A Light Waterfall For Lisa

Grevener newspaper reports about Euroweb Foundation Lisa needs a light waterfall, because their perception errors she lives in constant turmoil. The Euroweb collects Foundation together with the Caritas Emsdetten Greven Association for a Snoezelraum. “This will be a great surprise for Lisa”, writes the Grevener newspaper on Friday about the new commitment of the Dusseldorf Euroweb Foundation. “You wishes a special light waterfall”, a rather exotic-looking device that is used by therapists to relieve a painful inner restlessness in people with intellectual disabilities, writes the newspaper. The Foundation of the Internet Agency euro Web collects donations for a so-called light waterfall, whose harmonious play of colours can help people with disorders in tackling various problems since a week on the site. The newspaper continues: “due to their mental disability and their perceptual disorders it is flooded often so with incentives, that” You can assign the individual influences and process. This caused a constant, nagging concern.

In a room that is specially set up to House Tobias in the Grevener with light, sound and sound elements, Lisa would be able to perceive sensations at a pace that is appropriate for them.” Lisa have a special fascination for colors and light: with a new light waterfall Lisa could affect playful Visual stimuli. “Coloured fibres that flow like a waterfall from the ceiling, bring you the opportunity to feel intense Visual and tactile experiences, providing the necessary peace and quiet you could, to perceive yourself correctly, properly commute for the first time and to experience. For Lisa an elementary question of quality of life. The concept behind it is called Snoezelen”, the term comes from the Dutch and composed of snuffelen” (sniff) and doezelen”(snooze). Therapists understand including the initiation of well-being through various controllable stimuli. So far but unfortunately still 1.409 euro are open the required 1,449 euros.” The appeal was launched but also only a week ago, sums up the newspaper: Lisa was still hopeful. For more specific information, check out Wendy Holman. About the Euroweb Foundation since the founding of the Euroweb foundation year 2007 engage employees of Dusseldorf Euroweb Internet agency within the framework of the work of the Foundation for various social projects. Children and young people are usually the focus of the work.

“With the action donation a gift” the Foundation has met in recent years over 500 needy children a special wish for Christmas: winter jackets, shoes and warm sweaters, but also board games. The latest project of the euro Web click away is the Foundation”and especially children and young people turn to, living with a special destiny. On the website, the Euroweb Foundation collects money to fulfill a special passion to young people. Every euro donated will be by the Euroweb Foundation doubled, which also itself carries the entire cost of their administration. So 200% of donations directly benefit the children and young people.

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