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Most people in the West, the country’s “Rising Sun”, and now in the “Middle Kingdom” is engaged investiture.Cheat such investments? Strengths of this world are investing money to get profit and the rest injected is not it? work to do, there’s no getting around it, but in the West quite different .Obychny person, except that it works and does what he likes, gets from this income, he also invest – at least 10%. This rule uses any investor to secure a decent starost.Ni’s no secret that the travel of foreigners, we often see the elderly from their money, and not the latter, which lacks not only feed itself but also to maintain the tourist business? That’s all – the world investitsiy.A how old are you? How much you have left, before you leave on a pension? And how long would it take to become a Investor? Investor does not become at one time, or you are starting to invest or not to become an investor – nikogda.Vse we get education, but not the financial, alas universities are accountants, economists, financiers, and assume we know how other people’s money, but not his It so happened that we properly manage money nobody taught, but if you knew how to behave properly invested money or on the mechanism of compound interest, you would not read this .Cisco Systems Inc.Rost – from 0,08 $ to 77 $ – 10 letMaster Card Inc.Rost – from $ 40.2 to $ 300 – 2 godSberbank2005 city – 9000 r.2007 city – 100,000 r.Norilsky nikel2003 city – 700 r.2006 city – 2300 r.2007 city – more than 7,000 r.Google Inc.Rost – from $ 100 to $ 747 – for 3,5 godVisa Inc.Rost – from $ 55 to $ 90 – 2 mesyatsLukoyl2005 city – 800, the r.2008 – 2700 r.Gazprom2005 city – 80 r.2006 city – 130 r.2007 city – More than 300 r.Vy say it was in the past, and how to find stocks that will give the same growth in the future? Just this and teach courses deytreydinga. It’s believed that Howard Schultz sees a great future in this idea. Now is the opportune time to invest, because in connection with the current economic situation in the world, stocks fell in price, and who tries to buy them more intelligent, especially shares of companies with a worldwide reputation And that’s when the economy begins to stabilize the leading countries, those who were poshustree will receive considerable profit, and some make a fortune One more thing We are all accustomed to the standard situation, when we buy cheaper and sell more, and enter a share, when it is more expensive, and quit when she fell in price? You certainly say that you will be in the red? But in fact, professional speculators know how to make a profit when the stock falls in tsene.Est instruments on a professional site that allow you to make profit on the slide. Moreover, the share price, usually grows slowly, but falls much more rapidly and tend to make money on the slide more easily than in the standard situation, when it grows I think many will be interested to know how this .Dlya this need to find a mechanism to try to do it yourself, well, do not be afraid to trade shares on the stock market..

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