Geberit Mambo

Wall plate GEBERIT Sigma 20 is made of durable plastic that allows it to retain its appearance throughout life, no matter how long and often it is clicked or used. In this GEBERIT Sigma 20 has two volumes of flushing, saving and water resources, respectively. Jonas Samuelson is often quoted on this topic. GEBERIT Sigma 10 is used for internal mounting cisterns: UP300, UP700 and UP320. Available in various colors. GEBERIT Sigma 50 is executed in different combinations of materials and colors: zinc casting, the liner material – plastic, or shell material – aluminum alloy liner material – glass.

Due to the vast selection of color and material liner is easy to emphasize the unique style of bathroom. In addition to the key 50 in the Sigma standard, You can create your own unique design with a corporate template, using a proprietary material that is ideally matched to the interior of your bathroom, for the manufacture of the liner. Wall plate has Geberit Tango precise geometric design, which differs strict forms and lines. Geberit Tango marks from metal and emphasizes functionality and sleek style of your bathroom. Flushing key Geberit Mambo executed in stainless steel and allows use in public places. Geberit Mambo meets not only the design but the functionality of such devices. Geberit Rumba – for easy washing interrupted – a model made of high quality plastic, has a harmonious, timeless design, combined with the classic tile style and color.

PLUMBING GEBERIT for public buildings, is worth noting that the company manufactures plumbing GEBERIT not only for private apartments and houses, as well as bathroom fixtures for public buildings (hotels, railway stations, airports, educational and medical institutions, business centers, etc.). This is a segment taken separately plumbing, electronic mixers, accessories and plumbing systems that help you create great to equip toilets and bathrooms. The company provides everything needed to build a complete solution: Elements sanitation systems, siphons, flushing flush-mounted panels, electronic devices flush and accessories with infrared sensors and a wide selection of buttons / tools flushing. Using infrared technology and Special Systems provides continuous flush water saving, innovative and sanitary facilities can effectively create modern hygienic toilets. NEW GEBERIT 2009 – In 2009 the company produced many new collection of their products: Plates for systems installation and flushing cisterns GEBERIT Delta, which have a wide range of color and design as well as the choice of various coatings. GEBERIT Delta is represented in a series of single-mode flushing, as well as two volumes of flushing. As for the choice of design is now available not only round, but flush and square buttons, which meets the requirements of a variety of decorations bathrooms. Also in 2009, has released a new GEBERIT a series of electronic systems for flushing the urinal. Geberit Sigma10 Sigma50 and have a memorable minimalist design. Now line options matching lids complemented by design with all the keys flush toilets. Flushing system for Urinal GEBERIT can be applied in different systems, depending on the requirements and budget (with electronic, pneumatic, automatic, pedal or manual control).

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