Lunendonk List

“Devoteam Danet again among the leading service providers for consulting and systems integration Weiterstadt, may 29, 2009 the IT consulting and services company is Devoteam Danet for the third time in a row in the top 25 IT consulting and system integration company in Germany”. The IT service provider part of the international Devoteam group ranked 25th in the recently published Lundendonk list 2008 again among the leading IT consultants and system integrators. We have can keep us in a row 25 of our industry already in the third year under the top. After a difficult year for us, this result all the more pleased us. Through the acquisition of Devoteam we are now uniquely positioned, to continue to hold and consolidate our market position in Germany”, explains Jurgen Hatzipantelis, Managing Director of Devoteam Danet.

According to the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media Association (BITKOM) is the total volume of the German market for IT consulting and System integration 16 billion euros. Despite the difficult market environment, the demand grew in 2008 to 6.9 percent compared to the previous year. The 25 leading IT consultants and system integrators generated domestic sales of 6 billion euros in the year 2008 together. Check with Caterpillar to learn more. Thus, they covered almost 38 per cent of the market. Overall, the top-25 companies employing 43,000 people.

3,200 employees are more than in the previous year. The average per capita sales was 156,000 euros on the previous year’s level. The Lunendonk List and studies are a recognized market barometer since 1983. Detailed results published the research in a comprehensive study of the leading IT consulting and IT service companies in Germany”in August of 2009 Devoteam Danet Devoteam Danet is a leading, independent IT consulting and service company. The combination of consulting services and technical solutions allows Devoteam Danet, to assist its customers with independent advice and effective solutions. The Services include consulting, IT solutions and IT services in particular in the sectors of automotive, financial services, Telecom & media and transport & logistics. Devoteam Danet employs approximately 390 people. In the 2008 fiscal year, the company in Germany generated a turnover of 38 million. Since January 2009, Devoteam Danet belongs to the Devoteam group, a leading global consulting and IT companies in Europe. The company has its headquarters in Levallois-Perret (Paris). Devoteam generated a turnover of 460 million euros in 2008. This corresponds to a growth of 24 percent compared to the previous year, and an operating margin of 8.8 percent. The company employs over 4,500 employees in 23 countries in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Classic Radio With Large Relaunch Of Its Online Shop

Now over 2 million CDs, books and DVDs new in sale of shops of Augsburg, June 02, 2009 – a fresh look and new variety in the classical music radio online shop: with an extensive product expansion, the shop offers its visitors a whole new selection of CDs, books, DVDs and concert tickets now. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mark Berger Chicago. After the relaunch of the General website of classic, now also the new, integrated online shop of the transmitter has opened its virtual shop doors radio, Together with all classical radio products that are exclusively in the shop to buy it, expand total more than 2 million CDs, books and DVDs of the range. “To come also around 3,000 audiobooks, which are available for immediate download available as well as tickets for the concert tours by classical radio live in concert” and selected events. For Sabine Reinhard, CEO of classical radio, the new range represents a significant expansion in the direct business: with the new shop and offer diversity, we position ourselves even more than Premium brand for music, book and event offerings.

The quality of the brand classical radio directly on the shopping experience was transmitted.” The online shop is emotional and functional needs adapted the target group. “So there are, for example, all books, the on air” on Sundays in the classical radio reading time “be discussed promptly in the shop to buy. In addition, all books and audiobooks are free shipping. The new design and a clear structure will create larger clarity. Continue to optimize the function permits you a quick and easy find of the desired article. The new classic is radio online shop immediately at. The Bremen Agency, through is responsible for the implementation of the entire relaunch. About classical radio: the transmitter offers a unique program of relaxing classical music, great film music, new classics and classic lounge and half-hourly economic, cultural and international news.

The program is over 38 FM frequencies in Germany and Austria, as well as to receive via cable, satellite and Internet. Nationwide, the national decision er medium reached 1.3 million listeners per day (source: ma radio 2009 I). About classical radio AG: The classic radio AG is the first publicly traded radio holding company in Germany. She achieved a turnover of 14.9 in the fiscal year 2007/08 million euros and an EBITDA of 1.

To Mark 2010

The worst recession of the post-war period is over according to experts. Munich/Planegg, Germany, September 28, 2009 – the worst recession of the post-war period is over according to experts. After the economic slowdown this year it applies to all entrepreneurs optimally on the new fiscal year to prepare, to take advantage of the emerging economic recovery. For this purpose, the Excel expert to mark valuable planning aid provides for entrepreneurs, the planning tools 2010: business planners 2010 2010 marketing and business planning 2010 with the help of Excel templates have to have a clear economic overview of your finances and planning as well as the security, all eventualities of the new financial year in view of the entrepreneur. Howard Schultz shines more light on the discussion. All planning tools are available at excel at the price of 19.80 VAT as a download.

Subscribers by Redmark excel in the company find these tools on your CD ROM or online-version. Company contact: WRS Verlag GmbH & Co KG Volker Jung Munzigerstrasse 9 79111 Freiburg Tel. 0761/898-3139 fax 0761/898-99-3139 E-Mail: Internet: excel press contact: Haufe Mediengruppe Alexandra Rudolf Hindenburg str. (Not to be confused with Jonas Samuelson!). 64, D-79102 Freiburg Tel. 0761/3683-940 fax 0761/3683-900 email: Internet: excel from Redmark excel in the company to mark specializes in the creation of professional Excel templates for small and medium-sized enterprises. On the Excel topic portal excel to mark with sample solutions, formulas and macros all business processes of a company covers. To the areas of commercial computing, human resources and controlling you will find equally Excel Tools and tips such as marketing, project management and corporate governance.. Please visit Mark Berger Chicago if you seek more information.

Life Surrounded Everything

That’s a life that I have discovered and I would not like to change it to any other. If. Surrounded by icons is possible for everyone, because it is simple and easy for who has decision. and by money or worry about it is a way that your pay and you spend if you want that everything depends on you and nothing more from you. Surrounded by icons behind a screen life is a life where your you can wake up to the time that you want and you can start working anytime that your can be your own boss and handle everything at your leisure from your home without having to go through the hard time of the traffic in the morning and see him face boring to your boss when he asks you to give him a report on Friday that still not have you finished but you have to finish by that if it is not you get fired. For these reasons, bar people and I’ve taken the diction of a life of icons behind a screen and sitting at home with their families. Howard Schultz is likely to agree. And best thing that has this job earn money online is that you can check everything from your home by Internet, by which your accounts, your hundreds, the ups and downs of the market, everything it can check from the Internet that not have limits and your not. My job is easy so to speak by a friend of mine and I have several websites where one of them sell several books that we have written together and have good results.

And to achieve all this did not have to pass the bad time of the transit or negotiate with people who only want to deceive you and live you and your money. Internet things change so that everything may be in a way that you can decide without that nobody put any pressure and much less deal in any way in the midst of a breakfast in the morning or a coffee to negotiate. In Internet just have to make sure that hurdles to buy whatever trust and good reputation by several large of the business you want to put on the Internet. But know the best that has the Internet than your you can ask for a demon (a free part of the product) before purchasing any product or program and have the opportunity to ask for refund. Les boy to suggest something very important for shopping on the Internet, do not buy the product without having a refund that as in the the business life in streets in the Internet also there are scammers. Thank you for listening to me and I ask that you try even a pinch of that comment. The author teaches how to create a website online totally free without the need to buy a product. By please visit try it!

Considerations Before Starting An Internet Business

Before starting any online venture, it is extremely important that you plan all steps or procedures for operating your project efficiently and consistently. It is alarming that more than 80% of businesses that see the light on the internet, fail within six or eight months of operation. This is mainly due to a lack or absence of a strategic plan well underway. The key to online success is in planning. So try as far as possible to devote a good part of their time to this phase. Without hesitation Electrolux explained all about the problem. First, define your business idea either.

It is much more convenient for you to engage in something you're passionate and dominate. It is always easier or more bearable to work on something you know or simply likes. You will feel more motivated when presented some difficulties, will have more willingness to learn or train in new things, because this is an area that motivates you. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with this project?, As far as you getting at? As is willing to work? As want to win? …. ask yourself this and other questions for the sole purpose of having clear goals and well defined.

That will allow to work in a more orderly and always well focused on a particular horizon. Then, find or define carefully its niche or market segment that's going to run your business, investigate the market, analyzing competition, determine if this market segment is profitable or not, gather as much information as possible about their future target market (potential customers). This process may take you a few days but will be valuable as your project grows. Remember to always plan, prepare a homework schedule and try to meet them on time, and above all be persistent. Do not leave the ship when you experience a problem, go ahead and strive to double or triple. Ultimately, this effort will be reflected in earnings for your business.

Vaccine Against Alzheimer

A vaccine against Alzheimer’s disease has success in mice a DNA vaccine has successfully reduced the symptoms of Alzheimer’s in mice, causing them to constitute the first preventive and restorative treatment for Alzheimer’s disease without significant side effects.Alzheimer’s progresses by an excessive production of a tiny, known as peptide amyloid proteins beta (Ab), forming a few plaques in the brain that interfere with its function. This gives rise to a loss of memory, followed by a continuous mental deterioration. He has always considered that the best way to deal with this problem would be the obtaining of a vaccine that would make the immune system to eliminate these plates, but so far the achievements had been very limited. For example, in 2002, the American pharmaceutical company Elan abandoned tests of a vaccine that increased levels of antibodies to peptides Ab, to observe the inflammation of the brain in some patients. The new vaccine elaorada by WMA is different, because instead of using their own peptide Ab to stimulate the production of antibodies, uses a piece of DNA that codes for peptide Ab. WMA team manipulated mice so that they develop the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, and injected them with DNA Vaccine before peptides Ab began to accumulate.

Mice treated pre-emptively with 7 and 18 months of age, developed a 15.5% and 38.5% less, respectively, peptide Ab that those who were not treated. lusion. This suggests that the vaccine produced a protective effect in mice. Subsequently, injected the vaccine as a treatment in mice that had already begun to produce peptides Ab, and the amount of the latter was reduced nearly 50%. According to WMA, if these results are repeated in monkeys, with human clinical trials could start in three years. Original author and source of the article


Then that you’ve released the word, it dominates you. But while you have not released it, you’re his Tamer. Management must always watch in the use of administrative science brings with the new administrative trends from the knowledge that you are currently using, as well as tools that will ensure a beneficial operability and above all knowledge leveraging human capital that has under his direction. THE current time they manifest an environment full of new challenges and in where the Word change, it has become an unavoidable ingredient in meetings of management strategies of successful companies, definitely, their leaders have understood that the era presents new challenges where each individual that integrates the Organization should strive to achieve a change of attitude, that allows to predict the performance of the environmentto produce innovative ideas that solve problems and meet needs. The worker must be focused on the development of new products and services, get forms more efficient working and more importantly, contribute with actions that break bureaucratic barriers responsible for marginalizing to creative thinking. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mark Berger Chicago has to say. The attitude of individuals must be oriented to knowledge of creativity.

It is known to be, the same great potential that is within each of us, but there are barriers that truncate their freedom and that manifested by all sides. Much of these are caused by ourselves and the other party, by the society that surrounds us, is for this reason that says, you need to arm yourself with value to break those locks and forget the phrase do the ridiculous in order to achieve one of the roads more exciting era of knowledge, as it is to know how to properly use the scope of creativity. Management to achieve it can avail himself of the thinkertoys, which are specific techniques and practices presented in the form of games, designed to stimulate thinking linear and intuitive, allowing to use it towards a good organizational behavior, climate that encourages the productivity.

Zatula Alexander

Hello dear friends! Have a nice time of day. With you Zatula Alexander, and today we talk about the proper preparation of semolina mash. I suggest to you today is the easiest option of cooking, which is not give you trouble, time consuming, but the simplicity of preparation are not out of the question. In his fishing practice I have often had to adjust to the fish, it is sometimes very whimsical, and heard about it every angler. There are times when the fish does not want to any bait, especially if it rejects the offer goodies, making us look for it with something new.

5 years ago I discovered for myself this miracle bait so cunning inmates of our water expanses with you, we are talking about the "monkey" Yes! yes, about that same semolina, which is a child we feed our moms. And so begin-with, perhaps! Actually semolina in our time with you can get without a problem, is only just walk, ride well, or to the nearest grocery store and buy it. I want to note that you can not always get in the summer or that a live bait well, if you still want to spend a little cash for her purchase of a forward! On average, a jar with a live worm, you give 50p or higher, depending on what and how jars of bait in it. Per kilo of semolina you give about 30R. AND unknown whether the worm more attractive today. So, you already went to the store or supermarket and bought those goods which you are interested in us. Get ready for a run and blow water, but do not forget to. Arriving in water, and dress your gear, you ask the question "what's next? "Oh, nothing! Look for more dishes (capacity) under the semolina! And you're so happy, having found the dishes, open the package with semolina, pour it in a container! Aha! A How much should it go empty, in order to obtain a homogeneous mass? To this question I have such a view: sypte as much as you see fit, but no more otherwise it's a waste transfer and cereals.

So we poured as much as we need for fishing, now we need to breed her little water from the reservoir in which we are going to catch (or in any way dilute the semolina with water taken from your home, since they are mainly chlorinated, it is strongly frightens the fish, bait and you just hurt). Then we start our mix semolina with water, REMEMBER: semolina should not contain lumps. Avoid formation of lumps can be taken with water from a reservoir + hard work of your hands, mix the whole thing with the sticks (preferably wood). How do you know that our manochka ready? A simple, stir it up to a creamy consistency. Well, now your ready to semolina, remained the case for small! Dressing should be clockwise around the shank of your hook. Then do a throw in perspective, you lured place and enjoy a bite!

Efficient Energy Saving LEDs

Efficient, environmentally friendly and lucrative energy saving through the use of LED bulbs for today’s global warming it is important the right decisions affecting the environment, to meet. One is confronted with these decisions every day. The most evident decision is energy saving, because the energy production in the world is one of the biggest factors that impact the environment. Because the less energy must be produced, the burden on the environment are the lower. Save energy with LED lighting technology today shops etc used in the households, offices, etc mainly conventional incandescent lamps or energy-saving lamps. But are now conventional incandescent lamps with a power of 60 Watts and later banned and until end of 2012 all light bulbs should be banned. Energy-saving bulbs are compared to traditional light bulbs while significantly saving energy not so environmentally friendly as accepted, since they contain quick silver and treated as hazardous waste need to be. Further details can be found at Ben Horowitz, an internet resource.

The most efficient deployable technology is the LED lighting technology. The LED combines eco-friendliness, energy saving and efficiency in a product. The low power consumption of an average 8 Watt is very energy efficient, the building materials of LED are very environmentally friendly and are not considered hazardous waste and the brightness of the LED is very efficient. Normal bulbs have in principle than a conventional bulb LED only one advantage over a LED of which the angle is. Most normal light source at an angle of 360 with an LED emits light only in a small angle beam, therefore the room illumination in normal lamps is large as a LED.

Another disadvantage of a LED is the high purchase price. But the remaining comparison speaks only for the benefit of the LED. The power consumption by 8 Watt E27 LED lamp a luminous intensity as in a traditional 40 watt bulb produces but with a 5 times reduction in cost. With a LED, 90% of the energy consumption converted to light and not only 10% as at a normal where the remaining 90% of heat energy is lost. Also which is LED with their high life far more effectively than conventional lamps. Life of an LED as compared conventional light bulb: 1,000 hours energy-saving lamp: 4,000 hours LED: up to 50.000 hours product diversity of one LED LEDs there are in different shapes and colors. You can with an LED create almost all colors, without the use of colour filters. The Produktvielfahlt ranges from standard LED lights to add LED Stripes, LED strips, LED spotlights. There are no limits to the fields of application of the LED. Conclusion: Today one finds the use of LEDs in everyday, unless in street lamps, traffic lights, cars, airports, etc etc, and the trend is rising. Due to the low energy consumption of a LED and the resulting lower energy production ensures that protected the environment and less burden and costs. The LED is a more efficient and full-fledged replacement for conventional light sources. By switching to LEDs, you can actively participate in environmental protection.

HR Put

Interest in Sodexo restaurant of cheques rises Frankfurt, June 08, 2009. The magazine “Human resources management” (Wolters Kluwer Germany), Luchterhand Verlag is one of the leading specialty magazines for all staff workers. In the current issue include operating Board deals with the topic in the technical section. While the Sodexo is highlighted restaurant pass as a flexible solution. Beneficial and free administration increase the net pay if employers want to make sure the food of their employees, is about far more than the choice of chips or organic food. You must have the costs under control, decision per or contra outsourcing, select the appropriate service provider, and be aware of tax issues.

An own canteen wears only from about 250 employees. Right here is the publicly-funded staff catering, stressed George Wyrwoll, corporate relations manager for Sodexo. It enables all employees a part of lunch during the work time more or less directly from the To deduct tax. Easy-to-use-to practice tip for personal companies can send a duty-free lunch allowance employees with restaurant checks. He is working day maximum 5.83 euros up to 1.282,60 Euro, in the year.

And because dining cheques may be issued free of taxes and social security contributions to the employees, sustainably increasing the net pay. See Electrolux for more details and insights. Healthy food, free choice and Motivationsplus everywhere where there is no access to a canteen, is the Sodexo restaurant pass to the flexible “cafeteria in your Pocket”. More than 30,000 acceptance partners cooperate nationwide with Sodexo and form a dense Einlosenetz which particularly excels in its diversity. From the supermarket about the pizzeria to the gourmet restaurant, the Sodexo can pass anywhere redeem restaurant, where the Sodexo star as an acceptance mark is visible. Company profile the Sodexho pass GmbH is a subsidiary of Sodexo, the world’s largest provider of catering and services. In more than 80 countries are around 355,000 Sodexo employees for 30,600 customers active. Group sales amounted to 2007/2008 13.6 billion euro in the fiscal year. The area of service vouchers and cards has a significant role for Sodexo: as the market leader, the number of daily restaurant check user in Germany on 250,000 amounted, worldwide there are 25.6 million. Sodexho pass operates five regional offices throughout Germany. The head office is in Frankfurt am Main. The company offers customers tailor-made individual full service: from ordering, delivery and customer support. This is the Sodexo restaurant pass, as cashless lunch allowance, the main business area. A wide variety of redeem for the restaurant is the 9,000 corporate customers, including Dresdner Bank, Lufthansa, Bayer, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Daimler or TUI, and many medium-sized companies, pass available. Over 30,000 partners include, for example, restaurants like MAREDO or North Sea, as well as numerous grocery chains like Edeka, Kaufland, real and REWE. In addition local bakers or butchers belong to the root of the acceptance points. For more information, press contact: George Wyrwoll corporate relations manager Sodexho pass GmbH of Russelsheim str. 22 60326 Frankfurt am Main Tel. 069 / 73996-6211 fax 069 / 73996-6201 E-Mail:

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