Its company is a sail-boat As the search of the perfection can confuse its businesses To sail is not certainly a so popular sport how much to manage and to command companies, but both the activities require specific abilities and both demand vision and reading of scene, each one its way. She is not whenever the wind is the favor, that & ldquo; entra& rdquo; in the certain intensity and that they remain constant, facilitating the life of the sailer. Of certain form this also would take off a little of the favour of the challenge to adjust helm, bilge keel, to hunt the candles at the accurate moment, while the body is projected for is of the boat in search of the balance. The actions of a sailer must almost be executed that at the same time, of integrated, firm, determined form and with confidence, as well as if it inside demands this of a manager of a company. To accept a challenge of a regatta can be a simple moment of personal satisfaction and therefore we can risking in them to even adopt risk solutions or that they increase our adrenalin. After all, we are there for a moment of diversion, that does not place in danger nor jobs and nor financial results, in contrast of what it happens with wrong enterprise decisions.

The crises in the businesses can be compared with the wind against. Yes, because exactly with the wind against, the boat arrives its destination, more or less careened, but of safe form and following clear and objective principles. Many companies always wait winds the favor to gain speed and to implant the changes that would always have to be seen as constant processes of improvements. At the moments where the scenes move quickly, competitors if re-position and customers search alternatives, not if she can wait to act, therefore in such a way the wind can improve as it can stop of time.

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