Power Inside

Throughout the history of humanity have always lived with a series of fears, this situation affects our self-esteem, spiritual and also our physical health, many people are afraid to situations such as the following: illness, theft, to be alone, to lose its financial position, dismissal, death, etc. It initially appeared that there are strong reasons to justify all these fears, from a conscious point of view seems to have some logic, but when we understand the internal processes everything negative begins to disappear gradually. How can you rid of their fears? The best way to achieve this is knowing itself in all its fullness, traditionally have lived with the belief that everything that exists is external to our existence, say that each person, event is independent of us, this is false, we govern ourselves our own world, but to understand it is necessary to thoroughly understand what the spiritual laws that govern the universe. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jim Umpleby and gain more knowledge.. Every time that you see all over the world as an external experience is normal have big fears because you believe that you cannot control circumstances, but once you understand that your world is within you then Yes you can control your own life, in the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt show principles to understand because you created and owns his world, by reading this book you will understand how works power and can eliminate all fears in his lifeany negative idea and guilt will disappear, then will begin to flow into the current creator of the universe and will experience beautiful things. Through reading the book I’m happy, I’m rich you’ll learn the way to send positive messages only to other people, which will cause you only may be before events, circumstances and people according to their purposes, these techniques allow you take control of your life and the fact of being able to heal his own universe. .

Latin American Cuisine

This week we will make a parenthesis in articles of Latin American cuisine. The reason is to respond to a request to they have us from Spain after publishing on the internet my recipes, a series of French pastry recipes portal. Exactly 25 years ago we were in France, entering through the port of Calais still did not exist the Eurotunnel and hence went to the city to Amiens, later Paris; later after traveling Europe with the famous pass of Euralpass train, we pass by Marseille, Nice, Monaco and San Remo. They were our first contacts with the French baguette, brioche bread, the profiteroles, cake opera and the eclair since then recognize the French pastry shop as one of the most sophisticated and fine world, characterized by the use of certain ingredients and certain techniques that have made your pastry world class. More info: Jim Umpleby. We read in Le lace Bleu Dessert Techniques techniques culinary for dessert of Le Cordon Bleu publication of the most famous and prestigious school of kitchen of the world, that the dessert is the finale of a meal and as such should be a visual and sensual triumph of harmonic perfection, supplementing the tastes and flavors of the previous dishes. French desserts have transcended borders are available anywhere in the world.

From thousand leaves, which is a dessert made with the characterised by multilayer puff pastry filled with pastry cream. In Venezuela there is a tradition of filling the millefeuille with sweet milk or arequipe. Who has not tested the saint honore, a combination of textures of the chouxs profiterole with cream of saint honore and the blond caramel. Then we have the classic cake opera, named so in honor of the theatre of the opera, reinforced with layers of sponge cake, coffee cream and chocolate ganache, with a mirror made of the same ganache finished. Say French cakes for tea called friands which means sweet or savory, financial calls in Spanish that are prepared with butter, brown sugar, egg whites, flour, toasted almonds and powdered sugar.

Rosa Parks

I want to put an end to the tax benefits granted to companies that relocate the jobs and give a tax credit to companies that create jobs here in the United States, helping, also immediately families, people are talking about only the financial crisis, not to mention those relating to energy, food, the environment requires a stroke of rudder which should not be taken by economists who have already failed but by those who have an orientation based on the reality of a round world capable react due to the distinctive creative capacity of human beings. A new for the new President was that it opens with the collapse of an economic system that has excluded and marginalized, which has preferred a plutocracy (G-7 / G-8) to the multilateral and democratic system that represents the UN, which must now be very quickly, deeply reformed, including the World Trade Organization, the IMF and the World Bank for reconstruction and developmentThey must fulfill the missions for which were created by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944. It will be a President exceptional because it is able to inspire citizens and by unifying their candidacy nature because he knows to convince the American people and the world that United States is going to be renewed. Be renewed. United States and the entire world. Again, democratic values. Again, the hope.

Again, inventing the future. Again, the role of the young generations. Again, the conviction that together, we can. Again, freedom. Obama not already run the risk of being which has revolutionized a system that was clear who should suffer a profound and urgent change. Already not be may accuse him of having disrupted what only a few months ago the architects and beneficiaries of globalization and the market economy were still presenting as great solution.

Obama comes at a time when a new model is desired by almost everyone. And it means, against the inertia, merit, ability to innovate, solidarity. We need new leaders for new times, with major transitions. Force to the word. A culture of violence and war to a culture of dialogue, conciliation and peace. Major crises, large opportunities. No more resignation. The time of the revolt peaceful but firm in favor of human redemption has arrived. We are going to be all black civil rights activist, Rosa Parks, and are not going to give up the seat we use (she on a bus, we in the world) for reaching the destination of that other possible world we desire without delay. I have had a dream. I have dreamed the dream of Martin Luther King, the dream of equality, justice and freedom. Obama, American black, President of the United States!

Emperor Carlos

A hard blow to the Church: the reform this social class, ruined by the wars and the ambitions of the aristocracy, was always in continuous stalking seek new lands. Ben Horowitz has much to offer in this field. When sprouted new Renaissance airs and humanist, interested, they were the first to accede and to finance them. They had a founded reason: any event that undermined the authority of the Church, served them to enrostrar them your spiritual task and the counterproductive form with which cornered new fiefs. Credit: Alphabet-2011. The appearance of Luther gave them a sensational opportunity of facing the clergy without being punished with excommunication. At the beginning of the 16th century, the power of the movement was picked up and protected by those gentlemen who instilled in them in their lands. The issue became so serious that in 1521 the Emperor Carlos V of the Holy Roman Empire (which also reigned in Spain as Carlos I between 1500-1558) There was to convene the diet of Worms and in 1530, the diet of Augsburg to reconcile both doctrines.

His effort was futile. It was not for less. The Church, whose moral and ecclesiastical decadence was obvious, had reached the end of selling indulgences, a document that was acquired to supposedly waive the passage of the soul through purgatory. This outrageous practice and shamefully deceiver, was denounced by Luther, who denounced the fraud thus starting the war between the two sides. Lutheranism began an aggressive process of catequizacion in Europe, founded mainly in disregard to the Catholic Church as the only option and half religious, the dissemination of the content of the Bible (previously reserved only for the clergy), the worship of Saints and images, and ignorance of the majority of Christian sacraments except baptism and the Eucharist.

Emperor Carlos V, Catholic staunch, ordered his persecution. The Church, for its part, excommunicated him. Luther died in 1546, the growth of that faith and the rebellion of the nobles compelieron Carlos v (despite winning the battle of Muhlberg in 1547) to accept the conditions in 1555 and noble rebels signed the peace of Augsburg.


And it may be, also, that is you believe it is both discover how is cost above assert? by way of defence? that this governance has served as never before to the citizenry, to the entire country, but at the same time does not seem capable of protecting it. Go that it is difficult, if to the moment in which you persuade the parishioner so that you do not atropellen you should get away and look at more later? from step?! how the driver touches the ass Prosecutor! And it is not you accuse you of slight or accommodative, from the angle of the ideological. Do not. For this reason it is not. You can feel revolutionary, person who takes risks every day on the street and boasts of it, mixing with his people, incapable of moving his support to the management of Government, Government that, despite the flaws, aspires to the beauty of humanizing the man; but it is clear that not all the country is like you who is patriotic and revolution with the Government, forgiving of details, although those details sometimes almost kill him. Gain insight and clarity with Jim Umpleby. You know with disappointment, he has read many loose hearts, these compromising, palpitating of conveniences of the moment, majority if by majority. And there are many of them on the streets, raising his voice, jumping the curb, saving his life, imploring God for a settlement, creating that that the technicians call an array of opinion. Wow, not is that you are bravo with Chavez.

You know the whole thing which is. You know that it is safer that he does not know of the problem, and that the lower levels of Government are the real culprits. But you arrecha equally, because it gives you courage that the opponent argued that you away from people, which is mounted in a car, on a plane, in a presidential chair, and take then distance national everyday (even if the President says many times coming out incognito to traverse City); tell him that this Government gradually is not of this world. It alebresta although, as we have already said, we are clear in that things are not so necessarily, but fanatical of the opponent or the weak mouth mental and ideological. Ay, ay! And what is worse, because not in opposition squalid soul, but on their own: turns on its head the conviction that Government is an orphan on public assistance, that which is related to propaganda, the matrices of opinion and surveys. Why? Overdid, is slow to react! For example, you have mounted the opposition already thousands of desacreditadoras campaigns through its media and now was that, after ten years, he reacted by inserting at waist to some stations; the problem of hoarding and barely, killed after losing electoral points, was that he reacted to bring to heel the thief; screwed him the hucksters with daily uncertainty created in pathways, and pum!, recently is that it is solving the roll. All this after opposition political, perfidious and recalcitrant, you

Lebanon Government

With Erdogan in Turkey, with Ahmadinejad in Iran, with Algeria reeling by the attacks of the jihadists; with the spread of the pseudo wave democratic human rights in countries where the political divergence were ever tolerated nor never anyone’s rights were respected. The Maghreb and Middle East are falling under the domination of religious murderers. When, in the coming months, let’s see what happened instead of democracy is that fans will be ruling, any war will have to start and what better to start against Israel. The progressive press Zionist anti Muslims and neocomunistas Governments also supports, particularly Latin Americans. The UN is a garbage dump.

Obama is the weakest of the history Chairman. a> is the source. What better opportunity to pounce against the Empire? BO doesn’t want to even hear a comment against islam, which is a religion of peace and love for him. The only ones who begin to awaken the Islamic nightmare are the Europeans, who are more than tired of the excesses of its millions of immigrants spread. How will be the next war? Just like the economy and telecommunications, it will be global. Discriminatory measures obliging Muslims put on ships and planes returning them to their countries of origin must be taken in Europe. We will remind to Nazism? No doubt that Yes.

The big difference is that the Jews never tried to impose their religion, modes or customs on anyone. They were always peaceful victims of hatred and irrational jealousy. In the Middle East, Israel will have to defend themselves with all their power. You must return to the Sinai; feel absolute sovereignty over Judea and Samaria; dispatch Palestinians to Amman; finish with Hezbollah protecting Christians in the Lebanon Government to take. You will need to destroy Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank. It must attack Iran if Ahmadinejad gets in the dance, which is more than sure that it will do so, and probably there will be clashes with Turkey. Does Israel do all that alone? No, It needs the support of the United States and Europe, which will enter into the battle for its own survival. There is no doubt that West will triumph. Muslim fanatics, like all fans, are unable to see the reality and do not perceive even remotely the dimension of the strength of the free world military. In North America there will be violent Muslim pro movements led by islam and the ultra left will be laminated. In Latin America, it will happen the same, with the difference that neocomunistas Governments will not do anything to counteract them. The politically correct war, imposed by the progressive media about the armies of Judeo-Christian, so that they act as if they were fighting against innocent creatures who have to try to do no unnecessary harm, will end, passing to the annals of the history of human stupidity. The future is death. original author and source of the article.

Latin American Governments

A. its base through military in Honduras Pentagon military intelligence agents maintained close contacts both to carry out the policies as to keep track of all the political movements by all political actors. As Honduras is so heavily militarised has served as a major base for American military intervention in the region: in 1954 the coup was launched from Honduras successfully backed by the United States against the democratically elected Guatemalan President. The Cuban exile invasion orchestrated by the United States was launched from Honduras in 1960. From 1981 to 1989 United States funded and trained more than 20,000 in Honduras against mercenaries who formed the army of death squads to attack the democratically elected Nicaraguan sandinista Government. The United States-backed coup in Honduras demonstrates that, unlike in the early 1980s, when President Ronald Reagan invaded Grenada and President George Bush (father) invaded Panama, the situation and the political profile of Latin America (and the rest of the world) have changed dramatically. Through its support to the military coup, Washington reminds countries of Latin America United States still has the capacity to implement its policies through the Latin American military elites, it has already reaffirmed U.S. political and diplomatic isolation in the hemisphere.

The Obama regime is the only major countries that has kept its Ambassador in Honduras, the only country that refuses to consider the military coup as a coup, and the only one which maintains the economic and military aid. Conclusions: The real question is not whether Latin America has moved to the left but what far to the left has moved. The majority of Latin American Governments, one way or another have sought to distance themselves from the United States in one degree or another. American power in the world system, and in particular the concern of United States by wars that comes losing in the Middle East, they have dried the political energy that previously moved strongly in Latin America.

Government Paisnuestro

Mexico this fighting of a war lost, there is no other way to put it. Andreessen Horowitz usually is spot on. No matter that so many drug traffickers our President put behind bars new ones will emerge to take their place, thats a fact. However not so must cross US arms and allow these criminals to get to our Government Paisnuestro this fighting against a new type of offender, take a look at. First the famous Zetas, a paramilitary group made up mainly of former who received the best workouts. Then this new generation of drug traffickers, narco juniors. The drug traffickers today are no longer the same stereotype before.

Mere groupers tend not to use boots, hats, weapons with embedded jewels and gold chains. The today’s used clothes of luxury that uses any young professional in Mexico or in the United States. Vicente Carrillo, son of Amado Carillo, was apprehended using a few pants brand Abercrombie and Fitch and Vicente Zambada, son of may the Ismael Zambada, was arrested using jeans, a normal shirt and one bag like any other. Not only this if not that they have college education and are extremely discrete. Traffickers before were a challenge for our police officers, this new generation is still a threat more big since they generally have a low degree of education and abysmal wages making them prone to corruption. Solution not this continue shopping weapons of high calibre to the U.S. but also in providing a better education to our policemen and preparing them better.

Chairman Of The Regional Government

It is very sad to see how platforms that boast of free opinion without censorship, are not more than servants of rateros with silver around the world. If srs that is the sad reality, because when a thief of the Amazon rain forest is postulated to be Chairman of the Regional Government of Loreto then that came out of politics in a sea of accusations and has been sentenced by the Judicial power of Peru by official crimes, these platforms, they hide the visits that are made to the articles of these rateros, and even send us messages telling there is one complaint expires that is why the article has been banned… I know my lawyers at least to me not I have notified of any pending complaint other than that I reported the Commissioner of Pueblo Libre that unscathed, free, sali acquitted to be confirmed, check, that had been made to protect the drug trade in the District of Pueblo Libre Lima Peru, as also of a papeluchero of a seedy district idiot, which said that I the defamed, aggrieved had in his honor tremendously and that never was able to present even a witness for test your complaint by difamasion and term being filed by the judiciary. Gain insight and clarity with Sergey Brin. And is that in Peru there are number of assholes with silver after stealing their people are presented with the shell mas grande del mundo to new elections and even presented as victims, as aggrieved by the Court. But we all know in Peru who is Rivadenyera, Severo Linares, in Loreto, a couple of hedonists who from time to time return to public charges to fatten more their accounts in banks. My articles are outlaws, after being approved, my forbidden publications as if it will affect to the King of Spain, as if affect an illustrious character clean and white as snow. According to Daybreak Games, who has experience with these questions.

Italian Government

/ The Executive obtained the confidence of the Chamber of Deputies with 316 votes for, 284 against and 2 abstentions. It assumes an indicative test result that can get in the final vote of the 79,000 million adjustment approved by the Senate plan. Silvio Berlusconi’s Government has passed this Friday in the Italian lower House a vote of confidence on his plan of 79,000 euros million adjustment for 2011-2014 that paves the way to final approval. Learn more at: Caterpillar Inc.. The Executive obtained the confidence of the Chamber of Deputies COS n 316 votes for, 284 against and 2 abstentions, which assumes an indicative test result that can arrive in the final vote of the adjustment plan, expected around 1800 hours. The Minister for relations with Parliament, Elio Vito, was commissioned to raise this issue of trust to the approval of the plan of adjustment without amendments or additional articles, with what the text that comes out of the Chamber of Deputies (low) today will be the same approved Thursday by the Senate.

The austerity plan, which aims to achieve the balance in the public accounts in 2014, consists of four phases of cuts: 3 billion euros for 2011, 6 billion euros by 2012, and 25,000 and 45,000 million euros for 2013 and 2014, respectively, which leaves the greatest weight savings for the next legislature. Health care co-payment focuses his desire for savings and fund-raising for the public coffers in cuts to pensions and delay the retirement age, as well as the reduction of tax benefits for matters like having dependent children, the point most criticized by the consequences it will bring for the economy of the families. This last measure measurement is automatically applied whenever that is not developed in the Parliament before the 30 September 2013 Bill tax reform framework approved by the Government also on June 30 and 1,000 pounds more on average tax for families can make in two years. Also reintroduces health care co-payment, by which the Italians will pay 10 euros for visits with medical specialists and 25 euros per emergency services that do not require hospital admission, and provides for the payment of a tax on bank deposits of up to 1,100 euros for superiors to 500,000 euros. Filed under: Jim Umpleby. Source of the news: the Italian Government exceeds a vote of confidence prior to the plan of austerity

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