Covered Electrodes

Storage conditions (*): Electrodes should be kept in original packaging. The electrodes must be protected from rain and moisture. Storage relative humidity is 40% or less. Storage temperatures should be constant and greater than 15 C. Boxes with the electrodes should be stored on shelves or pallets to avoid direct contact with the floor and walls. During welding, the open air should be taken to prevent falling rain and moisture to open packs of electrodes. You should not take more electrodes than required for 1-day or 2-hdnevnogo consumption. Calcination: Rutile: Ignition is not required.

In the case of absorb moisture it is recommended electrodes calcined at a temperature of 100-150 C for 1-2 hours. At lower temperatures, calcination time, calcination should be increased. Cellulose Finish: electrodes with cellulose coating is not as susceptible to absorption of moisture. Calcination should be done carefully to avoid cracking. In general, however, ignite cellulosic electrodes is not recommended. In the case of appropriate calcination temperature should not exceed 70 C.

Main cover and alloy electrodes: If the electrodes are stored in the recommended conditions (15 C / RH 40%) and in original packaging the need for ignition is missing. When removing the protective film packs with basic electrodes past, ie electrodes should be placed in a heating chamber at 50 C. Calcining is recommended in case of autopsy cases and exposure of the electrodes exposed to air for more than 2 hours. Basic coated electrode alloyed electrodes and calcined for 2-3 hours at 250-400 C. It is not recommended, however, subjected to calcination the same electrodes for more than 3 times. It should be borne in mind that any packaging used, no matter how perfect it was, did not prevent the process of saturation coverage of the electrodes with moisture, but only slows down it. For example, tightly wrapped in polyethylene film electrodes with basic coating during storage in a humid atmosphere gaining an excessive amount of moisture and require baking already after 25-30 days when stored in dry area – after 120-180 days, in packaging and storing in sealed metal boxes – 1 year. Deadline for storing unpackaged electrodes in the workplace, depending on the humidity of air was from 2 to 8 hours. Thus, regardless of quality packaging and electrodes on a mandatory basis – especially when the responsible works – must pass before re-welding operation baking. (*) These terms and conditions of storage relate to the electrodes with basic coating. For electrodes with rutile and cellulosic storage conditions are not as stringent.

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