Thomas Edison

E quickly acreditounaquilo and gave up the idea so that you not to feel itself dull. Somebody emalgum place of the world had the same idea. (In the truth Thomas Edison, aceitavao credit for its ideas, it did not say that the ideas they were in air to esperandoserem handles, and if it had not caught them and come with all the inventos, eledizia that somebody certainly would have.) To another person who had the same idea, he did not give heard to the others with seus' ' concepts negativos' '. They had used ' ' concepts negativos' ' to make pequenasalteraes in the product or the book. Then this person made the necessary research, planned, tried and probably she had to get financing for arealizao of the product. Very probable it or it was refused by vriaspessoas, but they had continued going until she has yes had gotten what estavamprocurando. Few months later, you are seated in its sofa having rested and assistindoTV.

Tired and he is estressado, because it was one day hard in the work. You olhapara a stack of accounts that if seat not even to its side and want to open ascorrespondncias because you know the imminent disaster, that waits dosenvelopes inside. Suddenly, he comes in an advertising. The advertiser speaks on this timoequipamento that goes to revolutionize the way as we live ours lives. Vocagora is with anger because, some idiot had its idea and now is fazendoum dollar million. You still to call the person who said that dull its to it idiaera wanting to spank it. With who you this really irritated one? Apessoa that ' ' tomou' ' the idea, the person who said that its eraestpida idea to it, or you is really with anger of itself exactly? Perhaps if you carried through all the stages of the action to another person and produtoainda would not have been launched in the market. You never go to know. You nuncatentou. Thus, to another person he all deserves the success that it will have. It is for issoque to dream great is wonderful, but action is the key for the success.

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