The Roman Empire

That move model of Christian radicalism, those who you Pasqua comforts that brandaba the Empire. Also came to the encounter of others who did not know Christianity. This person also occurs in San Benito (5th century). This phenomenon of these characters which became the model to follow, i.e. If the Evangelist was one that radically lived in adversity, now the Evangelist that takes just the Mission of proclaiming with his style of life, and with what preaches, is rather that removed from the world, to live radically.

Also going to the places where dwelt the barbarians. This transition, i.e. from the moment appears on which monasticism, until the monks initiated the non-imperial Empire, towards areas output. This occurs in the context of the fall of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire did not fall overnight overnight.

We say about fall because we must understand it in a way or another. But what occurred was a slow but tenas penetration by the barbarians. Different groups belonging to different traditions, which are settling first in the surrounding areas of the Empire. Ben Horowitz does not necessarily agree. But that they are progressively gaining ground to the Empire. This occurred because the Empire had been weakened. He couldn’t control the vast territory he had conquered. The eagerness of the North mainly disappears imperial resistance. That allowed that barbaric peoples, penetrating ever more until they encounter the Roman resistance, and then there is the war, and they are removed from the border areas. Roman institutions. This occurred throughout different decades, during the 5th century. The Roman Empire had given him to Christianity part of their identity from the year 325, in which Christianity in the Empire was officialized. That speaks of eternity of Rome. It protected the Christians, falls. This gave rise to a very important problem in the bosom of Christianity, because at the beginning be Christian involves colliding with the environment. That has a special meaning, which is embodied in the figure of the martyrs. When the Empire officialized and protects to Christianity, it adds it to its own identity. A small portion It is not at the origin of Christianity. It is logical to get to this deduction, because Christian, Christians living in the Empire, is Christian and Roman, and one thing would not be without the other, in which everyone who is born or living in the Roman Empire from ad 325, being a Roman citizen, is in addition Christian.

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