El Dorado

Then returned to rowing to the shore. In the meantime the bonfires burned gloriously; the scented smoke, as a cloud of incense, stole the light of the Sun, and the echoes resonated deafened by the din of chants, the horns and trumpets. After the ceremony, the King and vassals were delivered to joy and the national drink, which was a ferment of corn, then ran to torrents. After two or three days of universal revelry, the King was extended by his subjects to Palace. It wasn’t the return so orderly and solemn as it had been the March to the lagoon. The ceremony was taking place, as noted earlier, once a year.

These events happened centuries ago, before America was discovered, and when Europeans still do not knew nothing of its existence. Spaniards were the first Europeans who arrived to the coasts of South America. The first indigenous people they found had vague news of the great chibcha nation, which lived hundreds of miles to the South. He spoke of it as of a prosperous Empire, whose inhabitants were wealthy, wise and skilled in the arts of peace and war. There knew the newcomers that the King of the Chibchas covered the body with gold powder and then immersed in the waters of a sacred Lake, which, in addition there throwing gold jewelry and his vassals did the same. From there came the name of El Dorado. As the news as to where was situated the chibcha Empire, did not know Spanish or other Europeans who heard about the Mystic Lake and el Rey Dorado were very vague, in which precise direction they had go to find that so rich people and that lagoon where an invaluable treasure, accumulated there over the course of the centuries was found. Many and very bold explorers departed in all directions, the intricate, above forests through extremely high chains of mountains, along rivers and valleys, endless opening passage with weapons through wild and hostile, tribes in search of the land of El Dorado: that is in the nature of men trampling by all danger and put them breast most arduous enterprises when the thirst of gold leads them.

Association Political

" They locked up me in a room, me they struck and soon I was threatened one pistol so that renuncia&quot signed my; , it says one of the 168 testimonies picked up between 2000 and 2007 by the Association of Town councillors of Bolivia (Acobol), that vindicates the right of the women to exert a public function. In Bolivia 327 municipal governments exist. The electoral legislation he demands to the political parties to include 30 percent of candidates in its lists, whereas in the case of the citizen groupings they must contain 50 by one hundred of women. That opening to the participation does not have parallel in the executive positions. Click Jonas Samuelson to learn more. Only 14 women govern municipalities, indicated to IPS the manager of Acobol, Maria Red Eugenia. The preparation of a project of law against the harassment and the violence of sort in policy " it places to Bolivia in a position of leadership in America Latina" , where the denunciations are frequent and the sanctions do not exist.

According to the text that now struggles, the harassment political is defined as " an act or set of acts committed by a person, in case or a traverse of third parties, against a woman or of her family, in order to prevent and/or to induce to an action or omission, in the fulfillment of its functions, rights or duties, by means of acts of pressure through persecution, harassment or threats carried out by any medio". The political violence is characterized like " the actions and/or aggressive conducts committed by a person, in case or through third parties, that cause damage physical, psychological, or sexual against a woman and/or of her family, in carrying out the political representation, to prevent and to restrict the exercise of their position or to induce it to make decisions against their will, of its principles and ley". The propose sanctions contemplate penal processes, the application of the regulations of the state institutions where the acts and the citizen dispositions of the legislation on political parties, groupings and indigenous towns are committed As it has already been mentioned, also the harassment political is pronounced in organizations, companies where, if the employees are nonin favor of the government, old employees, for example, pertaining to other ideologies, who of not becoming jumbled with the present ones is subject to harassment, doing to him the impossible life, until they are removed, forced to resign, without concerning the damages that it originates to the productivity, profits of the company. At the moment according to the protests, the feeling of many unemployed workers, they set out that they have been removed from his positions not to share with the ideology of his heads, aspect that did not have of to be, especially when by causes of discrepancies wastes the talent, the experience. . surroundings-enterprise. com Ing. Industrialist-administrator, lawyer. UC, EGADE (ITESM) Postgraduates masters in Administration of companies mention markets, quality and productivity; education Doctorate in Education Titular professor of Area Postgraduate of Phases UC. Consultant – adviser empresarialde DEPROIMCA EXATEC

The Dynamic Assessment Center – If You Want To Make A Difference

Assessment Center suffer from their reputation. To broaden your perception, visit Douglas Oberhelman. Assessment Center suffer from their reputation. They are often used as a selection tool. Through an attentive perception and action-oriented feedback they can show you the potential and funding of participants. Pure exam stress, leg-hard feedback, merciless screening out has hardly a tool of human resources development or potential analysis to fight like the assessment Center (AC) with a such questionable image. Without prior information notice Err participants through unrelated exercise scenarios and come out afterwards without significant feedback and frustrated again from the assessment.

It is also different. Designed to the requirements, appropriately designed, carefully communicates, conducted and evaluated an AC results later condensed and usable than virtually any other tool in the analysis of potential. If the assessment Center is right and well placed, the interplay of the different labs is the business reality of the participants in the workshop model and from credible and provides them to action-oriented and therefore particularly valuable feedback. Taking into account the implementation speed of this feedback, participants can already in the next exercise new and different in their options for action to integrate their situational experienced feedback. There is a direct and yet sustainable anticipating. The participants to engage directly and immediately new”an intensive learning effect, hardly any other instrument in this way can be experienced. A dynamic assessment Center traversed several participants usually a parallel process of various individual and group exercises.

Often they are supplemented by written exercises and accompanying interviews. The performance of the participants will be observed by external or internal assessors, and perceived. The roller exercises feel ideally everyday situations from the corporate world of the participants and depict their particular problems. Enabling feedback on their behavior in the Special Accept the situation, understand and implement easier again. This often seen the feedback of the interlocutor as a particularly valuable role situation as a direct and emotional reflection of the effects experienced in the role exercise takes place at this point.

Nutritionist Bueno Marina

It was what it made Alexander Di Bernadi, for example, in its enterprise of Italian origin. It added to its cardpio the pizza without glten, with the objective to take care of to the celacos. The innovation was success for the proprietor, a time that these customers are fidiciary offices for having private feeding and alone they can eat in house or few places. (Magazine Bars and Restaurants, 2009. P. 14) Another innovation adopted for some entrepreneurs is the kitchen show, that if deals with an opened kitchen, where the customers can follow all the stages of the preparation of its order. The nutritionist Bueno Marina explains even though that, beyond the curiosity, the consumer is acting as an inspector of the restaurants, observing questions of hygiene, complaining of the place, making negative propaganda for the friends and known and taking denunciation to the responsible agencies.

(Magazine Bars and Restaurants, 2009. P. 14) In accordance with August Luis Roselli, the kitchen show eliminates the doubts how much to the quality of the food, the curiosity awakes on the preparation of plates, beyond stoking the palate of the customers. (Magazine Bars and Restaurants, 2009) The proprietor of the Rulla Kebab says that, when enxergarem, for example, the gyros (one forms to bake the meat by means of skewer in continuous rotation), the people are empolgadas to try something that is new. (Magazine Bars and Restaurants, 2009, P. 16) 2,4 Hygiene Cleanness and organization, had always been primordial factors for the maintenance of establishments of the nourishing branch. In the bars and snack bars these aspects must be considered in order to pass security to the customers. In accordance with the magazine Bars and Restaurants (2009), must be considered important the personal hygiene, before cited, carried through for the employees in order to prevent the alimentary contamination; the related ambient cleanness to the physical structure of the place, as utensils, group of bencheses, floor, etc.

Venezuelan Country

Because they require a continued innovation and improvement that achieve the new needs that arise in the market. Says one of the participants of the course to the political discourse, it has promoted in recent years the disinvestment in the country, since there is no guarantee economic stability for new investors. Reason why many of these, decide to settle in other countries that guarantees them the recovery of the capital, where there is more security, inflation controls, facilities of import for raw materials not produced in the country and necessary for the manufacture of their products. If you are not convinced, visit Caterpillar Inc.. The truth, that one of the realities living Venezuelan businessmen, is that workers, are increasingly demanding greater benefits in exchange for minor efforts. And this is, basically due to the policies and strategies of the State to keep them in your favour, for some, to the large number of beneficiaries of the missions, that represents an easy salary, without any effort for who enrolls in these. This is considered a threat to microenterprises, since making attractive benefits to employees costs them more and more, paying lower margins for the employer. Another important aspect to take into account us indicates, Veronica Betancart, is that Venezuelan businessmen, in the present is represented by a high number of Venezuelans dedicated to the informal economy, in search of generate greater income, and the challenges of his survival, that favours him and help his family. Of course, that engage in the informal activity seriously damages the micro-entrepreneur, because there is no disposition fee, taxes, who must face expenses is worrying points out Betancar, the fact that many you’re prepared, trained, who have a profession, leave their jobs with the intention of improving their quality of life and begin as new micro-entrepreneursthat they have no guaranteed its success, however they have incidence in the increase in increase the competition of course, will have more prepared competitor companies, which have good quality and acceptance of its products, since every day more organizations provide products and services of similar characteristics, having to compete for the quality and the differentiation of the product according to the value added.

Further, indicates that another aspect that should be taken into account is with regard to Rentier culture of the oil where rests the Venezuelan economy, neglecting the development of a productive culture that fosters the capitalist sector and promotes the investment far. Definitely. Venezuelan companies, their SMEs specifically, must give way to new changes, the challenges arising from the actions of the State fully identified with the so-called socialism of the 21st century and that has led to much negative effect in the national enterprise productive apparatus, in such a way that the country is facing a serious crisis in its operational business, leads to the country through its current Governmentin order to supply the demand of commodities required by Venezuelans, have to rely on imports, which involves giving way to commercial dependency and affect a large number of people who do not have the economic capacity to purchase them.


Mobile Zeitgeist mixer: Hamburg and Munich, “Mz francs Mixer” in Furth, how good is the mobile Internet in Germany? How many go via cell phone online? What is 2010? What should entrepreneurs take… not to miss the train? Who cares about a customer, entrepreneur or techie for “mobile” topics, finds lots of practices know-how on “Mobile Zeitgeist” technology, User Info, background knowledge, statistics – for entrepreneurs who rely on modern media. The weblog by Heike Scholz is indisputably the most important medium in Germany for “Trends, applications and thoughts to the mobile business”. To deepen your understanding Jim Umpleby is the source. Topics of current posts in mobile Zeitgeist: the secure choice when buying IKEA: easy with augmented reality and mobile! End of the free culture? With “Mobile Content” “new solutions in sight.” “Mobile Tagging” in Germany already back out before it starts properly? Future of journalism – who should pay? Study: 92% of 16-24 year olds are in favour of mobile advertising. “Top “10 misconceptions mobile entertainment has the marketing ways of mobile applications? Poll: How good is the mobile Internet in Germany? (“Is it true that Germany is one of the cheapest mobile countries in Europe?”) On popular demand from Zeitgeist drivers, there is opportunity to the personal meeting now: the “mobile Zeitgeist Mixer”! Concept: Drivers of all faculties converge loose “after work” – preferably in a cool “location” (where else?), in the city. The mz Hamburg mixer should be an informal meeting on October 14, 2009 by people who do something with mobile or media. “Just to come, spend networking and have a nice evening.” This also applies to the mz francs mixer on October 20, 2009 in Furth (“Coffee bean”, Gustav road 40, time: 18: 00).

Also users and interested mobile user can participate except “Mobile entrepreneurs” and media representatives. “Furth mz francs Mixer” also Heike Scholz of head of mobile zeitgeist will be the first personally to Furth. THE Opportunity to learn trends first hand and become acquainted with new media opportunities. Schedules for trends, applications and ideas to the mobile business “after work” in the city: Hamburg: 14.10.2009 Nurnberg/Furth: “Mz francs Mixer” on October 20, 2009 Munich: 27.10.2009, by the way: Mobihexer is probably the most versatile website editor of the world for the mobile Internet. Internet phones are getting better and better! However, image playback, load times and navigation obstruct mobile access to Web content. Mobihexer solves the problem and build mobile-friendly Web pages quickly and easily: no HTML, no knowledge, no software to install. Page editing purely online from any Internet PC.

The Hulbee

Even novice users can navigate faster thanks to the intuitive operation of the cloud of data on Web pages. Products in online stores, documents which can be downloaded at authorities, newspaper articles or other information can be found directly with the data cloud. Who faster that is, what he’s looking for, as Internet users is greater than satisfied according to the likelihood that he will return to the site. How the data cloud built on a site can look, shows the Hulbee AG recently also on their own corporate website company.hulbee.com. At the time the data cloud is still in BETA status.

Who would like to try them out for his own website can download them here and register online. Who registers, also has the advantage, that he gets automatically interesting statistics generated about the searches that were launched through the data cloud on its Web site. Anyone can use the data cloud for one month free. Use is free of charge for private users, it then contains the data cloud sponsored links, which are marked accordingly. Also, there will be a standard version without advertising that once cost 30 euro, then the payment is similar to a prepaid card for the phone and it will be charged per click. There are also a business solution with extended options as well as individual enterprise solutions for companies in planning. About Hulbee AG the Hulbee AG is a publicly traded, European software company headquartered in Kreuzlingen/Switzerland.

Currently 59 employees can have up to 25 years long experience in the development of neural software. The Hulbee AG is successful for years with their information and knowledge analysis in the business such as in the end user-software market. “The Hulbee AG has developed the Hubble program for knowledge management in companies with the aim of the global Know-How Access”, so direct access to any knowledge existing in the company. With the Web application Hulbee Hulbee AG has made a new kind of Internet search market. Since December 11, 2008 Hulbee AG on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listed.

Online Personal Planner

Huge cost savings and comfortable planning holidays and working hours Cologne, 27 August 2009 holiday the best time of the year brings recruiters and planners sometimes pretty in sweat. Sudden illness of employees or short-term appointment changes since sometimes throw actually thought out planning completely overboard. The new system saves staff planer.de from HR immediately not only sweat, but also enormous costs. An impressive example of calculation: Per employee and year saves a company 195 euros, if it deploys staff Planer.de. Almost 20,000 euro are 100 employees and the investment costs are deducted already. Further details can be found at Douglas Oberhelman, an internet resource. The company uses in addition parallel to, for example, 60 people shift Scheduler, the savings is rich 56,000 euros.

The highlight: The system is for each access authorizations to operate easily and anywhere. This makes possible the so-called employee self service (ESS). This sophisticated technology concept provides an effective Process optimization, employees manage personal data itself and also independently obtain information from the intranet or Internet. Thus, applications such as presence and absence detection, corrections, requests, working time accounts, hours assignments and much more are covered. Easier does not: using the Manager self service system the managers sees the data of the workforce and releases requests for holiday, business trip or training via the push of a button or rejects it. In addition the easy to create analyses and statistics, as well as to organize the working time management online possibility. What is the lightning-fast, comfortable system yet, is to read about personal Planer.de since 2008 the 4Mis offers the practical solution of personal planer.de UG, which allows effortless control and management of holidays and working hours, as well as layers under. The special feature: The application can be used without installation and meets all the requirements of data protection of the TuV. The Personal Planner is a spin off of a three-year internal development and successfully convinced many customers.

Miguel Bastl

Content of the bulk SMS if you now its bulk SMS numbers distribution together in a SMS, is it because the contents of the SMS campaign to plan. Depending on the purpose of business offer here Ways. The retail sent E.g. like discount coupons via bulk SMS. More information is housed here: Caterpillar Inc.. Clubs and parties send like classic bulk SMS newsletters that highlight upcoming events, and providers of fast moving consumer products often send mass SMS profit game invitations. Important the bulk SMS is, of course, all the important information must find place in 160 characters. Most vendors support called although excessive messages, concatenated SMS, these are but always also correspondingly more expensive. The 160 character limit should be seen as advantage, often people with too much information will be overwhelmed and not reading them then. When a bulk SMS with 160 characters, you have the possibility that the customer perceives much more information, than would be the case when a poster on the station for a bulk SMS with more characters, the probability is higher, that the recipient has deleted the SMS before he has read to the end. Speaking candidly Kevin Johnson told us the story. The right bulk SMS service if the text of the bulk SMS the dispatch time is resolved, then one should be the bulk SMS on the search for the right provider for shipping. On the market there are a number of providers with different products and prices. Generally, two products can be distinguished: on one hand it is bulk SMS with a dynamic sender ID, these bulk SMS itself can determine the sender, thereby the recipient will see immediately, from whom comes the SMS. On the other hand, there are cheaper bulk SMS, where the sender is not adjustable, fixed ID also called bulk SMS. This has resulted in that you must specify in the bulk SMS text lose from whom comes the SMS and some characters for your advertising content. Furthermore should providers that when you search according to the appropriate mass SMS, that this provides a high quality. What good is the best bulk SMS, if a majority of the SMS delayed or never arrives, as we know it by many free SMS services. Best to test the service before and requires the provider assured quality. In addition the service should allow you with simple means, to import your SMS distributor for sending, finally to type Yes, not all numbers by hand or copy over each individual number. The evaluation also an extensive statistics is important, because according to the shipping of bulk SMS, you should test the delivery reports whether there are distribution possibly invalid numbers in your SMS. Only the delivery reports about also, how well the service sent the bulk SMS.

DSC Each

The results of the field research will be carried through to confirm or not, with the professionals who work in the pertaining to school units the reach of the objectives, the validity of the hypotheses and of estimated elencados, the adequacy of the type of research, the used method, the systematics adopted for the collection, register and analysis of the research data. For the accomplishment of this research it is opted to a process of quantitative inquiry scientific (will be interviewed collaborating that is part of the pertaining to school environment, as: supervisors, directors, coordinators, professors, agents of support, pupils and parents of pupils), and qualitative (carried through from the speech of the collective citizen) that he will involve 4 stages (will be carried through the analysis of the ideas central offices of the individual speeches from the registers written on each item focused in the research; identification and analysis of the anchorage dues ones that, directly and indirectly, they make possible the study of vises and opinions that were collective? to follow the answers will be codified in graphs; it will be carried through comparative studies of the individual and collective speeches, searching correlation it enters the registers of each one of them, and in each question proposal; it will be evaluated the contributions of the results of the research to know, for the individual and collective speeches, if the considered objectives had been reached). According to Lefvre (2003), the representation is quantitative because such speech has a numerical expression (that it indicates how many depositions, of the total, had been necessary to compose each Speech of Sujeito Coletivo (DSC) e, therefore, trustworthiness statistics, considering itself the societies as collective of individuals; the qualitative one because in the research with the DSC each distinct collective opinion is presented under the form of a speech, that recoups the distinct contents and arguments that conform the given opinion in the social scale. . If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jim Umpleby.