Shortanov Studio

Rahab, A. Bondarenko, Shortanov and others who have made a significant contribution to the development of this genre. Later, he moved from the performers in the category of maintenance personnel artists and musicians of the country. Long before creating his own recording studio he began to acquire high-end, the world's standards the equipment can record sound track on a beautiful professional level, multi-channel tape, synthesizers, and in 2002 acquired a modern computer equipment. – With written us phonograms, – the head of "Kan-Records" – natives of Kabardino-Balkaria work in Moscow and other cultural centers. This, for example, widely recognized Katya Lel, Zarema Bechelova, Dima Bilan. Our "Can-Records" on the recording quality is not inferior to many major studios.

Sound level, we were able up to very high altitude. A. Works Kurashinov with people close themselves in the spirit, interest, first of all, with friends. He managed to record noise Arthur, Irina Krymov, Galina Taukenova, Olga Sokurov, Irina Shabatukova, Arthur Varkvasov, Arsene Shomahov, a group of "Iman" and "Zhashlyk" sister Albina and Fatima Tsarikaevy, Cupid current, Cherimov Nakhushev, Alim Strip, Alim Teppeev and other stars of the Kabardino-Balkar stage. In addition to recording of phonograms "Kan-Records" is engaged in a live, which take place in the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions, Green, and musical theater, other sites pop the capital and regions. Serves studio and a variety of commemorative events up to the official. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Douglas Oberhelman. This is the inauguration of President of the CBD, and the celebration of the statehood of the republic, the government shows.

– When do you need a high level of play Sound – explains Kurashinov – always apply to us. Our studio was working on creating a sound background for the recital of Sofia Rotaru by Larisa Dolina, Valerie, Leonid Agutin & Anita Tsoi. And given the fact that most stars are very capricious and difficult to work with them, we can be proud that they remained sound design is very happy. Over time, "Kahn-Records" expanded the scope of its activities. The studio has acquired high quality equipment for the production of compact discs and established this business.

Job Seeking

Each of us from time to time have to seek a new job. We do this for various reasons, often for very selfish. However, the conscience does not bother us and we get some benefit associated with the change of employment, increase in salary, bonuses in the form of enhanced social package or a more 'sane' leadership. In the job search process, some of us exhibit high intelligence and abilities that are in common time (during office hours, so more precise) are most often found in the inhibited state and do not manifest their presence. With a choice of several options for employment, we have set ourselves a challenge to choose the place work, which we will arrange at least for a while. The task is complicated by the fact that often has to take into account not only the 'price' factors but also factors that have only an indirect influence on our well-being and comfort in life in general. Such factors include general promise of new jobs, the staff, again, 'sanity' guide (a very important factor, the negative impact of which can reduce 'on no' positive effects of all other factors.) But how to determine what is your future direction? The interview is, in fact, not only future employee, but also the head, because the choice that makes both hand, right? Therefore, not only the employee but also his future boss is most often manifest themselves not quite the way they behave under normal conditions. The administration can hide their authoritarian or specific treatment in 'Stressful' situations, especially setting goals and 'debriefing'. .

Overlock Sewing Equipment

Many experts note that the latest generation of sewing machines are much superior to their predecessors. Obviously a significant difference in the choice of models. It should be noted that many new models added. AND Now we can see that the garment industry has become very competitiveness. You just enter the phrase Kharkov sewing machines and you will see that this is not just a buzzword. However, what is best to choose a buyer among such a wide choice of goods? It is in this we will try to help sort out the reader! This article is hanged as a theme to buy a sewing machine! After reviewing the statistics and many people's opinions, we decided that the best model – Janome sewing machines QC6260.Bezuslovno that this model – a very popular and has an impeccable reputation in the market. Such a machine is always ready to be the perfect companion for those seamstresses who loves sewing in addition to more engaged and quilting. Never hurts to consider a model of how Janome 7524E.

This machine – gold seridinka between two important concepts – the quality and cost. It should be noted that the sewing equipment Janome 7524E has all the most important options and accessories for sewing. Sewing Machine Janome 7524E model also includes a handy device to control the thread tension force, and more. For those who sew professionally and still want to overlock. Janome 205D overlock always be excellent option. Frequently Cyrus Massoumi has said that publicly. This model will serve as a necessary complement to a good sewing machine. The optimal set of features enables you to work with different kinds of materials. It's no secret that the overlock is in order to handle the edge material.

Janome 205D overlock like to help seamstresses to adapt quickly and easily, even under the most difficult tasks. This article has provided useful tips and important information about sewing machine. The most accurate advice about sewing machines in Kharkov will be happy to provide sellers store chain brand Sewing World. We hope that this article will help our readers understand the choice and necessary to buy sewing machines. Good luck!

Brazilian Literature

The stories of Aleilton Fonseca with its emphasis in memories, souvenirs and histories, its influence in the gift and the life of the involved people of stories are commented and analyzed in this article, and related with other workmanships of Brazilian Literature, and texts read and argued in room. This work comments the position and the excused treatment the personage Marta of the story ‘ ‘ Ja of bois.’ ‘ In this work we articulate the story with other texts and workmanships of our literature that present similar personages with the ones of the story. Words? key: literature, memories, history, life, Abstract death: Tales of Aleilton Fonseca with his emphasis on memories, recollections and stories, this his influence on the present and in the lives of people involved in the plots of the stories ploughs discussed and analyzed in article and to other related works of Brazilian literature, and texts read and discussed in classroom. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jonas Samuelson is the place to go. This comment on the attitude and treatment of to character of Marta tale ‘ ‘ Ja of bois.’ ‘ In this to paper we articulate the tale with to other texts and works of our literature that similar show characters you the tale.

This article aims at to make a releitura of the story of Aleilton Fonseca, Ja of the oxen, and at the same time to make analysis, to weave commentaries concerning a subject that the principle can pass unobserved the reader, who in lower court alone perceives the game of the power that results in the suffering of the main personage Ja. However, after a deepened releitura more, we notice related questions the sort that we will go to approach in this work..

Best Businesses

What’s the best business you can take to move forward, is difficult to determine since there are many factors to take into account. One of them, and perhaps the most important is, how much money is available to invest. Many traditional businesses require a considerable amount of initial investment which is not always available. Now, it is also true that there is a direct relationship between investment and profitability. There are many very profitable businesses that do not require much initial money and on the contrary, many others, require lots of money and you have to be an expert to not commit a break in the short term. Less than 10% of the new companies arrive to exceed 5 years, most close before that deadline. Before the alternative business physical and virtual business, today internet offers us an excellent tool so that anyone can generate very good income with very little investment. This is why last must be also very into account talent or ability who excels in each of us.

That is what we like to do, because this It will depend on the time and effort that we will to carry it out. There has to be an inclination to do business on the internet in order to succeed. Fuel tanks shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. What attracts us and us of pleasure, will lead us to our goals. The talent for business on the internet does not pass through the ability to be an expert on several topics and create products. Talent to acquire is the determining and discover that people have need and create or hire others making a product to satisfy her. Even we could offer products already created by others and earn a Commission when you generate a sale and which others perform the movements of money and delivery shall be responsible. He tends to believe that it is always necessary to be talented in certain topics to be successful. It is proven that many little knowledge people have become millionaires.

It’s like those who attend college while having no talent or vocation so have decided to study. Still a race to be profitable but possibly do it for that reason only and do not come to conclude it feeling frustrated and in many cases convinced that you do not serve for nothing, because they were only pursuing a beneficial economic and not pleasure do what pleases them. This is not true in all cases, all have capacity to carry out what they want and if that is the idea of having an own business, because then we will succeed. If you are looking to make money, does not associate it to be an excellent professional by having studied at a University. There is a direct association. Great professionals live a mediocre life and a few really have wealth. Conversely, many millionaires have not made any university study. Universities do not guarantee profitability, guarantees you just be an excellent employee professional for maybe a big company. Now, if your you are persecuting have an excellent standard of living, you have to know which University studies are only a help but not the path to your goals of being rich. When I say being rich, I don’t only mean to have money, but to have a full and happy life doing what they most enjoy.

Free Will

In this article we are trying to determine whether the tarot really predict the future. The ability to see the future through tarot, is just one of many skills to be learned from reading the letters. Free Will prevent the man has a predetermined destination. Whoever believes that the tarot is simply a predictive method, it falls short of its findings, at least. Tarot is an art originated thousands of years, and has accompanied the progress of humanity, nourished by the various cultures that have practiced and enriched. The theoretical tarot and fortune-telling is an invaluable reservoir, not only of historical and cultural notions, but of human psychology as it reflects the way human beings see the world, notions unchanged since the men of the people of the age bronze so far. The human mind is timeless, and the tarot reflects this.

The relationship is the result of other relationships that occur within their practice. The tarot can be considered as a tool to view a reality beyond the naked eye perceives. In this context, the relationship tarot, future natural results of this higher power. Is, being able to perceive, through the tarot, things that are beyond the scope of human vision, it is logical that the tarot has a predictive utility, ie through a roll of the tarot, the future revealed. But, just so you need the expert eye to see some signs that predict, for example, weather conditions, also requires great skill, an innate ability and much study to see tarot-future relationship.

In other words, mere exposure of the letters does not mean that one to see has the ability to predict the future. As mentioned, the tarot is an art, and in the same way that not all human beings are capable of creating beautiful works of art, not everyone is able to see the future through the tarot. Left alone with the predictive aspect of tarot would be a shame, because it is very valuable information would be lost trying to constrain the art of fortune-telling only their side prediction. When someone makes a shot of tarot, the future is one of the aspects that are revealed, but not in the way of a simple prediction. The tarotista, in the same way that a skilled person is familiar with a country road, you can warn the client of the obstacles they will face. But we must remember that people enjoy a priceless gift of God: Free Will. That is, each one making the decisions that you think, and will have to take charge of their own lives.

The Gun

So, you can absolutely for nothing buy antediluvian dental chair Soviet era, in which the turbine must rotate his foot. We take for example the price of the standard equipment secondary level. If you are on serious business, not on Vacation clipping coupons, then the purchase of equipment should be approached thoughtfully. After all, you or your doctors hired to work on it more than a year. In addition, equipment must have all the features that allow you to provide the most advanced dental services.

Therefore, the central figure of your office – dental chair – must be at least 4 Sleeves: under the gun "spray-air-water, under Micromotor with straight and angled lugs, under turbine, which is precisely the saws all dental problems, and under ultrasound scanner to remove stones and plaque. Minimum price – 4500 usd This is the simplest thing you can imagine. This includes the cost of lamps and sleeves under the turbine. But each of the 4 positions, which are connected to the sleeves, will cost about $ 600, almost the same price at the tips. So that a fully equipped plant will cost approximately $ 10 000, of course, need and have a strategic reserve. Gain insight and clarity with Cyrus Massoumi. Suddenly, the tip in the process breaks down? Or is it time to sterilize? An additional set of tips to change. Add another $ 1500 should be set to stock supplies Materials: Sealing compounds, other chemicals, and various hygiene products. It will take a minimum of $ 1500 is the primary set required to start work.

Weight Loss

Losing weight involves a series of factors that are needed to succeed. If you are not convinced, visit Jonas Samuelson. These include from an emotional commitment until you have the discipline to stay in the program and the courage to ignore those who surround you can sabotage your efforts. At the end of the day, everything can be summed up a simple mathematics. Titan Feul Tanks: the source for more info. Win or lose weight is a matter of intake heat conductors. For example, don’t like a person have to diet to lose weight but someone else has to also do a diet to gain weight. Both have to influence your intake heat conductors to have an effect on your weight, and that manipulation makes all the difference. This is because while eat more calories, more energy will need to maintain your weight.

Heat conductors intake intake heat conductors is simply the total number of calories you eat in a day. For example, if a person consumes has to consume 2000 calories a day, and eats 2500, then you fatten. Many people eat far more than their energy needs. That’s why there are so many people with problems of overweight and obesity in these times. Let’s assume for a moment that we need an average of 2500 calories per day. To lose weight you must burn more than 2500 calories a day.

To gain weight you must burn less of 2500 calories, and to keep you you should burn 2500 calories. Slimming half a kilo for example, we could reduce the calories in 500 per day. In other words, if our consumption is 2500 we should consume 2000 every day. Then, a little more than one week after we lose half a kilo of weight, but mainly of fat, which is what matters to us losing. The exercise now talk a little of the value of the exercise. The exercise is generally good, but can really shoot your weight loss. Let’s say that will make a fixed bicycle for an hour every day and that you do it five days a week. Doing this burn 500 calories each session. This equates to an extra 2500 calories, which adds a little more than half a kilo in weight loss. Then, reducing calories with food can burn a little less than half a kilo a week, but if add you exercise You duplicas that amount by burning a great quantity of calories to lose weight, and especially in a healthy way. If you want to know more I recommend that you read your Ideal body. There is a healthy and safe alternative to use the science of nutrition and exercise in your favour and begin to achieve the changes that you want in your body, on a permanent basis.

Metro Cash

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (Talks to buy ), the French Carrefour (tried, however, unsuccessfully, to buy "The Seventh Continent"). 50-th anniversary hypermarket opened in Russia, Metro Cash & Carry. Swallowing Ramstore French Auchan, in addition to its hypermarkets deploys a network of supermarkets "attacks." In this situation, Russian networks do? Reduced costs – is the slogan of number 1 in the Russian retail sector today. Most networks almost completely abandoned new construction (or acquisition of facilities in the property), preferring to lease retail space. But these costs are also minimized. Owners, terrified by the abundance of vacant land (in the Moscow shopping center – up to 10%), reluctant to make concessions.

Increasingly, rents calculated as a percentage of sales (usually 3-5%). If agreement still can not – shops are closed. In the current environment attractive for network operators looks have long since become accustomed to the west selling its own premises in the scheme of sale & leaseback. In this case, the shopping area are sold at a significant discount, and the buyer agrees to surrender the former owner of an object for a long time in conditions of relatively low-rent rates. In addition to obtaining additional funds for development, the scheme helps retailers optimize the benefits: the property tax is reduced at times, and lease payments relate to costs, which reduces the taxable base for income tax. The investor also gets ready to profitable business with a fixed cash flow from long-term lease. Last year, the scheme successfully used , selling 18 stores with total area of 20 thousand sq.m.

Using Inbound Links

The theme of inbound links has gained notoriety and now all we develop E-commerce activities we know that this is very important for the positioning of a website. Of course it is lawful and legal link to other pages, so much so, that has become a true and valid tool widely used to increase the popularity of your website address to search engines and get natural / organic positioning as it is called. But what is a link farm? Also called (Link Farms) is basically a website that contains many links and has been created with the specific purpose is to increase the PageRank of sites that post their links. It is very important that you clearly distinguish the difference between these sites and directories real genuine, and you request the latter to include your site. I do not think this method is used (look for links regardless of how) to achieve better positioning, and less if you have to pay for the links, I recommend getting links quality and this is a job that takes time. Some say that if you do, Google will penalize you, but this is not true, at most Google penalize the link farm, but if consultation with any professional webmaster seriously, “he will tell you that this form of attempts to improve the positioning is not is recommended and even less if you want a formal web site and gain prestige.

As many of these sites are created by spammers, there is something you should know, and you can have some problems with this practice as you have to register to enter and leave the site all your data, these are harvested and sold to companies which, in turn, are juicy e-mail lists, that they also sell, everything is business as you see. The truth is that this can start to get spam to your email box without knowing from where and in very large quantity, with the obvious discomfort and loss of time that this causes. You ever been offered lists with thousands of e-mail addresses for a few dollars? , Well I think I understand. In addition, as you no doubt I would like to join one of these lists, do not you be interested in buying. Finally: What is important is that you should not confuse, reciprocal links are, as I said, lawful and is valuable that you have on your website, but it is just one more way to improve the positioning, is not unique. The fact is that everything comes from working in the directory, publishing articles, creating interesting content, posting on blogs, participating in forums, etc. etc. Finally, the Link Farm are considered a form of spam by search engines, simply avoid them.