Articles from: April 2014

Population Growth

The data, above referring the tax of fecundidade in Brazil disclose that the Brazilian woman who in 1970 had 5,8 children on average started to have in 2000 average of 2,3.A tax of growth of the population also diminishes sufficiently, passing of 2,48% in the decade of 1970 for 1,64% between 1991 and 2000 according to data of the IBGE.A some centuries that the humanity argues the question of the food production in detriment the growth of the population. Malthus, according to that we call malthusiana theory today was one of the first ones to make estimates on the food lack, according to it, the world-wide population would fold to each 25 years, whereas the food production would not follow this rhythm and would have an arithmetical progression (2,4,6,8). As it was protestant, it believed that the people could only have children if agricultveis lands possuissem and the containment of the growth of the population would have to be for half moral or through natural catastrophes and not through contraceptive. Malthus was not certain, population did not fold to each 25 years and the man through the technique could increase the food production in the same agricultvel area. After de Malthus appeared a chain called Neomalthusianos, where they defended the use of contraceptive. This theory was sufficiently accepted, mainly for the countries dominant central offices and groups that they try to today mask until the world-wide reality and the true causes of the misery. They continue saying that the population number is the responsible one for the misery in the underdeveloped world.

The calls Reformist have a proposal that condiz with the root of this badly, however the world-wide food production in the present time is capable to supply perfectly the world-wide population, according to current data the world-wide population is of about 6,3 billion and the production would be capable to supply 9 billion perfectly. Because many then pass hunger and live in the misery? If we will be to the supermarket the foods are in the shelf, the great problem is to arrive until the table of all the population. The root of problem is in the configuration of the society, is in the society of classrooms, the concentration of income, the exploration of the underdeveloped world, in the indifference of the State that privileges the interests of the dominant groups (that the proper politicians are part), at last, is in the different form where the society if produces/reproduces in the space. See Ian Sinclair for more details and insights. While the state to face the population as statisticians the trend is the situation to get worse, as in recent years, where we speak in such a way of modernity, but increases the concentration and the inaqualities. How let us be people, and not numbers, that the beings love and not them ciphers! You are welcome it advances to control the natality without a reform, or better a social revolution, can brighten up the problem, however, it will not cut it for the root. Some can ask, what we can make? The first step is in the education and awareness, from there the way is more easy, without the man understands its position in the world, any change is impossible!

Dominate Google Adwords

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