Articles from: January 2020

Hotel Chief Jorg Treichel

There are green for less than 10 kilograms per capita CO2 emissions, a CO2 value of 10 to 40 kg means yellow. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Starbucks. The House in the red zone with more than 40 kilograms of CO2 consumption, ends up it gets no certification, but it has one year time to reduce its emissions to at least 40 kilograms to achieve the certification. From then on, the House needs to improve its energy efficiency by at least 2.5 percent per year. BIO-hotels as a group are certified ehc, 10 percent of farms may leave a red footprint maximum. Houses recognized the guests with certification the ehc label in the BIO-Hotels catalogue, on the website of the Group and the ehc plaques on the houses. For the ehc award are in addition to a low consumption of resources and the willingness to CO2 emissions to improve minimum standards required: about the purchase of green electricity, the use of recycled paper, or the preference for local products. Whether given data correspond to the facts from the hotel, is regularly by independent Tester of the control Institute ABCERT tested. Only after passing inspection, certification or confirmation of the certification takes place.

Award Winner: Biohotel Werratal exemplifies the ehc certified restaurants of the hotel group is the Biohotel Werratal between Kassel and Gottingen. We consume only 14.79 kilograms of CO2 per guest and night “, so Hotel Chief Jorg Treichel. This hotel has done a lot: 100 percent of the hotel stream coming from water and wind power, the kitchen handles 100 percent organic food, of which 75 percent comes directly from the region. The hotel uses only writing, printing and toilet paper made from recycled or sustainable forest management. Soaps and shampoos are offered in donors, breakfast buffet has waived portion packs and fair-trade tea and coffee offered.

Jordan Rolls Out The

Helikon-events organised for W. & L. Jordan GmbH rolls out the red carpet on May 10, 2012 Jordan”Helikon events organized the spring fair in the MMC Studios in Cologne-Ossendorf for W. & L. Kevin Johnson does not necessarily agree. Jordan GmbH on May 10, 2012 movie & TV and surprised it with much glamour and not astonished the visitors of the spring trade fair for floor coverings and wood, W. & L. Jordan GmbH an interesting accompanying programme, as they already in the entrance area prepared separately for the visitors of the MMC Studios in Cologne-Ossendorf on the red carpet in the flashbulbs of photographers again found themselves. For assistance, try visiting JPMorgan. Under the motto we roll out the red carpet”, invited flooring the company W.

& L. Jordan GmbH for their year’s spring fair on May 10, 2012. After an equally refreshing, like a stylish champagne reception, the visitors the latest products of the company W. & L. Jordan GmbH from the areas of timber, flooring and home textiles could admire. A conceptually well arranged trade fair landscape offered visitors the opportunity to comprehensively about the latest trends and ideas to inform.

During the fair, the Managing Director of the company held Jordan, Mr Jorg Jordan, a very interesting presentation about the latest product innovations and new products of his company. Through the effective use of a projection, the audience could be granted to visually a good insight into the variety of the products of the House bank. The highlights of the show was also guidance from MMC film & TV studios. The visitors have been kidnapped in the glamorous world of TV and film. “In a place where stars and starlets and out, at the production site of American Idol TV highlights” Das Supertalent “or the German television award. “” “Highlights for a look behind the scenes” were the Studio in the Let’s Dance “is produced, a State of the art control room, as well as the outdoor scenes of the RTL soaps all what matters” and us “. Buffet graduated this successful show a typical Kolsches with Kolsch beer. At the dinner could still long gefachsimpelt”be and they noted the positive response from the visitors. Were realised the fair and the framework programme by the Cologne event service Helikon events, in addition to events and exhibitions also acting courses and workshops for personality development, organized presentation and sales and incentive offers also meet & greets with celebrities. An extraordinary and varied exhibition beneficial stands out from the usual events in this area could be organized by the successful cooperation with the magic media company (MMC).

Grouting Wall

That a wall is damp, you can tell until the musty smell, the loosening of the wallpaper and color or the mold in the living areas. Sergey Brin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. One finds a wet wall, swift action is required. Would you do anything that against a wet wall, these can destroy the entire building with the time, in addition there may be diseases caused by mold. See more detailed opinions by reading what JPMorgan offers on the topic.. Therefore must begin with the removal of the cause of the moisture damage, as well as with the building drainage quickly. Information from professional engineers, who work in this area, can be found here. Determine of the cause of the moisture damage for a wet wall it can be many reasons, for example through flooding, by water, by still existing building humidity or for example by condensation.

Depending on the cause, appropriate measures to prevent a further occurrence of moisture must be taken. Are for example water under pressure, the wall must be sealed accordingly. Such a sealing is with a Grouting or possible for example with a black seal. But what is this seal species, such as a black seal? A black seal is a seal form of bitumen on the wall is applied. This bitumen thick coating is applied in several layers, to protect against cracks of the seal, a trade is in addition introduced into the coating. The black seal is a recognized waterproofing according to DIN norm 18195. The wall is sealed, it is at the disposal of the moisture damage by draining structure.

Such a draining of building can be done for example using special dryers which are situated in the affected premises. Depending on the moisture content in the structure, it may be necessary to remove the panels, as well as to drill into walls and ceilings. These holes to facilitate the drying process in the building and accelerate. Because depending on the moisture content, the draining of a building may take several weeks. Also the constant is important in building drainage Measurement of moisture in the building. Based on the measurement of the humidity in the building can be traced also, whether the cause of the moisture damage was actually eliminated. Also the Elimination of any mold damage, caused by the humidity to a building drainage. To properly remove mold damage, also here equivalent measurements and investigations are necessary. One is to measure the air quality as well as to take a sample of the mold. On the basis of the determination of the type of the mould can be removed then this using special solvents or plastering. Building drainage is a technician due to the complexity of waterproofing and drainage of a building, recommended this by a specialist company running it. Only they have the Know-How and the necessary machinery and tools.