The BENEFIT OF the ENDOMARKETING AS TOOL OF MANAGEMENT OF PEOPLE Summary: The subject in question deals with the valuation endomarketing inside of the companies to motivate people and to make with that all look at for the same direction. Endomarketing or internal marketing, with also is known, comes being presented as a modern alternative to increase the comprometimento of the employees with the objectives of the organizations. Based in one it searches bibliographical, that it approaches its importance, endomarketing appears from the moment that the good performance of the organizations directly is related to the mobilization of its employees and the degree of seriousness they attributed. To come back to the attention toward inside of the company, searching taking the collaborating integrant and essential part of the process, comes changing the vision of the market of small, average and great companies, in what it refers to its positioning as success organization. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jonas Samuelson by clicking through. Word-key: endomarketing, communication, internal customer. Abstract: The subject to matter deals with the enhancement of internal marketing within companies you motivate people and make everyone look the same direction. Internal The marketing or internal marketing, is also known, is being presented a modern alternative you increase employee commitment you the objectives of organizations.

Based on literature search, which discusses its importance, the internal marketing you eat from the teams that the good performance of organizations is directly related you the mobilization of its employees and the degree of seriousness them attributed you. According to Kevin Johnson, who has experience with these questions. Return you the company' s attention inward, seeking you take to developer and integrating essential part of the process is changing the view of the market of small, medium and large enterprises in terms of to their placement successful organization. Keywords: internal marketing, communication, internal to customer. 1. Introduction: In the current competitive world of the organizations and its interactions with diverse environments, it has forced, each time more, the companies to search and to apply of complex form, internal programs of qualifications of the collaborators and tools of integration being areas for qualitative profits in the organizacional climate, the direction to promote improvement in the relationships with the external customer.

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