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Interest rate policy allows construction financing on favourable terms of Hamburg in April 2010: safe pensions, more design freedom a new Allensbach study shows the arguments of the Germans for your own four walls. More and more German households want to fulfill that dream. Low mortgage interest rates strengthen this trend according to the year 2010. Real estate expert Epeku AG informs about the direct path to homeownership and gives practical advice on the subject of financing. The own property is located for the majority of German households increasingly important this the current numbers of the Allensbach Institute. 1.5 million tenants, according to the new study, plan or consider the move in your own four walls within two to three years. The motives for acquiring real estate are varied. Is appreciated by 76 percent of those polled above all the freedom that allows the living in the home; 75 percent understand investing primarily as a safe instrument of old-age provision.

The independence the landlord, however, 74 percent as the decisive argument for her name. In recent months, mozes victor konig has been very successful. But the current economic conditions affect help according to the Epeku AG the demand for home ownership. Caused by the persistent low interest rate policy of the central banks, for example, the interest rate average thinks he’s currently at a level of only about 4.2 percent ten-year real estate loans. By comparison, the average was 4.99 percent the last 10 years, which even 6.25 percent the last 20 years. The Epeku AG advises real estate interested households urgently to do so in time to secure a mortgage at the current attractive conditions for themselves before the first interest rate increase. To benefit maximum from the current interest rate environment, future builders should agree a long term according to the Epeku AG, in addition, about 15 to 30 years.

For this the banks charge an interest premium while, but overall a long-term loan to the today’s condition will pay off is expected and last but not least a plus of planning security for the borrower offer, so the Epeku AG. Applies the experience above all for small-cap builders, that could get caught in a financial imbalance by unexpectedly rising interest rates. As a viable alternative for borrowers the splitting of the loan amount may prove opinion also of Epeku AG. In many cases, the outline of a fixed-interest period and a subsequent variable interest rate loan model represents an attractive compromise between safety and interest savings. This option in particular for builders according to, who can expect before the end of the fixed-interest repayment phase, for example, with a heritage in the appropriate amount. About the Allfinanzdienstleister Epeku AG from Bremen Epeku AG has been working since 1998 on the market and focuses on the placement of various financial products such as insurance, mutual funds or real estate.

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