The Production

Such scene is disdained by tecno-social phenomena where the technology substitutes the human element in the production systems thus causing upheavals and psychic disturbances in the current world where we live. DEVELOPMENT OF PROJECT FOR ARCHETYPE the development of archetypes is an adequate form to test a project of a product, model to be placed in the market? archetype is all product with real conditions of operation considering the performance technician and market, that is, the acceptance for the consumer. The projects of archetypes serve so that the developed models are, therefore tested before going for the production in scale of determined product, something that it reflects in the process of interaction in the industry. In the case if it did not have a model archetype to test the products created, certainly the market was disorganized and artisan, therefore the types of manufactured products today it passes for a quality control of enormous function which had the production norms. Over all the elaboration of mechanisms and instruments favored by the public power guides and compels that the products fulfill to its decurrent function of the nature the one that was considered, this inside mean that each product of its specification it will have to fulfill with the established one for Law. The process of creation of a product to pass for you vary stages between which are assigned of: initial project analyzes economic, tests of the archetype and finally final project that will validate the information of the product and will work in the elaboration of drawings, detailed final specifications for the product, changes in the archetype and beginning of the production. The form of production to be adapted for such product in such a way takes in consideration a layer of character information technician as of market that is the costs inside of the production, an archetype the example: car the duration of the project and use of the market map and that it will determine the changes in the archetypes.

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