Iperbrs Company

But still it has much that to make, after all a company to grow must be in constant transformation, adding value in the attendance, adding something more in sales catalogues, perfectioning of employees, everything what it will have of new the company must search to leave in the front, and to leave to be successful. Historical evolution of the company In 1997, is born the Perfilsul company Aluminum, established for two brothers, Robert and Joo Trintin, who had perceived the chance to extend its businesses through distribution of the products industrialized for the Iperbrs Aluminum, company where also they are partners. In innovation search they had decided to implant a system of sales known as ready-delivery, in which they used nine F-4 pickup trucks. 000 for distribution of the materials in the states of the Paran, Santa Catarina and So Paulo. With the time, they had perceived that the sales were giving so certain that the ready-delivery was not only being more sufficient. Then, in the year of 1999, the Perfilsul already did not have the ready-delivery as its only canal of sales. Some representatives in diverse regions of the country had been contracted to extend the covering of the deliverer.

As he had another competing company in the market appeared a great problem, therefore the competitor implanted a system of televendas of its products, due to rapidity and the easiness for the negotiations conquering customers of the Iperbrs company, shaking all the other companies of the branch. With this the Perfilsul started to have problems with loses of some customers who had started to migrar for this another company. Ahead of the difficulties and the reinforcement of the competitors, the company thought seriously about locking up its activities. Through a meeting she appeared to the idea to contract experienced salesmen for implantation of sales in the company, initiated then a great transformation in all the company from 2005 with the reduction of vehicles of promply delivery and dismissal of representatives, act of contract of more three news employees to work with sales for the telephone.

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