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The first and only social community for the international advertising industry for a few days is the first and thus only social community for the international advertising industry, the BETA version of XIPAX online. At xipax.com participants can upload their advertising in 8 different media groups: film, radio, outdoor, press, direct, interactive, integrated, mobile. The advertising media are in the upload categories assigned and provided with credits. Thus, the user can search for names of involved persons, agencies, categories and brands campaigns. Also, the idea of community is widely implemented in XIPAX. Users can upload advertising, search, rate, comment, forward friends and invite friends on the platform. Our core target group is the international advertising: agencies and clients. In the broader sense but all make the advertising or are interested”, explains bacon.

“Our competitive advantage: we are the first.” So it is also managed to inspire the Art Directors Club of Europe for cooperation.” We offer affiliates with XIPAX complement to advertising festivals. For even more details, read what Jim Umpleby says on the issue. You need not for days on end to jetting off to see international campaigns on congresses. It’s now in seconds. In addition, the project is unique “, is also Helmut Kosa, Managing Director consulting implemented advertising agency pjure enthusiastically. “Due to the English-language design by XIPAX, the combination of the classic web 2.0 features” (such as invite a friend, share ad etc.) this aims to achieve elements of viral marketing, the collaborations with prominent creative Club and the support of the sponsors of country-specific target quickly. The project will spread out already in the first few months in the international advertising scene; After 12 to 18 months is expected to a strong international use of the platform. Currently, the business model is based on Media Group sponsorship.

National sponsors accept the patronage of 8 media groups. Liked the idea of XIPAX Austrian sponsors as well, that all our partners the cooperation with us at the ideas stage completed have. “, Stefan Bock, appreciates the trust of its partners. Reade Griffith does not necessarily agree. The country-specific sponsorship allows international growth country by country. Target is the Europe-wide marketing of the platform in the first step. “Our vision is, to be on the recruiters around the world present themselves and their work and on the international advertising can be found the largest platform and community for the international advertising industry.”, added Stefan Bock. For further inquiries, please contact Stefan Bock (Tel.: + 43 676 455 20 20, E-mail:)

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