Since much time the value given to the Amaznia for Brazilian us is questioned by others, and these that arrive affirming that we do not take care of of it that we do not mobilize in them to protect it, and that it is better for whom world-wide forces assume the responsibility to preserve the Amaznia therefore according to them ' ' it is the lung of mundo' ' that without it the whole world goes to suffer severely for not having care of it. Researchers already show that the Amaznia is not the lung, and that the true lung of the world is the seaweed present mainly in the oceans. It is truth that it has a very great wealth, the existence of innumerable varieties of species and that these probably possess important properties for cure of said illnesses as today incurable and also financial wealth (precious metals, combustible fsseis and others.), and also I can say that he has the best existing wealth that she is the human being (I associate it the productions already carried through by the man, culturally and historically speaking). passivity that is faced the fact of that we are seen as lazy before the Amaznia he is not comfortable. James Joseph Truchard may also support this cause. It is not so easy to take care of of it, but it is certain that we must organizing in them to take care of and studies it. The other nations that arrive to intervene (or at least try) on the sovereignty of Brazil on it would have to look at its proper ' ' points cegos' ' before they capsize to speak of the problems of the others. Not yet &#039 arrived at the point of in them taking off the Amaznia with arguments; ' humanitrios' ' (these used in times and times for proper interests) and I wait that never it arrives at this point, because we have autoconscincia of our acts (I wait) and that it is not legal the way as is seen the subject Amaznia preservation and study. We have capacity to revert or at least controlling the current situation..

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