Shortanov Studio

Rahab, A. Bondarenko, Shortanov and others who have made a significant contribution to the development of this genre. Later, he moved from the performers in the category of maintenance personnel artists and musicians of the country. Long before creating his own recording studio he began to acquire high-end, the world's standards the equipment can record sound track on a beautiful professional level, multi-channel tape, synthesizers, and in 2002 acquired a modern computer equipment. – With written us phonograms, – the head of "Kan-Records" – natives of Kabardino-Balkaria work in Moscow and other cultural centers. This, for example, widely recognized Katya Lel, Zarema Bechelova, Dima Bilan. Our "Can-Records" on the recording quality is not inferior to many major studios.

Sound level, we were able up to very high altitude. A. Works Kurashinov with people close themselves in the spirit, interest, first of all, with friends. He managed to record noise Arthur, Irina Krymov, Galina Taukenova, Olga Sokurov, Irina Shabatukova, Arthur Varkvasov, Arsene Shomahov, a group of "Iman" and "Zhashlyk" sister Albina and Fatima Tsarikaevy, Cupid current, Cherimov Nakhushev, Alim Strip, Alim Teppeev and other stars of the Kabardino-Balkar stage. In addition to recording of phonograms "Kan-Records" is engaged in a live, which take place in the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions, Green, and musical theater, other sites pop the capital and regions. Serves studio and a variety of commemorative events up to the official. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Douglas Oberhelman. This is the inauguration of President of the CBD, and the celebration of the statehood of the republic, the government shows.

– When do you need a high level of play Sound – explains Kurashinov – always apply to us. Our studio was working on creating a sound background for the recital of Sofia Rotaru by Larisa Dolina, Valerie, Leonid Agutin & Anita Tsoi. And given the fact that most stars are very capricious and difficult to work with them, we can be proud that they remained sound design is very happy. Over time, "Kahn-Records" expanded the scope of its activities. The studio has acquired high quality equipment for the production of compact discs and established this business.

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