Work Situations

Either when initiating its career or during its course, innumerable situations occur? good and bad. Decisions exist to take, sides to choose, people with which we have that to deal, surprises in waiting and very work to them to make, nor always duly recognized or appreciated. Yes! We can deliver resulted, fulfill stated periods, be innovative, have ' ' focus in objetivos' ' nor therefore we will please. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kim Garfunkel. Many times, when leaving clearly our ability what more we arrange around are adversaries resented at our performance. An old economist said that the Brazilian does not pardon the success? Therefore the exercise of the diplomacy and the strategical relationary position in all is important the situations of our professional trajectory. Technician is not enough to domain or to sweat the shirt in countless overtime.

She is necessary to be distinguished, but without this places at risk its position or you is seen as a bajulador that above all places the company in the life. It sees the examples below and it takes the reins of its success: 1. It develops Selective hearing Many consultants say: he knows to hear. Nothing more generic and inefficacious. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Wayne Holman. Who to be ten minutes in the radio-laborer knows limitless of besteiras for millimeter squared of space. The same valley for who is hearing the managing manager or if to brag on its infalibilidade. It develops, in contrast, a selective hearing, that is: it shares experiences that add value and absorb excellent knowledge. The ftil commentary disdains.

Cut fofoca and is on in the direction where if it moves the leadership, company, markets, customers. It invests its time in hearing and assimilating new knowledge and, is clearly, to reflect in what it hears. 2. The speed of the changes improves its Work in Team plays much thing for land, leaving others stops backwards. It has little time for analysis and correction of errors in the majority of the situations of the routine.

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