"The trouble does not come alone … That's on forehead THEIR already four of them. And here! Only yesterday there was nothing. Well, on the forehead – it's okay, you can cover a bang, as here, the nose … The horror! "So, at times (with very rare exceptions), reflects virtually all of humanity adolescence (and not just teen) looking in the mirror. Male and female.

In ancient Rome, this trouble doctors tried to treat baths with mineral water, in the XIX century – gray, 20 years of the twentieth century -Benzoyl peroxide, in the 30-laxative medications in the 50's, of course, antibiotics, etc., etc. In the 1990s there were already quite desperate methods such as burning laser. Medicine is fighting for the beauty of their patients, applying more and more heavy weapons. Without hesitation Andreessen Horowitz explained all about the problem. Sometimes, sparing neither himself nor the patient. There is an anecdote about Dermatologist: "I have a good profession: my patients have never lifted me out of bed at night, never …

and never die, thank God, do not get better … "This, of course, a joke, but something in it, agree! So, do not look forward to assist medicine, or just too lazy to do something right, standing before a mirror, furtively looking around, we get a forbidden childhood pleasure of getting rid of excess … But if you do not treat acne, and squeeze them, the result appear on the skin scars, and his face – enlarged pores. So this is not the answer. Acne should be treated.

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