will create a differential next to the customers, therefore … the fidelizao programs are important allies, therefore, differentiate the company in the mind of the customers, unblocking the mechanisms of selective perception and the selective retention, adding an emotional component to the relationship. These programs are a process that uses the integrated communication to establish a continued, lasting and rewarding relationship with the customers, being aimed at to increase loyalty and the yield for the recognition mechanism and rewards of most loyal. b) To look the niche, focus and approach of market To search a specific niche and its focus of performance they are measured strategical important. It company to be able to conquer a solid position it must abide the eight important steps: the necessary company to understand the dynamics and the trends of market; the companies must focus positioning factors; the company has that to develop the total product; the company must long for as white a public specific, having to find a market niche; the company has that to understand what it is success and what it is failure; it is important that the company understands the differences between being come back it market and being directed toward the marketing; the value of a mark is different for complex products and good of consumptions of low risk; the company has that to be made use to try. Defining its specific niche, the company searchs overcoming and reduction of risks front to the competition and starts to understand better its customers, being searched to satisfy them from its necessities. c) To come back and to integrate to the company for the customer When he is next to the customers, we are in the way for the real competitive advantage, therefore …

Iperbrs Company

But still it has much that to make, after all a company to grow must be in constant transformation, adding value in the attendance, adding something more in sales catalogues, perfectioning of employees, everything what it will have of new the company must search to leave in the front, and to leave to be successful. Historical evolution of the company In 1997, is born the Perfilsul company Aluminum, established for two brothers, Robert and Joo Trintin, who had perceived the chance to extend its businesses through distribution of the products industrialized for the Iperbrs Aluminum, company where also they are partners. In innovation search they had decided to implant a system of sales known as ready-delivery, in which they used nine F-4 pickup trucks. 000 for distribution of the materials in the states of the Paran, Santa Catarina and So Paulo. With the time, they had perceived that the sales were giving so certain that the ready-delivery was not only being more sufficient. Then, in the year of 1999, the Perfilsul already did not have the ready-delivery as its only canal of sales. Some representatives in diverse regions of the country had been contracted to extend the covering of the deliverer.

As he had another competing company in the market appeared a great problem, therefore the competitor implanted a system of televendas of its products, due to rapidity and the easiness for the negotiations conquering customers of the Iperbrs company, shaking all the other companies of the branch. With this the Perfilsul started to have problems with loses of some customers who had started to migrar for this another company. Ahead of the difficulties and the reinforcement of the competitors, the company thought seriously about locking up its activities. Through a meeting she appeared to the idea to contract experienced salesmen for implantation of sales in the company, initiated then a great transformation in all the company from 2005 with the reduction of vehicles of promply delivery and dismissal of representatives, act of contract of more three news employees to work with sales for the telephone.

Trabalho Work

The author still affirms that the cited process is come back toward the physical aspects, ambient and psychological of the workstation, that can intervene with the performance of the workers and, consequentemente, to affect the profitability of the companies. In accordance with France (1997, P. 80), Quality of life in the work (QVT) is the set of actions of a company that involve the managemental and technological implantation of improvements and innovations in the work environment. The construction of the quality life in the work occurs from the moment where if it looks at the company and the people as a whole, what we call biopsicossocial approach.

The biopsicossocial positioning represents the distinguishing factor for the accomplishment of diagnosis, campaigns, creation of services and implantation of projects directed toward the preservation and development of the people, during the work in the company. the same author concludes, affirming that: In the context of the work this boarding can be associated with the ethics of the condition human being. This ethical search since the identification, elimination, neutralization or control of occupational risks you observed in the physical environment, standards of work relations, required for each activity, implications ideological politics and, dynamic physical and mental load of the enterprise leadership and the formal power until the meaning of the work in itself, relationship and satisfaction in the work.