Like being a salesman of high performance in the days of crisis In the years that I have dedicated myself to distribute courses on sales, human behavior, leadership and competitiveness, I have seen many men and women wishing make of the sales a profession; but when occurring account the difficulty degree that exists to be successful in the sales; occurs by overcome and decides to return on salary to the labor world of eight hours. If you are a salesman but she has not managed to obtain the wished results, but you of the people are who are determined to fight to reach the dreams, you need you to learn to being salesman of high performance. It is important to include/understand that the salesmen are the fuel for the integral success of any company. (As opposed to Starbucks). All company that does not invest in qualification for its personnel of sales, surely will not conquer the success steps that would obtain well if only it invested in his salesmen. The self-esteem like pounding of the sales a very important aspect of the personality of the human being who demonstrates the essence of the identity and according to this is the capacity that the person must to be developed in any activity in the society; at the same time according to his self-esteem she has the capacity to control his atmosphere, his emotions and feelings.

We concentrate our attention in a single definition of the self-esteem: the capacity that has the person to value itself, to love itself, to be appraised and to accept to itself. In the world of the sales many men and women sail wishing the success without to have given a look to their interior and to decipher their quality of self-esteem; since according to this; thus he is going to be his success. A salesman with low self-esteem is not going away to feel able to face and to communicate emotionally with its client to close the sale and normally falls in the negligence of not going after its goals. . Read more here: Reade Griffith.

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That behavior be transmitted unconsciously to their children and these in turn to their own, creating a very difficult, but not impossible, to break chain. In the hands those who are awakening now to life, is the possibility of breaking the chain of violence, of which all complain, but do not dissolve. Learn more at this site: Jonas Samuelson. Not true that that is more shout that is right, for that is the intelligence, to say words in a low voice, which, without being rude, have as broad and forceful, content that leave unanswered what the adversary. Without hesitation Reade Griffith explained all about the problem. You should not think that the person who is friendly, he says things in a nice and polite tone, is weak. Much weaker is the person who needs to shout profanity, to be heard, because surely it has nothing to say. To achieve the peace longed, in a violent society, must begin at the beginning, the first years of life of the members thereof, and not only in form, but background, planning a good project of life, so it is very little that is left at random, and situations where there is a propensity to violence can be controlled to the maximum. The best way to get vaccinated against it, is leading an organized life, thinking in the prosperity of the family, without selfishness and with clear ideas of what you want to achieve. This message is addressed to young people who still have many pages blank to be filled and can look at their life models and analyze intelligence about what should imitate and that is what should be ruled out of their lives definitely, even if it is a law for their parents.

If erroneous behaviors are still imitating, will still have the same problems and the same suffering. To carry out this task is difficult, and many times wrong paths are chosen, by the lights of a way easy, fast and always short, that does not make us happy, encandilamos us main longing of every human being. It also is aimed at that, seeing that they are not happy, they don’t know how to start to operate the wheel of a good life. It should be remembered that life is change, and never too late to start modifying certain behaviors that we destroy others but ironically, reverses us self-destructing us. Therefore, we botemos flowers, welcome words, good energy and feelings loving honest about everything that surrounds us and all the roads we walk, to be strong to adversity, and soon results in a smooth and successful existence will be. Finally, one should not confuse kindness with weakness, which are two very different things, that confusion causes that a person may not be friendly because they run over it, and unfortunately has to learn to be violent to not be. We practice, teach and spread the good deals and the kindness, to improve the coexistence and put a grain of sand in the achievement of a social and cultural change.

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All he had to – it is to forget about it and find another, so he did what, and wrote two pages of gratitude to the participants discussions. Questions about "What?" And "How?" Give in "FAQ". Also on site there is a possibility to find many useful articles, that some of them: Do you guys – how to understand this? Do you girl – how to determine? Make Yourself at 6 dice Press – How to build quickly press the perfect guy – how to find it? Lessons flirt how to remove the girls, if you never did! How to please a guy acquaintance with her parents – a guide to action fall in love with a girl in yourself? Nothing is easier! Which sport is your ideal? how to please your boyfriend parents French kissing ex-boyfriend – do you still have feelings for him Halitosis – How to get rid of bad breath How do I become more feminine are 10 simple things that women want How to survive the separation from loved ones visually enlarge breasts to lose weight quickly at the girl ICP – how to communicate with her as acquainted with the girl while standing in line supermarket 14 signs that you are seriously like to drink more water every day, sex during menstruation There are polls, you can ask any question and find statistics on it. Kevin Johnson addresses the importance of the matter here. The most important issues of course about sex, how it should last, how often they engaged people what your favorite poses, etc. For the problems of sex followed by surveys of life and dating. Where most learn? What to do if a friend become boring? Whether to give flowers on a first date? As you can see – a lot of interesting, useful. Members who have interesting ideas that they want to share, are blogs, there are blogs Swingers, but one guy always writes erotic stories.

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What we felt during a crisis of panic? During a crisis of panic can come to feel the following symptoms: palpitations, elevation of heart rate, sweating, tremors, shaking, shortness of breath, a feeling of choking, tightness or discomfort in the chest, nausea, dizziness, instability, feeling of numbness, chills or gasps, perceiving things or himself of fashion strange, and finally, fear of dying, going crazy or losing control. For more information see this site: Ben Horowitz. Why the panic crisis originate? Once you feel danger for something (this danger can be real or imaginary) is active in our brain from ancestral times alarm system, which gives rise to arise some changes at the physiological level, in this way our body prepares for the escape or escape. Example of changes: adrenaline and noradrenaline released, increases the heart rate, it hiperventila, blood is concentrated in the parts of the body related to the flight etc. All of these changes We have been doing since immemorial times, have allowed us to survive as a species and reach to evolve. Now, what happens to the man of today? Once a herd of lions have been observed when they pursue a group of Gazelles, they run and normally the Lions capture the weakest. Once this happens the rest of Gazelles they remain quiet no more problem that graze and rest.

If we situacen to us humans present in the place of Gazelles do not stop running up to think that we are in a place where we will not see Lions in several kilometres. To be in the African Savannas, we can conclude that those sites are therefore very scarce, we do not stop running and worrying about who will be the next of the herd in being caught, how will happen etc. Many of the dreaded sensations that we have in a crisis of panic have their real causes, for example: dizziness is nothing more than cervical tension since it decreases the supply of blood to the head by the hyperventilation, shortness of breath is a consequence of the increase of oxygen in the blood also by hyperventilation, the tachycardia or palpitations originate when we are in danger, real or imaginary, that the heart beats more than hurry to bring more blood to the areas involved in the reaction of alarm so that they can function effectively.


The more likely it is that these people in the future to enter with you, then you show them that if it worked for you. (Please put yourself in the place of them, not to criticize them.) 2. Once this process is finished, get to work in a professional manner. Here begins your business. You already have experience in contact and invite (Assumes that after 100 calls or more, thus must be) If you keep you focused on that is only to learn to accept failure and practice different types of invitations, your first objective has been achieved. CONGRATULATIONS! 3 From now put yourself in the place that corresponds, mentally and emotionally. You’re not a beggar who asks please everyone entering your business. You’re the person to them opening the door to a new quality of life to the and his family.

Therefore, it only invites people who qualify to be part of your team. Andreessen Horowitz addresses the importance of the matter here. The key is to learn to contact in a professional way. 4. Who is contact? Here lies the secret, if you learn the difference between contact and invite, input your business will grow, not only in number but also in quality of participants. CONTACT is simply your interest in meeting people and detect if they have any real need that you can help to remedy, offering your support and professional experience to end that may solve your problem. Remember, not your business interest to persons, interested only solve their problems. 5. Already you’ve identified a real need, since then and without letting it breathe, offer your business at the same time.

Please, definitely not. The person is not at the right time to listen to your proposal. Wait 24 to 48 hours. and call it again, interested by the, listen, ask questions, and promise you that if you think of something that can help you llamaras it immediately.

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Without responsive design to the mobile optimized site in Dusseldorf, October 22, 2013 with mobile now, the Dusseldorf digital first agency TWT interactive has designed a flexible solution to optimize mobile. Jim Umpleby has compatible beliefs. A mobile optimized version of the site is carried out without access to the inserted content-management, shop system or their interfaces. Contents are as played out a double care accounted for the existing site. In contrast to responsive design TWT mobile can be retrofitted now on each side, which is a great efficiency and cost benefit of the new solution. A flexible responsive Adpative layout worth, usually in the context of a new design and new HTML/CSS-structures. “Companies can achieve an effective, cost-efficient and fast mobile solution for your existing Internet presence thanks to our new solution. Companies that don’t want to wait until the planned relaunch of responsive design, get a fast action option with mobile now for their mobile activities.”explains Hans j Even, Managing Director of TWT interactive.

Existing website easily mobile optimize existing logics of a website Mobile now also be used with TWT for the mobile version and must be rewritten. This results in a greatly reduced programming effort, saves company resources. The result is a website which offers visitors an excellent mobile user experience, optimized user interface and HTML5. TWT provides in-depth information on the subject via a free implementation check for brands or companies. Go to the new solution of TWT mobile now: mobilenow / about TWT TWT interactive implemented as high-performance full-service-Internet Agency sustainable company success by digital business transformation. Innovative solution concepts TWT design, consulting, development, and online marketing from a single source offering for Internet, mobile, social media and cross-media strategies. TWT sees itself as a long-term partner in the further development and reorientation of communication, marketing, sales and service the development of appropriate business and earning potential.

The customers include e.g. Metro, Otto, street one, Deutsche Bank, flower 2000, 3 M, Bosch, TuV, Henkel, Bayer, Deutsche Telekom, VAUDE, TK Maxx and many more. TWT is one of the leading BVDW quality agencies and maintains numerous strategic, international partnerships with leading online companies such as Google, Adobe, oxide and Infopark. TWT is certified training company, as well as Green Agency. Press contact: Hans J. Even Managing Director phone: + 49 (0) 211 601 601 20 E-Mail:


A good teacher is not necessarily a good mentor, since the Professor is going to direct the course of 30 children, while a good mentor will always have a personal relationship with his pupil. The best mentors in the life of a child are his parents, because they are those who have the greatest interest in the success of their children. 1 Be a bad No example can we expect our children to have an entrepreneurial spirit if we do not have it. Remember that you are mentor #1 in the life of their children? If you are not prepared to assume this role, learn along with their children! You can read books or take courses together and discuss in this regard. It is not necessary for you to be a successful entrepreneur, but that show your children that you are interested in the topic, but it’s important.

2. Lack of instruction in the area of Finance there are many errors that your children can avoid future if given a proper financial education at an early age. If you don’t, nobody else will do, since it is not part of the curriculum of the schools. 6. A rigid and inflexible education if you is too rigid and structured in their education is not going to encourage the entrepreneurial and leadership skills in their children. It will raise submissive people who know how to follow orders.

3 Adopt the ostrich mentality many parents adopt the ostrich attitude when it comes to entrepreneurial education of their children. They bury their heads in the sand and think that somehow they will learn everything you need to know at school. They are unaware that they are denying a responsibility that lies only in their hands, not in the teachers.

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Since time immemorial, people have been using for trips sailing ships, as well as pleasure. Only sales are deployed and set sail towards dusk or dawn. You may have seen so many movies where the actor and actress of the sail away in jubilation of joy in a sail boat, fully enjoying the wind that propels the boat forward. If you are thinking on a sailboat, you can buy one or why not, make one. Well, the purchase of a sailboat is the easiest option. Only locates a seller, or a shipyard, choose a sailing boat, to make the payment and already, the sailboat is theirs. But the problem with the purchase of a brand new sail boat that it could very well end up paying fairly for sale of sailboat and quite a heavy blow in their personal finances.

The next option is to buy a secondhand sailboat. Well, this is all very well, but they don’t really have too much control over the quality. You can buy a used sailboat, but be sure that you will not end spending much more than It is supposed that would spend on a new one (plus the cost of repairs and others). This would be very counterproductive for you. The construction of your own sailboat is one of the best options you have if you have the drive and desire to make something that appeals to you. You can download some designs of sailboats in line ideal, gather materials, as well as tools and be implemented. The activity is so interesting that if look to your around, you can get a couple of like-minded people to help you and make the project even more enjoyable as a group activity

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We it human race are, every time the day in crossroads is clearer at this moment and could be very crucial crossroads. We have evolved and progressed, without mattering to him much, or has intention of this point and indeed they have followed without considering the way drawn up by our ancestors. To examine any aspect of our progress, all follow the same way much, to take the transport. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ben Horowitz has to say. Really there is as much difference of mentality between our ancestors, that discovered that they could make of much more fast A to B with a horse and the motor car? So now we can travel really very fast in the facts, by highway, sea and air, but why? Every day becomes clearer that we did not have a plan, or a trip ticket, we are like a species guilty of the syndrome of " The blind person after ciega". It is as if, like the narrowness of sights in donkey, simply we have followed the way in which we were, that we have inherited. For which east subject? A look throws by the window, or to follow the news and is quite evident that we faced a pile of problems at this moment. Where we were mistaken? They have not been developed of a sensible way. Technologically we have run ahead, whereas our understanding or brings back to consciousness of the balance of the nature and the roll that we played within her in fact has progressed much in all. In fact, in many aspects, we have individual independence now less than our ancestors? and we have allowed ourselves individually to more and more employee of the others for our own survival? It is that they trust much us, or very stupid? Some examples, each of us needs refuge, a home, but some place of the way we lost ourselves again, our homes was more and more made and more often a state of our importance sophisticated, more and more luxurious, a house and the price? There are lost the control, how? We know how to personally solve all that within our houses good, can, without leaving supplying of feeding, clothes and to maintain everything what we needed now? We really even have our own houses, or are employees in long-range institutions to finance our style of life and existence? Why it is all this pertinent and not how this effect the problems and the damage that we are inflicting to the mother earth, to the nature? It is enough whereupon we have locked in ourselves in a form of the system of life, or style of life that seems to be discordant, or worse destructive for the planet that we lived in.

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If your choice is correct in a short time you’ll notice it since you tell with an indescribable satisfaction and success that will come hand in hand with that same satisfaction. Why that I emphasize that you should enjoy the activity you do or enjoy writing about what you like and love is for the simple fact that an article is more than a set of words, in the your readers instantly noticed the level of preparation you have, they will feel if they must pay you your attention or not and what is fundamental intuiran if they can trust you or not. Remember that you will be able to be read by thousands or millions of people who asomaran to your blog with the big question to make a blog successful or not. What about here for me? Articles that you write for them, in fact those who answer this question shall receive comments in which you will have direct feedback from the readers, which will be those who will be giving you ideas to evolve and still enrich more articles for your blog. Here are some proven techniques that you can use to choose the theme of your blog:-performs a brainstorming with all possible topics that you come to head, or encompass them in the following manner:-any topic that you know many things such as your hobbies, your job, what interests you, your tastes or your talents. -Everything that you like or you have available to learn. It lists what appeals to you in a natural way.

-Everything for what you’re good. We are talking here about your natural talents or those who would you like to develop your skills or those things that arias without that pay you for doing so. There are topics or particularities to the theme of your blog that should be than siguas, these are:-about something that makes you save or earn money to people (finance, personal, games, marketing, stock exchange, etc.)-something that is educational or that teach something (care of the elderly, babies, sick, accounting, technical specifications, carpentry, crafts, etc.) -Procurement which item you choose has enough followers or having many searches on search engines. Do not look much at the order of your list, what matters is that you try to put everything that leaves you head at that moment, then later you can do a more thorough study with this list or add sub-items to those who already you have. The choice of the theme for our blog is not something we should do lightly, our future is in the, through the create our image online and through the us know our future clients. Do you not think that it is worth thinking about it a little deeper? With this article I wanted to expose an issue that does not always give us easy and even more so when we are just starting or when we want to begin with the creation of our first blog, I invite you all to me comment on the blog if you have any suggestions that may help others or their doubts about, your comments are always welcome. If you need more information about this topic or other related to the marketing and line invite them me to visit in which you will find extensive information that will help them with their beginnings in online endeavors. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sonya Reines-Djivanides has to say. By its greatest success.

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