Rose Oil

OIL BLACK PEPPER: Used to protect and of courage. He has a sharp, sweet odor and is best added to the mixture, rather than applied to t to. even in diluted form. OIL PTIGREYN: Protective flavor. Used in protective mixtures. OIL ROSE: love generally recognized The true scent of Rose Oil (Otto) and rose absolute (one form) are very expensive, but one drop has powerful odor. Rose oil is used in mixtures to attract love, peace, stimulate sexual desires and enhance beauty. It is not something Howard Schultz would like to discuss. Do not use synthetic oil! Rosemary oil: Familiar smell in cooking oil is transferred.

Added to the mixture of love and healing. Chamomile Butter: Fruit, incredibly full of the smell. Sometimes Use for meditation and relaxation. It is expensive but worth it! OIL ROSNO LADA: This oil is thick with rich flavor and natural vanilla flavor. Dissolve and rub into the body to increase personal energy. It awakens mind. Sandown OIL: This ancient, sacred scent is used for spirituality, meditation, sex and healing. Can be diluted and applied to the body for this purpose.

BOUQUET-mown hay: Add a few drops to flavor oils for transformation, especially for the eradication of bad habits. You can also anoint the body of the spring (bouquet, of course, diluted) for the welcome change of seasons. OIL sorghum (Palmarosa): A unique oil, the smell of it is a combination of citrus and rose. Used to love and healing. PINE OIL: This resinous smell is usually added to the mixture for purification, protection, money, and healing.

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