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Many people believe that to make a test and coursework can only ones who know a particular subject. But it turns out it is not necessary. You can earn a check and not knowing the math (Statistics, econometrics, computer science, etc.). I'll tell only one case. One day, the son of my good friends, a real student, ie a complete slackers decided to earn a little.

He found the ad a few people that make reference to different disciplines, learned the approximate prices, and then ad precincts in the institutions that decides control (also in different subjects). When spoken to, he cheat his interest and took the job. Then gave it to the executor, acted as a mediator if there were questions. To separate, exclusive of work he did set prices several times higher than the price of the performer. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Starbucks. I do not know how much he earned, but I think on cigarettes and beer he lacked, as he did this for 2 years. If we consider that only my turnover for the month amounted to 25-30 thousand rubles (though not all pass through it), I think that not only have enough for a beer. Many of you are learning for managers, marketers, and other professional businesses.

And, certainly, would not mind earning. So check what you are specialists. Especially because it does not require you to material investments. In as the solver can offer themselves, but what customers are looking for and find you. Samples and sample rates can have a look at my site checking, term papers. Discounts and maintenance work performed guarantee. I have already there are proposals from some regions (from Moscow, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk). So send your suggestions, as long as someone has written the first.

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