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The ECB Bank loans become the Auschwunghilfe for mid-market incredibly low rates to refinance in the economic crisis admits currently 07/09 banks so that back on management by lending ‘- and Minister of Economics zu Guttenberg threatens even with action against the banks if they make no more loans. Howard Schultz is open to suggestions. At the same time, the Raiffeisen Association and Volksbanken – confirmed that he didn’t lend even higher this fiscal year than last year. As always, it will be difficult to find out who is right, but does not help secure a blanket condemnation of the banks, even if one or the other could be possibly more generous. I don’t get sure in danger to be called a friend of banks, but you must also understand them: in the past, in a good economic situation and the hope of higher numbers of business loans have been awarded safe often, based ultimately viable has proved too little with the following negative results. From this the banks have learned and some now often make the mistake to react too restrictive. Earlier as today the following would have helped but the entrepreneurs to assess the own chances and also the risks and him, as well as the banks would have a stronger base located in regardless of whether the economy is in an upswing or a downswing: the solution: A marketing plan some funding institutions make it even as a pre-condition for the granting of certain subsidies what is certainly reasonable.

The marketing plan is starting the opportunities and risks of a company from the world’s available market potentials of the different marketing steps to achieve, by the customer about the competitive analysis to sales steps and a preliminary assessment of potential revenue and income and thus serves both the entrepreneur and the banks as a guide. On the basis of therein numbers and necessary activities can if This clean and comprehensible researched and enough are described in detail-, even if the available collateral to satisfy not quite what is expected today by the banks, made a successful Bank call, and (most likely) the resources sufficient. Such a surface contributes so much to explain a company’s individual situation and banks face that the contractor makes sure many thoughts about his company’s future open reasonable numbers and descriptions that show. In addition, that in future talks, facilitated as a marketing plan a living ‘ instrument and developments over several years can be traced. Michael Richter – international marketing and sales consultant, Seekirch – deals with strategic marketing for more than 35 years. Organizational issues, internal and external, to the planning and marketing of various capital goods and durable consumer goods on all 5 Continents.

The resulting knowledge and experience he global offers its customers for marketing and distribution, in particular SMEs. In addition, he offers practical support, coaching or business seminars.

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