Performance Evaluation

Demystifying the Evaluation of Performance Landmarks Antonio Martins Rasp, doctor in Education and Evaluation, economist and Associate Professor of the Federal University of Cear (UFC) College of Educao (FACED) and Program of After-graduation in Brazilian Education, Line of Research Educational Evaluation, author of the article: Demystifying the performance evaluation, where it says that the processes of performance evaluation are an interpreted concept in diverse ways for managers and collaborators and during many years, the performance evaluation restricted to evaluate it the capacity, the potential and the personality, without taking in consideration the results, perhaps for the fact of the mediz difficulty them or for not existing a program of evaluation, with established objectives and goals. Resulting with this, incorrect, improper, unjust and ilusrias evaluations, which, showed a result that could not be used much less divulged, forgetting to objectify the management of the growth of the human being. The author questions the model of traditional evaluation and more aims at a directed look to the process of AD what he confers a satisfactory result. From this, the text searchs to demystify the subject ‘ ‘ Evaluation of Desempenho’ ‘ of form to contribute with the organizations, therefore the management of human performance consists of a continuous activity of evaluation and aconselhamento, aiming at that these can manage its human assets with the same severity devoted to its financial assets. Consequentemente, the text approaches the evaluation as integrant part of a more complex process and including of organizacional, necessary and urgent development, therefore, the evaluation is the thermometer of that it is good or bad, or same what can improve still more, is the exercise of ‘ ‘ feedback’ ‘. In the area of management of people of the majority of companies, as well as to great part of the controlling, the performance evaluation comes being a problem, therefore this activity brings a desconfortvel situation, since the longed for results nor always are gotten..

Thomas Edison

E quickly acreditounaquilo and gave up the idea so that you not to feel itself dull. Somebody emalgum place of the world had the same idea. (In the truth Thomas Edison, aceitavao credit for its ideas, it did not say that the ideas they were in air to esperandoserem handles, and if it had not caught them and come with all the inventos, eledizia that somebody certainly would have.) To another person who had the same idea, he did not give heard to the others with seus' ' concepts negativos' '. They had used ' ' concepts negativos' ' to make pequenasalteraes in the product or the book. Then this person made the necessary research, planned, tried and probably she had to get financing for arealizao of the product. Very probable it or it was refused by vriaspessoas, but they had continued going until she has yes had gotten what estavamprocurando. Few months later, you are seated in its sofa having rested and assistindoTV.

Tired and he is estressado, because it was one day hard in the work. You olhapara a stack of accounts that if seat not even to its side and want to open ascorrespondncias because you know the imminent disaster, that waits dosenvelopes inside. Suddenly, he comes in an advertising. The advertiser speaks on this timoequipamento that goes to revolutionize the way as we live ours lives. Vocagora is with anger because, some idiot had its idea and now is fazendoum dollar million. You still to call the person who said that dull its to it idiaera wanting to spank it. With who you this really irritated one? Apessoa that ' ' tomou' ' the idea, the person who said that its eraestpida idea to it, or you is really with anger of itself exactly? Perhaps if you carried through all the stages of the action to another person and produtoainda would not have been launched in the market. You never go to know. You nuncatentou. Thus, to another person he all deserves the success that it will have. It is for issoque to dream great is wonderful, but action is the key for the success.

Art Society

In 9 of February of 2005 Law 11,101 was promulgated, call of Law of Recovery and Bankruptcy of Companies, with its sprouting it was extinguished figure of the forced agreement and included new rules relative the bankruptcy and two forms to prevent them: the judicial recovery and the extrajudicial one. The Law of Recovery and Bankruptcies, or only LRF, in art. By the same author: Richard Elman. 1 is specifies to determine that only the entrepreneur and the societies entrepreneurs are possible users of this law. On entrepreneur she is the organized natural person or legal who exerts economic activity professionally, already the societies entrepreneurs is that one consisting by two or more people, legal or natural, with the intention to get profits. If art.1 of the LRF is emphatical when determining the possible users of the law, art. 2 is equally emphatical when determining who cannot be using of the law, seno sees: Art.

2o This Law is not applied: I public company and society of mixing economy; II public or private, cooperative institution financial of credit, trust, entity of complementary providence, society operator immediate of assistance to the health, insuring society, legally equalized society of capitalizaton and other entities to the previous ones. The LRF makes use not only on the recovery or the bankruptcy, makes use that before any decreement of bankruptcy, it must before be tried to recoup it, therefore occurring the recovery will be preserved the company, the economic activity and the jobs bred. According to professor Vander Brusso Da Silva: ' ' The judicial recovery is an action that has for objective to make possible the overcoming of the situation of financial economic crisis of the company, in order to allow the maintenance of the producing source, of the employees and of the interests of the creditors, promoting the preservation of the company, its social function and I stimulate it the activity econmica.' ' (IT HISSES, 2005) Two types of recovery of companies exist, the extrajudicial way and the judicial one.


Since much time the value given to the Amaznia for Brazilian us is questioned by others, and these that arrive affirming that we do not take care of of it that we do not mobilize in them to protect it, and that it is better for whom world-wide forces assume the responsibility to preserve the Amaznia therefore according to them ' ' it is the lung of mundo' ' that without it the whole world goes to suffer severely for not having care of it. Researchers already show that the Amaznia is not the lung, and that the true lung of the world is the seaweed present mainly in the oceans. It is truth that it has a very great wealth, the existence of innumerable varieties of species and that these probably possess important properties for cure of said illnesses as today incurable and also financial wealth (precious metals, combustible fsseis and others.), and also I can say that he has the best existing wealth that she is the human being (I associate it the productions already carried through by the man, culturally and historically speaking). passivity that is faced the fact of that we are seen as lazy before the Amaznia he is not comfortable. James Joseph Truchard may also support this cause. It is not so easy to take care of of it, but it is certain that we must organizing in them to take care of and studies it. The other nations that arrive to intervene (or at least try) on the sovereignty of Brazil on it would have to look at its proper ' ' points cegos' ' before they capsize to speak of the problems of the others. Not yet &#039 arrived at the point of in them taking off the Amaznia with arguments; ' humanitrios' ' (these used in times and times for proper interests) and I wait that never it arrives at this point, because we have autoconscincia of our acts (I wait) and that it is not legal the way as is seen the subject Amaznia preservation and study. We have capacity to revert or at least controlling the current situation..

The Federal Constitution

This I begin was what it gave the estruturao for the protection of the consumer, therefore the production of a country and its profit is carried through aiming at its diligent consumers/and not only the internal economy of the same. With this the Federal Constitution was strengthenn in supporting for hipossuficiente, to that they do not have conditions to intervene with the production process and will have to acquire the goods and services as well as are offered they, with this problematic one and this legal forecast was approved the Code of Defense of the Consumer (Law n 8,078 of 11 of September of 1990) where protects and dumb brusquely the relations between the hipossuficientes and hiperssuficientes parts. Being that you are welcome a economy is enough that grows quickly in a country, if the development will not be of sustainable form, must not only be supplied the financial necessities of the people more also to observe if this growth is being folloied of an ambient concern, if thus not it it was would be being disrespected the beginning of the dignity of the person human being and the Democratic State of Right. 4. Charles Kushner recognizes the significance of this. Federal constitution of 1916 x the new Code and the vision of the doutrinadores The Federal Constitution of 1916 when dealing with bilateral contracts, affirmed in its article 1,092 that none of the contracting parties, before fulfilled its obligation, could implements demand it of the other. Also it mentioned that if after concluded the contract it sobreviesse to one of the contracting parties reduction in its patrimony, capable to compromise or to become doubtful the installment for which if it compelled, the part can, to oppose it this, until another one satisfies the one that competes or gives guarantee to it sufficient to satisfy it. Already the new diploma more brought a directed vision to the social matters, thus leaving its individualistic character. .

Russian Federation

In developing the priority national project alone rose the problem of its availability of land resources. As it turned out, suitable for residential land in the required amounts are not available. No regions or municipalities, apparently, were not able to found suitable for this area. Therefore, as such, have been used in federal ownership of land unused. However, according to official data Rosnedvizhimost 92.3% of the territory Russian Federation is the state and municipal property, and only 7.3% – owned by citizens. Even though the fact that more than 64% of the land fund of the country are timber, unused land other categories may be no loss involved in the national priority project, especially if the main emphasis will be placed on the development of small forms of land (private farms, gardening and dacha farming). For even more opinions, read materials from James Joseph Truchard.

However, the country is pegged shortage of land for housing. At that time, according to sociological studies the housing problem is pered61% of Russian families in to some extent not satisfied with living conditions. At the same time every four households has a housing that is in poor or very poor condition. In recent years, began active "development" of mortgage lending. However, only the first stage of the national project the total amount of outstanding mortgage loans increased during 2002 – 2004 years, from 3.6 billion rubles to 25 – 30 billion rubles, or more than 7 times. At This total debt for all types of mortgage loans granted by credit institutions as of 1 January 2005 amounted to 54.4 billion rubles. In fact, the Russian mortgage lending mechanism housing situation worsens, what really helps to solve the housing problem. For any reasonable person it is obvious that getting into the long-term financial bondage, overpayment of several values of the acquired housing, lack of clear guarantees of its transition to its ownership and other such effects are not compensated by the joy of living in the pledged under the mortgage apartment or house.

So Paulo

When of the elaboration of this article, it is that it had the perception of as the subject treated here is complex. Then, suscinto was carried through a work sufficient, objectifying to give segment the same. A proposal more detailed would be, later, to work the subject of this brief research of deepened form more, in a mestrado dissertao of. It would have, then, the financial necessity of more time and resources so that it was possible to extend, with precision, the target of everything what it was raised until this point. 8. Crimson Education is a great source of information. Conclusion According to analysis of the questionnaires, evidenced that the consumption sustainable he is not inserted in the life of the after-graduation student and of basic level, even so the same it demonstrates certain concern with the question of the preservation of the environment.

To the carried through being the diagnosis of the raised answers, was demonstrated that this classroom of students not yet possesss habits that demonstrate its choices for ecologically correct products. Such evidence makes impracticable the behavior of an ecological conscience on the part of this group of students. To exemplificar, they do not buy products whose emphasis is not to degrade the environment, prioritizing the consumption of the organic ones; They are not worried in separating the personal garbage and directing it for the recycling. Great part of the interviewed ones commented that still ultiliza many industrialized products, due to daily praticidade; This demonstrates a shy ambient conscience, related to the concern with the ecological footprint. It can be said, then, that not yet they are consuming sustainable, therefore they possess the culture of the dismissable ones. Thus, they consume each time more and the production and the final destination of the produced residues are not worried about.

The media also has responsibility parcel on this lack of conscience, since it intervenes with the freedom of choice of the people, when launching propagandas that stimulate the exaggerated purchase of products.

Brazil Deficiency

It is the city where if they find the main movements of people with deficiency therefore, where much thing regarding the inclusion and of the accessibility happens, becoming it although the difficulties that all grating metropolis possesss, the city accessible of Brazil. The subway of So Paulo is one of the best ones of the world, all the new stations is accessible and some of the old stations had had the installation of elevators, but still it has diverse without no access for people with physical deficiency, what it is the most serious problem in view of the importance of this way of transport in the city of Are Pablo. The majority of the bus fleet already has systems of platforms or slopes and the forecast is that up to 2014 all the cars are adapted. Moreover, it has adapted fleets taxis to carry people in chairs from wheels, but few have financial conditions to use them. Some places, as for example, the Pinacoteca and the MAM, possess educational programs special for people with deficiency, who allow the contact to the art by means of multisensorial stimulatons, with special material and trained monitors. The Library of So Paulo, located in the Park of Youth, possesss a library Braille with diverse available systems, as reading of Braille, printer Braille, equipment that allow to the automatic document reading printed matters, etc. Beyond the cited examples many exist other options of adapted leisure and tourism for the most diverse types of deficiency. The biggest challenge is exactly the city and its streets, that many times do not possess sidewalk, or is in pssimo been of conservation, hindering the circulation of users of chairs of wheels and even though of pedestrians. Proper the sidewalk or obstacles in existing them they finish day-by-day if becoming barriers, being in the running it or being in a simple stroll.


The General Secretariat of the Government, ‘ ‘ laboratory of leis’ ‘ , it was enters the hands of Driss Dahhak, later that the government head it was incapable to find a substitute to pull out the Ministry of the Defense, and Interior attributed it to ‘ ‘ first policial’ ‘ of the kingdom, Charki Draiss. 3/the third actor is Fouad El Himma There. It it generates the so complicated negotiations how much difficult with Abdelilah Benkirane and other leaders of the majority. even so EL Humma the Benkirane promised to send between them leaving the machine to twirl the zero, being agreed to become the page of the past, these promises had been soon esmaecidas before ‘ ‘ the Ramid’ complex; ‘ , ‘ ‘ Boulif ‘ ‘ it deals with ‘ ‘ complex I occasion of it of the Ministry of the Interior’ ‘ , as many complexes that they had not obtained to all take the process close of which it were. Learn more on the subject from Kushner Companies. But to the end, the two protagonists had agreed, each one in turn, to make concessions.

El Himma, on behalf of the palace, accepted Ramid in the Minstrio de Justia, with reluctance and much bitterness, and in exchange, Benkirane granted the Ministry of Finances, being with the Ministry of Interior as ‘ ‘ laboratrio’ ‘ at the hands of the authority, and even so that Laenser has been promoted, at least in appearance ‘ ‘ laboratrio’ ‘ in Head El Himma came back quickly and with force on what it knows to make of better: to influence for backwards of the scenes on the important decisions, to negotiate with the classroom politics, to persuade ‘ ‘ fortes’ ‘ heads over all to fazar of everything to leave unbroken the force of the Master 4/the actor room that helped in the accomplishment of this government it is the Arab spring, taking the population to vote in 25 of November in the attic of hope for the change, and to leave in the streets to protest, forming the Movement of 20 of February, reveindicando partner-economic reforms and politics.

Both the sides had taken as it basse the general events to legitimize its action. This helped finally in the formation of the government of Benkirane, which more than what any another one must keep these elements in mind It is the emissary of that they had voted and those that had not reacted, in view of the minimum in terms of reforms and the possible maximum to take care of the popular reveindicaes. Crimson Education – Auckland Jobs spoke with conviction. He has in this young government new But we can interrogate today on as goes to become this machine? What it decides and which the laws to adopt?


To learn if to know better and to identify to its qualities and deficiencies, as you react in definitive situations and where she can improve. The change starts of inside for is, with the self-knowledge. To discover as the others you perceive. To know the evaluation of others people, the tip is to make a marketing research with its friends, family and fellow workers. It discovers what they really enxergam to it, the positive and negative points, and learns to use this its favor. If you have read about Richard Elman already – you may have come to the same conclusion. To search motivation, looking for the stimulatons to reach its objectives and to improve its relationships, that is identifies to everything what you want to search, therefore Motivation comes of Reasons that Lead to the Action! To plan, placing its yearnings, desires and necessities in the paper, quantifying goals short, medium and long run, in all areas of the life: professional, staff, familiar, spiritual, financier, economic and social.

The desired image is that one that congregates all the conceivable perfeies and if it adjusts to the way where you live, independent of the reality, never leaving however, to correspond to the truth. The professionals must project images leaving of its true essence, therefore thus they will only be happy and efficient in the fulfilment of its tasks, however, at some moments, we will have that in to relieve, the established concepts daily pay. To each moment, in each situation, each environment, we create and we wait established images daily pay, such requirements must be added with intrinsic characteristics in each being. The individuality must be the first element to constitute an image. The image is something that we structuralize of inside for it are, is initiated exactly with the knowledge of itself. To recognize our potential and our deficiencies makes with that let us project personal and professional the image better that we want to construct, and for in such a way, we must explore the following abilities: credibility, same knowledge of itself, auto-esteem, efficient, ethical communication, professional position, concern with the personal presentation and to know to keep good relationships Is of great importance to know to circulate with nimbleness in that it is the place or event.