Articles from: September 2013

Florentino Fernandez

Now We can show that, managing a good budget, you can do something that engages people, without having to be profane, vulgar or pathetic. There will be times in which we are, because humor is live and you can always happen, but we will try to avoid to the extent possible, confirms the presenter. Another move will respect the foundations of its predecessor with the participation of Anna Simon and Dani Martinez, but will include new sections, sketches, stories and, above all, the brand new faces of Cristina Pedroche (former Se lo que hicisteis) and Raul Gomez (who earlier worked as reporter in Caiga Caiga who). They are interesting signings that we will come in very handy, because they will contribute their grain of sand to the project that we had been doing since nonsense. Above being a genius they are wanted to do things, and they have many, praised Fernandez. The payroll is completed with Manuel and Engracia, one of the most charismatic couples of Peking Express, which will move its rustic spirit to the big city. We have known them in a context of great, spinning by China, but they have more oil out to get people to have fun, warns the presenter.

Aside from sections such as direct Escona, Zapping afterhours or passion of Ganapanes, another scene space will encourage the participation of the spectator through social networks. People handles very well the fact of send us a video, a photo or a mounting. We want to encourage that kind of energy and creativity, says Fernandez. Its emergence on the small screen took place this night we crossed the Mississippi, but the presenter became big in the Informal, format created in 1998 and that, after his disappearance in 2002, has known many imitators. The director of nonsense and other movida is Miguel Angel Ferrer, one of the writers of the Informal, a program which, as recalled Fernandez, had a very good creative outlet that is maintain above all in this new experience. Source of the News: Florentino Fernandez returns to the tinker in another move

Cristina Fernandez

What happens with the funds of the Anses, deserves the following reflection: this new public system of social security is better than the AFJP system? Definitely not, and unfortunately that possibly check it in a couple of years. Funding sources have been depleted and everyone knows that the Government needs to continue capturing funds. The alternative discipline over public spending is not an option that is handled, much less to the imminence of the elections. Not sure who came up with, but since the Government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner who continues to count the coins to get to balance accounts, would have begun to look toward the banking system. The Argentine banking sector, which seems to have learned the lesson, given the new context of both internal and external volatility, decided to take a preventive attitude and keep liquid to respond to any negative shocks that may affect him without having to resort to hand the Central Bank saving. Thus, to prepare to deal with possible situations of stress, the entities of the system chose to maintain a significant level of liquidity, whose value now stands at $82. 000 million (adding cash more current account at the Central Bank deposits, net passes and the results by Lebac and Nobac), according to a note published by El Cronista, written by Leandro Gabin.

The same newspaper picks up a statement made a few days ago by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner that left many uneasy bankers: banks sit on liquidity by fear to fall, and if there for the real economy is the State which has to give to that economy. The bankers are full of resignation, already prepared to pick up the phone and attend this order of Government that seems inevitable in this context. One fact, which probably further feed the fears of bankers in Argentina: in today of tax revenue data will be known officially.

New Entrepreneur

When a person passes the age of 35, the working world enters a dangerous phase if that person is an employee of a company and has remained in it several years, labor logic is that we should be better compensated. We are apparently more stable, more confident in our heads, our family loads increase (perhaps already have one, two or three children or more). They demand more spending and us in an absolutely understandable attitude we headed to our Chief of staff or our Manager to ask us to pay more. In 99% of cases, the heads we look bad, because an increase represents to the company owner, leave gain more. If you give us an increase likely to be much less than we expect. If deny us the increase woww!.! We put ourselves in a very bad mood, we desquitamos us with our family, we become unbearable. We neglect in our labor loyalty.

In other words, we began to work with knowledge of what we are doing wrong. If commit any error in the job and the boss is annoyed with us run the huge risk of being fired. And out of the company we are facing a world full of fears. What to do in this case. Life moves forward. The charges do not end.

The obligations continue. The children continue to grow and demand more studies, clothing, etc. If we start sending CVS or resumes, one after another to how many ads we see in newspapers or on the Internet, ask to friends or relatives, and employment for the reason that we do not employ, desperation begins to feel. Gastritis and stress we invade and confused. The future looks black. Before such calamity what?. The great advantage of the 35 years is that we’re not already playing with the future. We have accumulated a minimum about 12 to 15 years of work experience in one or more undertakings.

The Universe

That ourselves. The reality is then the way the mind processes information, then creates the universe and then as the experience through our senses, several people observed a dog and experienced feelings are completely different, someone who was attacked with a dog, you can experience fear or anger, if another person does not like dogs, perhaps you indifferentother loves dogs but of small size and thus observe a simple animal we see as each who creates their own reality and emotions. Dogs have always been there, if you want them to experience in your life then find them and brings them to life, then any life experience is the same, you want to be an entrepreneur, painter, poet, writer, wants a hacienda, want financial freedom, etc. Then centre your full attention on your desire, put all your energy on what you want, look for what he loves with all his strength and true burning desire and you will create that reality. To experience what you want should work in an orderly manner, with well-defined goals, concrete plans, perhaps not all targets are as simple as buying a dog but no matter the size of your goal, if you have thought it then can achieve this. Now analyze slowly, are satisfied with your current life?, do you have desires that it has not failed to materialize? If you are in the path that it is giving satisfactions then congratulations, follow there, kept constant until their desires to materialize fully.