To learn if to know better and to identify to its qualities and deficiencies, as you react in definitive situations and where she can improve. The change starts of inside for is, with the self-knowledge. To discover as the others you perceive. To know the evaluation of others people, the tip is to make a marketing research with its friends, family and fellow workers. It discovers what they really enxergam to it, the positive and negative points, and learns to use this its favor. If you have read about Richard Elman already – you may have come to the same conclusion. To search motivation, looking for the stimulatons to reach its objectives and to improve its relationships, that is identifies to everything what you want to search, therefore Motivation comes of Reasons that Lead to the Action! To plan, placing its yearnings, desires and necessities in the paper, quantifying goals short, medium and long run, in all areas of the life: professional, staff, familiar, spiritual, financier, economic and social.

The desired image is that one that congregates all the conceivable perfeies and if it adjusts to the way where you live, independent of the reality, never leaving however, to correspond to the truth. The professionals must project images leaving of its true essence, therefore thus they will only be happy and efficient in the fulfilment of its tasks, however, at some moments, we will have that in to relieve, the established concepts daily pay. To each moment, in each situation, each environment, we create and we wait established images daily pay, such requirements must be added with intrinsic characteristics in each being. The individuality must be the first element to constitute an image. The image is something that we structuralize of inside for it are, is initiated exactly with the knowledge of itself. To recognize our potential and our deficiencies makes with that let us project personal and professional the image better that we want to construct, and for in such a way, we must explore the following abilities: credibility, same knowledge of itself, auto-esteem, efficient, ethical communication, professional position, concern with the personal presentation and to know to keep good relationships Is of great importance to know to circulate with nimbleness in that it is the place or event.

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